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February 16, 1994

Telvar Gazette: Issue #4, War Edition (Unfinished), March 2171

The Telvar Gazette Number 4 War Edition March 2171

The Return of Peace??? [This issue is unfinished]

Realmish Civil War
The dispute had been expected to conclude by 2168, but the war continues in the Realm in 2169. The civilian forces (considered by many to be the “good guys”) are winning the civil war. The Realm was first expected to be in turmoil for many years—through 2175—but should conclude in 2168. The current leader of people is expected to become the new emperor when the war concludes.

Around 2175, elections will be held in the Realmish State of Wunka. It is believed that elections are being held in all sections of the Realm. In each section, elections for emperor will be held. The emperors will reconvene the council and elect the High Emperor of the Realm. The current High Emperor already has enough votes prepared to be elected to his current post.

Ranore does not get the news of elections till 2170 or so.

Kilroy & the Codex
Maintaining secrecy. Last known to be in Koralgesh. Continue to use the Codex of Constructs for good purposes. Believed to continue working against the World Empire as well as aiding the populace of the Realmish State of Wunka.

Politics in Sark
Travel between Runk and Carse does not go to the main battle front, but it does pass near the areas of unrest. Western Sark seems to be firmly under the control of the World Empire, while parts of eastern Sark still remain under native Sarkian rule.

Oceanside is the home of unrest, but it and Hool and Westlands are under World Empire control for the most part. The Anarchists are strong in Oceanside and, to a lesser extent, Hool.

Monsters not as bad as previously reported (see The Telvar Gazette, No. 3). Though present, the troops are mostly humans. The monsters are not bothering the local forces but are only intended for use in combat.

Rumours of local people who wish to establish self-rule for Sark and throw out the World Empire. No outward signs of such a movement.

The nation is currently ruled by Sir Nevin, who was the captain of the guard under the last king. Although he acts in a dictatorial position, rumours indicate that he is being forced into this role by the World Empire or is otherwise acting against his will.
[Info from Sark report by Gram would be added here.]

Fighting the evil dwarves (derro).

The dwarves have been banished and settlement of the cities is in full force by December 2169. We played one more game since the last time - there is lots of organizational stuff to do.

There are no cities that need to be cleared out. The city of Kor Al Gesh was rebuilt in all its finery in the year of 2166 ('67). We back-played some stuff since the Kilroy party is in 2166.

Ghouls appeared all over the New World. Chaotic trees (see The Telvar Gazette, No. 3) disrupted cemeteries and may have created undead. Describe ghouls and weakness to sunlight. Have killed many travelers. Advise bringing along a good cleric.

[No news included]

Southern Waste
Thalbers dies sometime in '70 or '72.

In 2170, the Temple of the Eye was renamed to the Palace of Estwurl.

Duke Konrad still hopes to magically irrigate Estwurl to allow greater food production.

Return to the Far World
Things are OK in the Far World. World Empire driven back to essentially just human lands, though there are still combats with demi-human forces.

Evil tribe of dwarves sometimes known as derro attacked dwarven city of Durroden in January 2170. Indications of powerful artifact, called the Backsphere or the Sphere of Annihilation in the hands of the derro. Believed to be in league with a shadow dragon.

Adventuring party of New World heroes led by Lorm is traveling around the Far World. Archaeology led by Shanshadow is excavating the mysterious ruins of Endril.

Heroes in Sark
Group died.

Assorted Other Notes
Previous issue reported on various rumours about who destroyed the Oracle Spheres (see The Telvar Gazette, No. 2). It is now believed that Seven had his golem puppets do so.

Current Status
Peaceful most everywhere except some fighting inside Sark.


For more information on many of the countries, places, and individuals mentioned herein, consult The Telvar Gazetteer, a reference work available through the Kingdom of Koralgesh.

Copyright © 1994 David Thomas Chappell. All Rights Reserved. Printed in U.S.A.
Used here by permission of David Thomas Chappell.

Telvar Gazette: Issue #3, War Edition

The Telvar Gazette Number 3 War Edition September 2169

Return of Peace

The companions of Gram
aliustranstalus have returned
to their homeland of the New
World in an attempt to rescue the nation of Sark from the clutches of the vile invaders.

Little do they know that the
WORLD EMPIRE has secretly
begun assembling a new armoured force even more powerful than their first dreaded armies.

When engaged, this ultimate battalion
will spell certain doom for the small
band of Heroes struggling to restore freedom to the New World . . .

Status of Sark
The nation of Sark is now effectively a World Empire colony. Their supply lines have been cut off (see The Telvar Gazette, No. 2), and the remaining troops are essentially stranded in Sark.

The armies of Sark contain many types of troops, including humans, orcs, hobgoblins, giant spiders, fomorian giants, and even dragons. The dragons in Sark are strong, dumb beasts bred for war by the World Empire.

Despite the presence of these horrible forces, Sark is not an unsafe nation. While travelers who appear to be rich or powerful may be assaulted, common folk are generally not molested.

Realmish Civil War
In December 2167, the Drake Army assisted the citizens of the Realmish State of Wunka in defeating the military forces. The Drake Army was crushed at the capital city of Wunka, but they accomplished their mission. It is commonly believed that Cromwell hired the Drake Army to perform this mission.

