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April 11, 2002

BLADES: Vote for Raybur

*menacing music*

Sputnik SAYS he's for free access to weapons, but he didn't vote for a
bill that would allow dwarven children to swing live battleaxes in school.

Can we REALLY trust Sputnik with our childrens' combat training?

*pleasant piano music*

Raybur Sidebottom is hard-working in the community at large to foster a
better atmosphere of cheerful competition.

(Picture of Raybur shaking hands with bearded women and shaking his sword
threateningly at an orc)

Raybur is FOR free drink.

Sputnik just wants to CONTROL the alcohol flow for "moderation."

Raybur is a fine upstanding member of two communities, cleric and warrior

Sputnik SAYS he likes elves, but then he DOESN'T like walrusmen. Who does
Sputnik REALLY like?

Raybur Sidebottom, working toward a free New Teft. For tomorrow.

For the children.

*paid for by sponsors of Raybur*