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January 20, 2007

The Resort of the Ancients

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This is Arthur's sketch of the Ancient Artists' Resort with some details of each location. Updated 11/16/2006.

Resort Mk3 Crop TN.JPG

#1 Magically trapped floor; about six tables around a central stand; empty frames on the walls; Some suggested a children's museum, but is probably a gift shop.

#2 Storage shed for gardening supplies and some building materials and musical instrument parts; was closed; BLADES emptied

#3-#5 Three archways that can be closed; Musical instruments were here, but the hobgoblins looted them; Magical windchimes hanging that alert to "invaders?"

#6 Stairway platform to the upper walkway and the Artisans' Mall; currently controlled by the Insane Dwarf Posse by virtue of their front door opening onto this platform

#7 Artisans' Mall; Home of the Insane Dwarf Posse; Upper entrance to #6 with an add-on door; Lower entrance closed with an Ancient door; possible source of their insanity

#8 Plaza restaurant kitchen

#9 Structural Tower - no apparent entrance

#10 Stairway platform to the upper walkway and the plaza cafe

#11 Arthur's Ancient Artist's home; Painter who recreated his life's work with Arthur's help; AA had scared off the hobgoblins, but they still looted what they could

(#12 & #13) Stone worker's home; Hobgoblins looted except for extremely heavy stones

#14 Potter's Shed; Magic kickwheel intact; Golems destroyed by BLADES

#15 Sculptress' home; door was closed; Ruggers was guarding her still; remnants of her moving statues still exist inspite of The Nightmare of War's destruction

#16 Mathematician; Oxo's book

#17 Structural

#18 Unknown; Could be the elevator to The Director's compound

(#19 - #21) One building; former home of the Screaming Ghouls; Dowstairs there is a nave with 4 stores and two stairways; Upstairs is a common dining hall for two cafes; 50 sarcophagi surround the upper level with half honoring former residents of The Resort; Sputnik and Costigan were temporarily drained of a level; Fred was Death from Above to kill the Screaming Ghouls

#22 Stairway platform to the upper walkway and the Residential Quarter

#23 Stairway platform of the upper walkway that the BLADES use to jump to the secured area at the exit

#24 - #26 Might be The Director's home; The Director established The Resort as the pinnacle of Ancients' Culture

#27 Taxidermist's home; Killer Cutie Squirrels almost got Raybur and menaced Arthur; Almost Life-like was recovered from here (tweezers of undead creation)

#28 Structural tower

#29 Unknown

#30 Open; Looted by the hobgoblins; Several painters lived here; no golems left

#31 Metal workers; Emptied in an orderly fashion; only large items left including some stone blocks

#32 Chefs' Kitchen; Cabinets full of the most perfect food supplies; Home of the Killer Tastykake

#33 Crack House; Crystalline golem that used "strategy" rock below the hole in the ceiling; BAD multi-media art

#34 Previously opened; probably a base of operations for orcs or hobgoblins

#35 No golems; Has lacquered furniture; Embroiderer; Four foot square low magic tapestry of an aerial view of The Resort; Magical belt, sandals, needles, thread box and thimble

#36 No golems; Carpet maker's with two magical carpets

#37 Golem, but we deactivate; Four Glass cases of figurines carved from ceramics, stone or coral. Woodland creatures, sea creatures, Ancient and Walrusmen soldiers and dinosaurs

#38 Bellmaker;

(#39 & #40) Killer Whirligig;

#41 Plaza Cafe; automated voice welcomes guests and menus appear

#42 Teenage Poet; only haiku scrawled on the walls and the body of an Ancient who starved to death

#43 Theatre Office; Posters of shows on walls; Crystal Parrot left in place and Golems intact

#44 Dome

#45 Structural

#46 Structural

#47 Koi Lake; BLADES found the Puzzle Ring of Eternal Misery here