The dispute had been expected to conclude by 2168, but the war continues in the Realm in 2169. The civilian forces (considered by many to be the “good guys”) are winning the civil war. The Realm was first expected to be in turmoil for many years—through 2175—but the war should conclude in 2168. The current leader of people is expected to become the new emperor when the war concludes.

According to current plans, elections will be held in the Realmish State of Wunka around 2175. It is believed that elections are being held in all sections of the Realm. In each section, elections for emperor will be held. The emperors will reconvene the council and elect the High Emperor of the Realm. The current High Emperor already has enough votes prepared to be elected to his current post.

The Realm is ending many expansionist moves to stabilize in light of these events.

Kilroy & the Codex
The Kilroy Party used the Codex of Constructs to destroy the town of Riverneck and the Far World troops there. They also rescued the compass-maker and destroyed two of the World Empire’s cloaking ships. They then took the remains of their enemy’s camp fortifications and built a Nevronian church at a village east of Riverneck that had been sacked by World Empire forces.

The High Emperor of the Realm wrote to offer a deal to Kilroy. His Imperial Majesty said that if Kilroy’s party abused the powers of the Codex of Constructs, the Realm would use their Codex of Illusions against them. In addition, a high-ranking priest in the Church of Nevron sent Kilroy a letter asking them to use it only for good.

Kilroy was last seen headed to Koralgesh in 2166 with a 20-person high-level force after them from the Far World.

Restoration of the Trees
In the winter of early 2168, trees suddenly started growing throughout the New World. Areas of dead trees in Petethal (including those areas killed by the tree-bane) began to regrow, but more importantly, trees started to grow throughout the previously-cleared lands such as Dunador. All farmland in the New World is now covered with young trees.

Within one week, the new trees grew into 14-foot saplings. For the next 10 years, they are expected to grow at an accelerated rate. It does, however, appear that the trees could be cleared where desired without too much difficulty since the trees are young and weak.

On each new tree, there is a small but visible symbol of a god of chaos. The origin of this symbol is the subject of much scholarly debate.

Post-War Politics
The nation of Cromwell expanded by 25 June 2167 to its original borders. Cromwell also had a clear opportunity to conquer Drake and Latt. King Ranore got his capital province back (Grenthorn), and the Dunadorians who had settled in the captured part of Cromwell were offered land holdings in the new area if they moved, so the original Cromwellians who were released after the Chaos at Blackstone could have their lands back.

Secton, Trent, and Dunthrane are all that is left of Dunador. These three provinces are now being called “Old Dunador.” Andevar now acts like it is its own country, and Drake has declared independence.

The Sarkian government-in-exile has representatives at Koralgesh. It is currently trying to gather money to raise armies to reconquer Sark.

Following the deaths of the grey elves, Wicker does not want to run Petethal; no one does now. However, an expedition sent to the Far World is seeking Sir Topaz, the last known grey elf, to ask him to return to govern Petethal (see “Return to the Far World” below).

Baron Trellman is somewhat allied with Dunador.

The World Empire is now without a leader, and its supply lines have been stopped. Thus, it seems that the war is over for the most part. The remaining World Empire troops have turned into pirates.

The Democratic Revolution entirely disappeared in the winter of 2168-69. Their headquarters in A-2 appears to have been abandoned.

Koralgesh is officially a city-state protectorate of Cromwell, and King Plin is King Ranore’s vassal. Cromwell currently plans to build a road to Koralgesh, but they are undecided on the best route.

Koralgesh has a troll and giants prisoner from Leinstadter. Roam was cleared, and they are working on Leinstadter.

They found a tribe of 2,000 goblins on an island near Gesh, but they were too far from the sailing lanes to be pirates. Adventurers are still clearing Leinstadter.

The city of Koralgesh exploded in 2168, caused by something about trying to play with Realmish mining blasting charges. Only interior walls and floors were destroyed, and they will rebuild without difficulty.

Around 2168-69, Seraphandor, a Dunadorian hero and former leader of Gramaliustranstalus’ adventuring group, retired at Koralgesh. He now trains fighters.

They are now having problems with spell-casting dwarves who were cursed so as to be beardless. In 2169, they mounted an attack on the dwarves. They invested a lot of money in preparation, especially in magic spells. They used a heroes’ feast spell and find the path to locate the dwarves’ living quarters. Unluckily, the living quarters were quite spread out. Nonetheless, with the help of Dunstill & Illic, the forces of Koralgesh killed over half of the dwarves, and the survivors fled into the many miles of tunnels. Dunstill & Illic took a fraction of the profits from the expedition, and Koralgesh made about 30,000 gp net profit. As of June 2169, they are planning a second expedition to wipe out the rest of the dwarves. The main goal of the expeditions is to gain control of the mines.

Randall Brightoak, the bard of Koralgesh, is now a burglar-acrobat. He has enough experience to enter the bardic colleges, but he does not have enough information to write his thesis on the city-states of Gesh. If he does not find enough information in the next several years, Randall plans to switch thesis topics.

