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July 01, 2002

Wizard Mountain Summary #15: A Brief Interlude of Death and Destruction

The title of the summary may be longer than the story, but here goes.

Halacar, 6th level fighter, 65 hp, played by Joel
Standish, 6th level fighter, 63 hp, played by Katherine
Browork, 6th level cleric, 41 hp, played by Joel
Brigling, 7th level thief, 39 hp, played by Katherine
Rhisa, 1st level fighter, 3rd level mage, 22 hp, played by Dean
Tolangardht, 3rd level cleric/mage, 9 hp, played by Jay

Rhisa, a new mage with bow specializiation, joined the party!

The party decided to do a quick strike on the hook horror kingdom/lair.

Instead of just walking into the chimney room, we decided to approach from above. We found a set of stairs that led up, and we followed it, spotting a hole that looked down to the corridor where we had begun our first attack.

We saw a few figures scampering past down the hole, but then they heard us moving about. We found another ramp that began to lead down, and heard sounds of hook horrors coming from behind us to cut off our escape. We turned around to face them, when another hook horror appeared from behind the party. The battle was begun!

Browork covered the back, scratching the hook horror there and evading all hits, but the rest of the party focused on clearing our path to the exit. Standish tore ghastly wounds in the first hook horror and brought it down while Halacar missed lots and Tolangardht and Brigling showered them with acid. Rhisa and Tolangardht also threw Magic Missiles.

The second hook horror started ripping on Standish, and Halacar proved surprisingly effective this time. Tolangardht landed Aids on the front line fighters, and the slaughter continued. That hook horror went down, then a third in short order, and the front was clear! The last hook horror fighting Browork turned to run, but Halacar and Standish turned and clocked it, dropping it in combination with the ranged fire from the acid!

For the moment, we were clear of enemies, and took that moment to retreat (primarly due to real world time constraints).

We got back in time for a Crusher fight. Crusher took on a gibberling, a weird chaotic creature with a longsword. Crusher was given a shield, studded leather, and a short sword. The gibberling stepped in and nearly took down Crusher on the first blow, but then it missed and Crusher struck back, stabbing it twice in rapid succession, and dropping it!

XP ranged from 700 to 1200.