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December 01, 2005

BLADES Session #56

Character Race & Class Level HP AC Player Creator
Raybur Sidebottom Dwarven Fighter/Cleric 5/5 45 (-7) -3/0/2 Dean Joel
Phyllis Sidebottom Dwarven Fighter 7 47(57) Temp -3/-3
-5/-5 Katherine Katherine
Effrede George Half Elven Magic User/Thief 5/6 31 Temp – 0/3
-2/1 Katherine Katherine
Talarian Blackguard Orkish Fighter 7 66 T -5/-4/-1
Occ. Ring
(-7) -6/-1 Dean Dean
Conrhia Applewhite Half Elven Woodsman 6 59 Underwater
-5/-4/0 Rhonda Rhonda
Serlisse Reintar Half Elven Druid 6 30 Temp 4/4
0/3 Rhonda Rhonda
Sputnik Half Elven Cleric 7 49 Temp 2/5/5
1/4/4 Jay Jay
Arthur of Petethal Half Elven Ranger 6 58 Temp. 2/4
1/1/3 Bjorlin Bjorlin
Zephram Trent Hill Gnome Fighter/Illusionist 5/4 38 (-5) -3/-2/2
Temp no
+1 ring
(0) 2/3/7 Alan Alan
Shirlard Half Orkish Fighter 3 27 3/3 Darleen Darleen

February 10, 2192
The party descends upon the mine with Serlisse becoming visible first. They notice and start swimming up. Raybur and Zephram start casting Mirror Image and Prayer. Zephram gets 4 Images. Fred Sleeps 4 of the guards. The rest continue to close.

Segment 5 Serlisse tries to Hold the two visible sharks and succeeds. They are generally AC/AT 5. Farwater hits one twice, Conrhia once and Arthur twice. Conrhia drops her repeating crossbow. Arthur and Farwater hit in segment 7 and Farwater’s falls unconscious.
Segment 8 starts melee combat. They nick the Captain and Arthur drops his. Farwater does 9 points of damage to one and knocks it unconscious. The Captain strikes back and doesn’t quite drop it.
Segment 9 they continue to gang up on the Captain. Farwater shoots another. Fred Sleeps another one. 10: The Captain slays another.
The Captain and the crossbows do much damage.

Segment 40 we land on the bottom and we have gathered all the bodies into the net. The scouts spot a shark circling the mine and Serlisse Holds it. Fred picks the lock and we enter. Fred Sleeps three of four workers. The fourth runs away.
Phyllis, Sputnik and Zephram six-segment kill them while the rest pursue. The Captain engages first and Shirlard next. Much death is dealt mostly by the Captain until Fred shoots him in the back with a Lightning Ball (cast as Pool Ball Lightning). Several flee
Zephram reflects the Hold Person spell at the caster. They also unroll a cloth that is wrapping a chunk of silvery metal that explodes with a blue flash when it hits the water doing 13 points of damage to Talarian and The Captain. All three of these people have yellow stripes of coral on them. The third guy tries the flip the metal trick and Zephram blasts him but doesn’t stop him. The Captain shimmies up and smacks one of them, but he doesn’t drop. The Captain hits him again and drops him. Fred Magic Missiles him.
There is a squid in a barracks room near the earlier big fight. At the top of the shaft is
There is a caustic room
Ford Ice Storms the final guards and it is a non-issue.
We rescue Jaret in addition to our missing people. He was an older man, second mate in an open ocean boat. He worked for Faelius who had a large boat, a Realmish adventurer. The Pride of Faelius was an armored racing yacht. He was taken, but the ship escaped. He was in prison for 9 years. Myna, Ford, the bosun and two crew plus the Chelseans are all alive.

We find a magical trident, spear, dagger and a magical necklace. There is more of the explosive metal that the prisoner had been mining. We are able to bring three bails of it out. Brenna heads the City Slickers (the Chelseans).

Four Coral armbands 250gp each
Spear +1 Type II
Trident +1
Dagger +1/+2 Scaled creatures
Necklace 5 large sharks teeth, each one is a friendly shark token, clerical item
450 pp for reward – 50 spent on Republic Liberation Party

Shirlard F4 2.5 53 days 2.8
16 days 1035 gp 5
F5 3.8 112 days 2240 gp 7HP 39 Total

Zephram I5 3.1 87 days 2175 gp 3HP 41 Total
Rope Trick, Spectral Force, Invis 10’ Radius as reward for the rescue
Copy costs 9 days

Conrhia W7 1.25 63 days 1575 gp 9HP 68 Total
Serlisse D7 2 89 days favor 2HP 32 Total
Face cream 90 days 1000 gp

Fred M6 1.1 39 days 1365 gp 3HP 34 Total

Raybur C6 1.66 62 days 1860 gp 5HP
F6 1.1 42 days 840 gp 7HP 51 Total
Notoriety 100 gp
Singing 30 days 25 gp

Sputnik Destroy Evil magic items
Talarian Convert to Elf

Arthur Target Shooting 30 days 125 gp
Hand Cannon

Serlisse wants to get a CON point from the Arena and the CON Book.

The wizard is not willing to learn the magazine spell unless a crossbow goes to them. We can not replicate the bows themselves.

Check Session 52 – 12/7/91 Noticeable decrease in druidical power to the east?

Lighthouse light retrieval