News from Cromwell
A group of adventurers in the Academy’s employ has had good success lately in recovering magic items for Cromwell. They have entered a kobold lair, met a live imp, done investigative work, and fought a transdimensional demon.

Rono-ke and Liber-sniz were captured on 3 February 2166 when the Cromwellians were cleaning out the Kasil vault. Rono-ke is the Realmish Shock Trooper who nearly killed Konrad at the vault years before. He is of higher rank now (Type IV or higher). Liber-sniz is a magic-user thug. King Ranore held him in his dungeon for a while but released him to foster good relations with the Realm in the future.

Southern Waste News
Duke Konrad had to release about 40 Sarkian mercenaries after returning with the Oracle Spheres; they all opted to go back to Sark.

Dr. Montana Platt has retired to the Temple of the Eye for further archaeological research. Shanshadow, a Dunadorian hero and former adventuring companion of Gramaliustranstalus, later began research there as well.

Quickdanthalus, a Drake soldier and adventurer and former companion of Gramaliustanstalus, was killed by a sand worm in the Southern Waste.

The werewolves and the will-o’-the-wisp were taken care of by Halt’s party. Phargus now has the pipes of the air that Glach had.

The people that showed up around Sleepy Hollow are all from Southern Dunador, now all Duke Konrad has to do is find a safe way to get people down to the Forest. If he can put an irrigation ditch all the way down the path to the forest, Konrad can get people there with no problem (multi-year task, and he has to find a water source, but it seems that sandworms do not like water very much.). Konrad also hopes to borrow a very nice decanter of endless water from King Plin to help with irrigation. Thalbers had a government of nine people: he was in charge (LE fighter) and had eight thugs (evil, suspected fighters, thieves, and assassins) who do not seem to get along with Duke Konrad.

The cathedral is almost finished, and Sleepy Hollow is being rebuilt along the lines of the original human settlement there. The Duke is trying to get a Blue Star Inn in town soon. All the gnoll traps have been removed, and the area is being converted to farm land, which is why there is a population now.

Duke Konrad estimates that he can move about twelve people a month down to the forest until he gets a safe method of travel or has the formorians at the end of the tunnel removed. He may need to get an outpost started there soon and try to get the area irrigated and farmable.

Return to the Far World
Lorm, the High Priest of Aurora, led a group of adventurers from Koralgesh to the Far World in 2168. As of 2169, they had arrived, traveled, and were making plans stay in the Far World for at least three years before returning home. Joshua is the bard traveling with the party.

The group used criminals from Dunadorian death row as rowers on the ship. The Dunadorian government paid them to take the criminals off their hands, and with the money, the heroes purchased a goblin galley for the trip.

In general, they found that most of the Far World has lost interest in the war. Some new forces have joined the Freedom Fighters, but the World Empire forces are not as belligerent as in the past. The hill dwarves want to have nothing to do with anyone else, and it seems most folks are just tired of the situation.

The group also found Sir Topaz and convinced him to return to the New World to govern Petethal.

Heroes in Sark
A group of adventurers (former companions of Gramaliustranstalus) traded the mage scroll from the Dilman Estate to Wicker in exchange for lots of magic treasure (hand crossbow +3, elven cloak & boots). In mid-2169, they made plans to go to Sark to clean up the mess there.

Two groups of heroes, most of whom were former companions of Gramaliustranstalus, went to Sark to help fight the remaining World Empire forces. The political group is now safe with Baron Trellman.

The scout group traveled deep into Sark when they encountered a group of fomorian giants, hobgoblins, and a mage. They killed all but one of the enemies, and then they learned that they were only an hour from Runk. The enemy forces knew they were coming and had been told that they were pillaging all of Sark.

A green dragon then attacked the scout group and killed all but one of them. Fred and John were raised at Fontenmere. After a speak with dead spell, Memphis asked them to trade his magic amulet to the druids for reincarnation. Memphis was reincarnated as a centaur; he has taken on a new name and identity and now dwells with other centaurs in Petethal and Trent. Braol was reincarnated as a bear, and he lives with the druids.

Assorted Other Notes
Dunstill & Illic are believed to currently be in Posidonis. They fought in the war.

There is a quest to save a kingdom like Dunador within the Old World.

Recently, a book was discovered on how to be a good kraken, and gives instructions on innate abilities and how to discover them. It gives hints on psionic abilities that are usable by humans. Other parts of the book indirectly reveal ancient history from before the Brink of Time.

For years, there has been a Tuggutten assassin in Blackstone in Eldrin’s army

In spring of 2169, King Ranore of Cromwell and Duke Konrad of Estwurl (the two most powerful paladins in the New World) quested for their warhorses. They journeyed across Cromwell to a desert in the Realmish State of Wunka. There, they found pegasi sent by Nevron to serve as their steeds.

No one is claiming responsibility over Blackstone and Drake, but since anarchy has not set in, someone must be running the place. It appears to be a council.

Current Status
Peace has returned to the land. The warring has abated, though invading armies still control Sark.


For more information on many of the countries, places, and individuals mentioned herein, consult The Telvar Gazetteer, a reference work available through the Kingdom of Koralgesh.

Copyright © 1994 David Thomas Chappell. All Rights Reserved. Printed in U.S.A.
Used here by permission of David Thomas Chappell.

