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March 02, 2007

A Felix Primer: Mass Evil Humanoid Eradication

I sent one of these out for the BMT party last time we played, and since this is the first Felix game in over a year, it seemed like a good idea to repeat!

Felix’s party (as of 2189):
Felix, Dwarf Fighter 9
-Aral, Northerner Woodsman 1, henchman
Donald, Human Mage 9
Hendel, Dwarf Thief 8
Gates, Dwarf Cleric 7 (Moradin)
Rathbane, Dwarf Fighter 6/Cleric 6 (Clangeddin)

A quick synopsis of the history of the Felix party:

When the Defenders broke up in 2185, Felix, Donald, and Nakumanu (Felix’s henchman) stopped at Shabrund to form a new party. Felix was driven by the desire to prove himself to his newfound deity, Clangeddin, and determine his true status as “the dwarven king.” Having refused one opportunity to become to a dwarf, Felix sought to complete his transformation by recovering a rumored Belt of Dwarvenkind from the ruins of the ancient Shabrundian capital.

Along with three members of his clan by decree, the remnants of the exiled Hardaway Clan from northwestern Lendore Isle (Hendel, Gates, and Rathbane), Felix’s party traveled to the ancient ruined city, and after dealing with numerous threats and avoiding those too powerful to deal with, they successfully recovered the Belt. Felix and Nakumanu transformed into dwarves, and Nakumanu officially retired to seek a life of scholarship.

Felix acquired a new henchman, the Northerner woodsman Aral, and set off to terrorize evil humanoids in the mountains near Shabrund. The party’s magical and offensive firepower proved extremely effective and numerous creatures were slain and great treasure and experience was gained. Notably Donald’s alchemy skill allowed the party to recover important body parts for potion making.

In the final battle with a large group of hill giants, the party discovered that the giants were led by a strangely shackled demon. The demon was utterly destroyed in the encounter, and apparently the shackles had weakened it so that even its home plane form was destroyed. Realizing the potential of such a magical item, Felix held on to it and intends to use it in the future.

The party was then told of an escaped shadow creature in a summoning gone wrong, deep in the south of Cromwell. There they traveled, in the spring of 2189, to fix the disaster.


Hopefully, after completing this mission the Felix and Balinor-Morty-Tarplin parties may be able to link up temporally. There will likely be considerable downtime in between, and we need to think of fun activities like research projects and spells to acquire for the intervening period.

Donald clearly needs a couple of spells with his name on them. What self-respecting ninth level wizard doesn’t?

This adventure we may bump a number of people up levels, as most of the party was reasonably close. Depending on how it goes, of course.

The main mission that Felix has in mind is the retaking of the Hardaway Clan’s mountain fortress on Lendore Isle. This may well be a joint party action. In any case, we’ll want to learn what we can about this. Balinor himself is a reasonable source of starting information. In 2190, Felix receives a letter from Balinor detailing strange encounters with dark dwarves and coins bearing the head of King Felix. Mysteries abound.

The diplomatic mission to be undertaken by Balinor’s party will likely be of an interest to a potentially re-established Hardaway kingdom.

Anything else? (We can fill this document later in the blog.)

Joel/Hendel with consultation from Alex/Felix