Telvar Gazette: Issue #2, War Edition

The Telvar Gazette Number 2 War Edition March 2168

A New Hope

It is a period of major regional
war. New World heroes, striking
against a hidden base, have won...
their first victory against the evil World Empire.

After another battle, New World heroes
discovered secret plans and the World
Empire's ultimate weapon, the PLAGUE, a
deadly disease with enough power to destroy the entire planet.

Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents,
Duke Konrad races away from a starship, custodian of
the stolen plans that can save his people and restore freedom to the New World.....

The War till Now
Forces of the World Empire have begun their invasion of the New World. Though most of their assassination attempts on world leaders failed, the death of Queen Valencia drove Dunador to the brink of civil war. The nation of Sark has allied with the World Empire and become the main base for Hrothgmn’s armies of humans, orcs, giant spiders, and even dragons. The Leg-Breaker tribe of hobgoblins burned the fields of eastern Dunador in the World Empire's employ, and they delivered food supplies to the invading armies. It is a dark time, but a new hope has recently arisen.

Loss of the Keystone Kingdom
For several months, communication has been broken between the Keystone Kingdom and the mainland. No ships travel across the Sea of Pastures, and even bardic mail has stopped. An unconfirmed rumour from sailors says that the entire kingdom appears to have disintegrated sometime before late April. A more likely interpretation of the information, however, is that the governments have all completely collapsed, and Lendore is now controlled by the World Empire forces.

Death of Bob
Soon after the hurricane that destroyed The Arc, King Plin and the other heroes at Koralgesh made plans to challenge Bob, the high priest of the Anarchists’ Cult. In late 2166, they successfully drew him to their city and killed him in a brief yet intense battle. After Bob died, three hags immediately appeared and took his body away. Despite the outcome of the battle, experts suggest that Bob has probably transferred his life essence to another body somewhere in Telvar.

The Codex of Constructs
During Evard and Augman’s major battle with Seven in August 2165 (see The Telvar Gazetteer), other adventurers planned on entering Seven’s home. Knowing that the battle was planned, they cast a tracing spell on Seven’s teleportation to the battle site. They then entered his complex and stole the Codex of Constructs.

Though details are still sketchy, their mission was a success. Rumours say that as a result of their actions, Seven got in trouble with his sponsor, the devil Asmodeus. The heroes who recovered the Codex are allied with the forces of good in the New World. Recovery of the Codex not only allows it to be used to help in defense, but it also caused all of Seven's golem-puppets to become inanimate.

Civil War in the Realm
Shortly after the battle with Seven, the Emperor of the nearby Realmish State of Wunka became ill, and he stayed secluded away from the public–or so the people were told. In reality, the Emperor had been replaced by one of Seven’s magical constructs some time earlier. When the Codex of Constructs was taken from Seven, the false emperor was revealed, and government officials tried to hide the shocking truth from the public.

When the news of the Emperor’s “death” became public knowledge, the Realmish military tried to control the possible chaos and run the country. In fear of a military dictatorship, the people revolted in April 2166. Currently a civil war rages through the near section of the Realm. There is an additional small chance of the chaos spreading to other sections of the Realm, similar to the great revolution that sparked the Age of Democracy.

The civil war in the Realm directly affects Cromwell due to their shared border. King Ranore offered to permanently remove the trade tax on the dwarves of Cromwell if they would help the rebels. Now three dwarf clans are fighting with the people against the military. The other sections of the Realm seem disinterested and do not care who gains control of the state.

Chaos at Blackstone
The civil war in the Realm prompted Wolfram, a major hero of the Realm, to venture to the New World. He went to Lord Eldrin’s capital at Blackstone, where he hoped to warn the famous general and appeal for help. When Wolfram arrived in Eldrin's office on 27 April 2166, however, all chaos broke loose.

In an interview afterward, Zing, Eldrin's personal physician and member of the Top Ten, certified that Eldrin had gone insane at the beginning of the chaos. After accusing Wolfram of working with the Realm, Eldrin said the invasion was finally coming, and he pulled the cord for the fortress’ emergency bells, which sealed Blackstone from the outside world. One of the survivors later summed up the events: “When the bells rang, none of us knew what to do.”

Most of the Top Ten (Eldrin's top squad), under the leadership of the mage Wizban, killed Eldrin and several other squads. A few squads trapped in the castle survived and tried to investigate the happenings. Wizban and the assassins of the Top Ten tried to kill the other Top Ten members, and all surviving troops investigated the castle in an effort to stop the gas that would eventually explode Blackstone.

Eventually the faithful troops found each other and killed the evil schemers. They found the gas valve and reversed it only minutes before it would have exploded. Others had found a huge underground slave camp of Cromwellians. The slaves were set free, and they ravaged the Dunadorian countryside over the next few weeks as they ran home. Wizban teleported away from Blackstone just before it was saved, and he left while proclaiming his loyalty to a group of magocracy-oriented wizards. All the troops who saved the castle were proclaimed heroes, and Berkeley, Wolfram, and Gor deserved special praise.

On 7 October 2166, Lord Eldrin was declared dead, and Drake declared its independence from Dunador.

Space Creatures & Secret Plans
Duke Konrad and his people reached the Temple of the Eye in the Southern Waste after many days of travel. At the temple, the Duke's people made camp and began to claim the site as their new home. Also, noted explorer Dr. Montana Platt retired to the Temple of the Eye to conduct further archaeological research.

Konrad then led a number of other heroes and some troops south to try to find the next city with an Oracle Sphere. After much travel, they passed through a forest inhabited by psionic creatures and began to see signs that they were near their destination. Two scouts sent ahead reported that World Empire troops inhabited the city and that they seemed to be using the light from the Oracle Sphere with other lights in an attempt to summon something. They had two mile-long lines of continual light tokens spaced about 100 feet apart.

The New World heroes camped nearby while the city inhabitants grew more and more nervous about the results of their strange behavior. The scouts found a storage building that held a curious, elephant-sized, snail-like device made from alien wood and a lead box marked “Dangerous.” Soon after the heroes' arrival on 20 July 2166, a strange vehicle, quite similar to the one in storage, flew down out of the sky towards the city. It proceeded to fire strange energy blasts that destroyed much of the city.

Fred the monk opened the lead box to reveal an alien being. A report from the monk indicates that the space creature resembled the legendary mind flayers and had similar telepathic powers. The creature walked out of the building and repaired its partially broken flying machine. The two space vehicles then roared away from the scene at an incredibly high speed.

Most of the inhabitants of the city fled when the space ship attacked. The head wizard and the lead fighter teleported away. Most of those left were Sarkian mercenaries who had been hired by the World Empire.

After sorting through the debris, the heroes learned that someone had already destroyed all the Oracle Spheres (some rumours say that Rilm’s party, the Kilroy party, or Seven’s puppets had done so). At this particular city, the pieces of the broken sphere had been melded together to reform a sphere which was used to amplify light. The sphere and the lights along the river were used to try to signal the space creature. How and why the World Empire hoped to communicate with or control the space creature remains unknown.

While exploring, the heroes found a secret box hidden in the domicile of the Empire's commander. Multiple traps protected the contents; first was a jar of green slime. In the innermost level of trap was a plague which, according to Nevron through clerical divination, would have killed all but a few hundred people on Telvar. When opened away from any possible victims, the plague died.

The well-guarded box actually contained secret code books. The code was magical and very complicated, and could only be read in any reasonable period of time via a special powerful magic spell. The code books were sent back to the School of Wizardry, where researchers were able to develop a less-powerful spell to enable reading the code. In September 2166, they deciphered the text The books contained information detailing the World Empire's attack plans. Discovery of this information is a major boon to the New World defenders.

Battle of Bear Paw
On the morning of 7 May 2166, Dunstill & Illic led an attack on Bear Paw Island, a secret naval base of the World Empire. Dunstill & Illic sailed in on The Arc with a teleport beacon. They went near Hrothgmn's base on Bear Paw Island and started flooding the tower. The mages inside started teleporting out. All teleports in the region were drawn to the beacon; they landed dazed on the ship, where the heroes took turns chopping them to pieces. Hrothgmn was the last to teleport, and the heroes eliminated him through magical means.

Complete destruction of the docks, the compound, and the other ships followed on May 8. The heroes also surveyed the area and arranged the sailing crews to sail back the ships that they had captured.

Armies on the Battlefield
Though it appeared that the New World War would peter out as both sides ran out of resources, the King of Cromwell initiated some daring plans that resulted in a victory for the defenders of the New World. King Ranore personally planned the troop movement for the New World War.

The Council of Lords in Dunador considered appointing Lord Ranore Gintree to be temporary king of Dunador in an effort to ensure peace in the region. According to the plan, the paladin would have agreed to surrender the throne after a specified time, and he would have proceeded to march the armies of Cromwell through Dunador to meet the enemy at Sark. There, his armies would have efficiently eliminated much of the World Empire's forces. Due to the success of other war plans, however, Ranore was never crowned king of Dunador.

One important strategic action is that Cromwell hired the Leg-Breaker tribe of hobgoblins to help fight the World Empire. The hobgoblins first assaulted and then defended Dunthrane City.

The Leg Breakers’ contract expired on 9 June 2166. In a surprise move, the hobgoblins paid Dunador 50,000 gp in reparations for overextending the services for which they were hired: they had destroyed too much. Dunador later used that money to repay Cromwell for fighting for them.

Cromwell hired the Leg Breakers on 15 June 2166. Initially, Cromwell hired the Leg Breakers to defend the food stores at Dunthrane. Morale was bad between them and the Dunadorian troops, however, so King Ranore traded the positions of the hobgoblins and his cavalry. Thus, the cavalry defended the food, and the hobgoblins defended Fontenmere Abbey and the wilderness around it, which suited them much better.

On another front, the World Empire assault on Teft and Posidonis was protected by Cromwell. On 9 August 2166, Cromwellian forces arrived in Posidonis to fight, and that has been called the “turn of the battle.” When Cromwell arrived and the battle started going well, the rangers and druids and elves of Petethal finally felt that the war could be won, so they joined the fight. The combined forces drove back the World Empire's attack.

Additionally, Sark stopped attacking Dunador on 5 September 2166 and withdrew. The armies starved since their supply lines at Bear Paw Island had been cut off.

The Miracle of 2166
The winter of 2166-67 threatened to be a harsh one for the people of Dunador. The hobgoblins had burned the fields and surplus grain silos, so little food was left. Without some sort of miracle, the winter would have killed thousands of people.

Starting in September, however, the people of Dunador got the miracle they needed. From September 2166 through that winter, holy knights magically appeared around the countryside distributing food to the citizens of Dunador. At each place, a knight would suddenly appear, drop a bundle of food, and disappear. In total, the food left by the mysterious warriors fed about 100,000 people.

The feat was basically performed by Nevron following the sacrifice of a powerful magic item and lots of cash. King Ranore just left money (lots of cash) and a magic item in the fountain at Fontenmere Abbey, and the next day it was gone. Evidence implies that Nevron enhanced the magic item with his divine powers to save the people of Dunador.

The magic item was an Ivory Horn of Valhalla. It normally summons fighters to aid whomever blows it. The fighters disappear when they are killed or no longer needed. Each summoned fighter comes equipped with two weeks of iron rations. Thus, it is assumed that Nevron just caused each one of the charges remaining in the horn to appear in a different place, dump out the food, and vanish.

A further sign of divine intervention is that when King Ranore previously used the horn, the summoned fighters were dressed in purely black armour. When they appeared to give food, however, the seal of Nevron appeared on their shields and armour.

In addition to the prime motive of saving the lives of the Dunadorians, providing the food was partially a strategic move. If the people had died, the land would have been left open to repopulation by whomever chose to stake a claim. The strategy of the event should not, however, overshadow the significance of saving so many lives.

More on the Realm
Shortly after the Chaos at Blackstone, King Ranore of Cromwell hired the famed Provincial Troops of Drake to march into the Realm and help the rebels in the neighboring Realmish province. The Drake Army mobilized after the winter and started moving toward the Realm on 10 February 2167.

Though far outnumbered by the Realmish armies, the elite soldiers from Drake made it all the way to the capital city of Wunka. The Drake Army reached the capital and sacked it on 12 December 2167, but their forces were crushed in the battle. Despite their defeat at Wunka, the Troops of Drake did accomplish their mission. There are now only 200 to 300 of the original 2,000 soldiers left in Drake.

The dispute in the Realmish State of Wunka is expected to end soon with the civilian forces being victorious. The Realmish province was officially taken by the rebels on 12 December 2167 following the capture of Wunka.

Other Heroes
A party of adventurers (whose earlier travels are recounted in the book The Adventures of Gramaliustranstalus) led by Dor found a magical gate to the elemental plane of fire at the Universitas Arcanum. The party then traveled to the city of Yokol. The inhabitants had all been golems created by Seven, so they had collapsed, and the city had been taken over by fomorian giants.

Another group of heroes secretly entered a lair of evil mountain dwarves in Petethal. Lorm, the high priest of Aurora, led the party, which consisted of Mens, Mo, and Rasputian’s party. The heroes entered the tunnels invisibly, found the main temple of the Dark (an evil cult), and killed the high priestess.

Heroes at Koralgesh led by Randall Brightoak have explored the ruins of the Geshian city of Axull. Adventurers are now investigating the cities of Leinstadter and Roam.

A group of adventurers in the Academy’s employ has had good success lately in recovering magic items for Cromwell. The party is well-organized under the leadership of Tanique (a.k.a. Tiny), and they recently retrieved a strong magic item for the Academy. The group also includes Vidal Sassoon the Suave and his henchman Wick. Other heroic Academy parties are led by Pelbo and Donair.

King Ranore of Cromwell and Duke Konrad of Estwurl (the two most powerful paladins in the New World) are planning on questing for their warhorses soon.

Current Status
The Dunadorian Church is hoping to reestablish the Dunadorian monarchy. In Loco Parentis has been in serious deliberation considering whom she shall suggest to the Council of Lords to be the next monarch.. June 3, the traditional coronation day, has come and gone with no announcement of the successor, and the future of the nation of Dunador is uncertain.

Lord Eldrin left no heirs to rule after his death. Berkeley and Syber are the two most likely successors to rule the province of Drake. The Dunadorian Council of Lords would have made the final decision, but Drake has declared independence from Dunador.

The World Empire is now without a leader, and its supply lines have been stopped. Thus, it seems that the war is over for the most part.

The Skull-Breaker tribe of hobgoblins has legal ownership over Falcon’s Pass, which guards the passage from Trent to the Southern Waste.

Cromwell and Koralgesh maintain their loose alliance as they try to save the New World.


For more information on many of the countries, places, and individuals mentioned herein, consult The Telvar Gazetteer, a reference work available through the Kingdom of Koralgesh.

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Telvar Gazette: Issue #1, War Edition

The Telvar Gazette Number 1 War Edition September 2166

The Empire Strikes

It is a dark time for the New World. .
Although the Tangg-Lord has been .
destroyed, Imperial troops have...
landed on the shores and threaten the world.

Evading the dreaded Imperial Fleet, a .
group of freedom fighters led by Dunstill .
and Illic was destroyed while traveling to a secret base at the remote city of Koralgesh.

The evil lord Hrothgmn, obsessed with.
conquering the New World, has enacted dozens of secret plans throughout the world of Telvar....

Background on Telvar
The predominant nations of the New World are Dunador and Petethal. Petethal has many druids, rangers, and elves in its forests, while Dunador is mostly farmland. The Realm, which lies to the west, takes up most of the Old World and is at war with all other nations. In ages past, the Realm ruled the entire continent. On the border of the Old and New Worlds, Cromwell has recently become allies with the New World. Internal strife has preoccupied Sark for the past couple of decades. The Keystone Kingdom and Korinn Archipelago are island nations north of Petethal.

Across the sea northeast of the New World is the Far World, which is the homeland of high elves, hill dwarves, and halflings. Much of the Far World has been conquered by the World Empire and has been out of contact with the rest of Telvar for several decades.

Early Relevant History
In 2143, the nation of Sark collapsed when its treasury was stolen overnight. That same year, Lord Eldrin of Drake (a military genius) conquered Latt from the Realm.

The Tangg-Lord, an undead lich, hailed from an unknown land across the sea. In 2020, his armies conquered much of the Far World.

Death of King Halfred
On 30 August 2152, King Halfred of Dunador was killed while hunting at Dunthrane. Officially, he died in a hunting accident, but he was actually murdered by an arrow of slaying. Duke Aimar of Andevar captured Prince Edmund and held him at Griffon castle. A party of heroes rescued the prince, but he was slain by an assassin. Both Aimar and Eldrin (the king's brother) were implicated in the happenings, and each accused the other at a trial. Both defendants lost at trial by combat. Other rumours say that Hollend, the king's elected advisor, was a traitor or that the Realm was responsible.

Although Eldrin's and Hollend’s hatred of each other predates this event, the king's death only intensified their emotions.

Voyage of The Arc
In 2155, Dunstill & Illic (two famous heroes) launched The Arc for the Far World. They set out with the greatest heroes of the New World to try to stop the Tangg-Lord. Hours after they left, the Sarkian fleet arrived at port to stop The Arc, but it wound up burning the city of Teft instead.

Three years later, The Arc returned from the Far World. They had killed the Tangg-Lord's body but had failed to stop him and his invasion. Dunstill & Illic were subsequently tried for treason.
The Intervening Years

On 18 May 2154, Illic's Perch was attacked. Illic's Perch is a heavily defended lighthouse on Outrock Island. The people at the lighthouse were killed by poison, and the assassins stole the magic wand that powered the lighthouse.

On 13 January 2159, an invisible ship from the Tangg-Lord attacked Riverneck. That city is the only production centre of ocean-going compasses, and the invaders stole all of the compasses.

On 17 August 2162, Eldrin returned 5,000 very young children along with the bodies of many soldiers and militiamen to Cromwell. As a result, a cease-fire was established in the Dunador-Cromwell War.

On 20 April 2165, Dunstill & Illic learned about Bear Paw Island, a secret naval base of the World Empire.

Death of the Tangg-Lord
In late December 2165, Duke Konrad of Estwurl set out to exterminate all the gnolls of Southern Dunador. At the end of the battle, Ranto (a mage) teleported with the Tangg-Lord's agents. By destroying an Oracle Sphere, Ranto destroyed the lich's body but also killed himself.

On December 27, Ox (a mage) realized what had happened. He used the Micromicron, a powerful religious artifact, to shatter the Tangg-Lord's soul gem and thus permanently kill him.

After the Tangg-Lord's death, Hrothgmn—a mad wizard and politician—took control of his empire.

Dark Wednesday
A number of tragedies mark 5 January 2166 as Dark Wednesday. On this day, assassination attempts were made on most of the New Worlds’ political leaders.

Queen Valencia of Dunador was killed by an assassin, and her body was destroyed by green slime. The King of Cromwell was also attacked with a crossbow and green slime, but his assassin failed miserably and was captured.

Duke Haermond II of the Keystone Kingdom was also attacked. He was hit by a crossbow bolt but was not hurt bad. When the assassin threw a pot of green slime, a Dunadorian cavalier (Norations) threw himself in the way and died.

The King of Sark was killed by his own military, which subsequently sided with Hrothgmn. Green slime was also involved in his murder.

On the same day, the trees in Petethal started dying, though this was not realized until later.

Declaration of Invasion
When Sark’s military declared allegiance with Hrothgmn, announcements were made of the World Empire's intentions. Hrothgmn planned to invade the New World, though he promised not to harm any nation that would surrender. He furthermore promised amnesty to any sages and bards who wished it.

Hrothgmn made public his long-term plan to conquer the New World and subsequently petition to join the Realm.

Soon thereafter, all of Eldrin’s troops disappeared. He had 2,000 well-trained soldiers in 10-man units who all disappeared from their encampments in Drake.

On 10 April 2165, the once-ruined city of Koralgesh was reopened. King Plin, a halfling adventurer, intends to set up the city as a base for adventurers. The keep at Koralgesh is set into the side of a dormant volcano.

After Dark Wednesday and the ensuing chaos, King Plin decided to ally with Cromwell. Furthermore, some of the bureaucrats and records from the Petethalian government have temporarily moved to the keep at Koralgesh.

On 13 April 2166, two Tangg-Lord scout ships landed at Koralgesh while most of the people were away. They took away Saker and Lana, two sages who accepted Hrothgmn’s offer of protection.

The Oracle Spheres
Oracle Spheres are powerful artifacts that magnify the power of magic. The people of the now-fallen civilization of Estwurl built the spheres several thousand years ago. There were originally seven complete Oracle Spheres. One was destroyed at the City of the Oracle near the Universitas Arcanum. The Tangg-Lord had one, but it, too, has been destroyed.

Oracle Spheres are believed to magnify magic power ten-fold. Magic spells have increased range and damage when cast in contact with a sphere. The seven Spheres were placed in cities in Estwurl ("the seven even suns"). Burning oil within the balls made them give off enough illumination to light the entire nation all day and night.

Both the New World and the World Empire are interested in the Spheres' magic power. In March 2166, Duke Konrad (who supports Hollend) led a group of heroes to go recover or destroy the remaining spheres.

The Arc Again
In 2165, Dunstill & Illic made plans for a second Arc voyage to the Far World. They intended to leave in March of 2166, but they had difficulty finding heroes to accompany them. Finally, a Sarkian adventuring group (S.M.A.R.T.) and a few others joined on. In April 2166, they were moving The Arc from Teft to a safer harbour at Koralgesh when a sudden hurricane (created by the chaotic Anarchists) destroyed the ship and killed everyone on board.

The Forest of Petethal
In January 2166, it was learned that all the grey elves (the official rulers of Petethal) had been murdered. Petethalians also discovered that their forest was slowly dying.

Mo, a warrior herbalist in the service of Evard (the master of the School of Wizardry), organized a group, including Rasputian’s party, to investigate the dying trees. The heroes gathered on 10 April 2166 and set out from Posidonis soon afterwards. On the 17th, they found an old tree with an undead spirit in it. The tree-bane killed Mo, but then Lorm (the high priest of Aurora) turned it. That afternoon, the group spoke with an ancient treant who offered his knowledge.

That evening, they found the druid-lich feeding on an old tree. Lye (the high wizard of Cromwell) used his Ring of Shooting Stars to summon a meteor swarm, and Lorm used his god-given power over meteors to amplify their force. The creature did not survive the first attack wave.

Invasion Forces
In February 2166, the Korinn Archipelago appears to have fallen without a fight. By March 2165, World Empire forces had invaded the Archipelago. They dissolved the Ventris militia and imposed martial law.

On 21 March 2166, Fistle, the capital of southeastern Sark, fell when the local leader surrendered. The enemy army then moved to surround A-2, the mountain headquarters of the Democratic Revolution (a group dedicated to restoring democracy to the world).

Confirmed rumours tell of dragons, giants, gargantuan orcs, and giant spiders in the World Empire’s army.

The Hobgoblin Assault
On 17 April 2166, the Leg-Breaker tribe of hobgoblins made a surprise attack from their home in Secton. The hobgoblins took Secton City easily: most of the Secton army was killed in the barracks. Casualties were vast. All militia-capable males (i.e., those between the ages of 14 and 60) were killed. About 60% of the townspeople died before they realized that they were under attack. Luckily, one unit of light cavalry and one unit of heavy cavalry were able to escape and bring the news to the rest of Dunador.

The hobgoblins burned the barracks, stables, and most of the town. The castle is still standing, however. They also seized the grain silos at Secton City, which contained most of the stored grain for the province.

The hobgoblins set fire to the woods of the Southern Wilderness. As they advanced their troops northward, they burned the crops by the road.

On April 19, the hobgoblins felled Gyge. On the 23rd, news reached the School of Wizardry of the hobgoblins' advances. This was the first the outside world knew of their threat.

The Leg-Breakers are flying the Tangg-Lord’s banner and thus must be working for him. Hrothgmn claims not to be involved with them, but this is quite doubtful.

Current Status
The Dunadorian Church has sympathy for the Democratic Revolution but wishes to reestablish the Dunadorian monarchy to help the people. Bards, monks, sages, Trent, Latt, and the School of Wizardry remain officially neutral.

Lord Eldrin has requested that he be crowned as king of Dunador soon, but the church has insisted on waiting until the traditional day of June 3. Till then, Eldrin and his ally the Duke of Andevar are at odds with Hollend and his supporters in Dunthrane and Secton.

Hrothgmn claims to only want order and unification, and the megalomaniac is certainly not as destructive as the Tangg-Lord. Only Sark has allied with Hrothgmn's empire.

The Democratic Revolution is trying to survive and restore the ancient democracy that is now the Realm. World order is the main goal of the Realm. The Anarchist Anti-Federated Front wants fun and anarchy.

Cromwell and Koralgesh are trying to save the New World, while the druids and rangers of Petethal wish to save the woodlands.


For more information on many of the countries, places, and individuals mentioned herein, consult The Telvar Gazetteer, a reference work available through the Kingdom of Koralgesh.

Copyright © 1992 David Thomas Chappell. All Rights Reserved. Printed in U.S.A.
Used here by permission of David Thomas Chappell.