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December 20, 1996

Summary XLIV: How to Destroy the Vampires Stored at the Ziggurat?

seven vampires in gaseous form incased in tar- how to destroy/ get rid of
them? There is also a devil in trapped in a jar.

method #10- throw them all into the pool of at the Shrine of
Nevron. " Hey, I know where a pool of holy water is..."

Player # 1: "Sheesh. We'd need an awful lot of holy water, and at the price
of about 3000 gold per gallon, we could run up a little bit of a bill..."
Player # 2: "Hey I know where we could find a huge pool of holy water, and it's
Okay, we have to confess that Player #2 was ZACK! Hee hee!

method #9 - Sell them to Wilbur's Fish and Critter's - 3000 gp a vampire!
(with proper documentation)

The documentation is the real problem.

"Hello, Wilbar's? I have an offer for you. You see I've got 7 vampires in
gaseous form that I've imbedded in elemental earth. Yeah, do you think you
could take them off my hands? They're a real drag and they keep telling me
to let them out. How much? Ooh, 3000 gp EACH! What a price! [Yeah, right]
Oh, you mean I have to provide verification that they're actually vampires.
How do propose I do that?? How but if you just let your customers upgrade
from Spectre 3.1? Maybe they can make do with documentation from that?"

method #8 - Sell them to Xothan's Enterprises. "we sell 7 vampires and a
devil for this really cool magic item. The item is delivered by 7 vampires
and devil."

Xavier:"Yes, we really do want the Hand of Vecna. Do you think you could
manage the Wand of Orcus if we threw in the Token of Wooden Bridge?"
Xothan:"It would be made easier if Sir Faranyn were dead."
Xavier:"WHAT? How do you figure?"

[on a side note, note the similarity of "Xavier" and "Xothan" Coincidence?
I think not.]

method #7 - Go to the Negative Material Plane and destroy them on their
home plane.

"Yeah, we had to fight 1d6 vampires per round we were on the Neg Mat Plane,
but we took 'em. Look, it was kind of a bummer that we ended up with Sahrak
as a Juju Zombie, but at least he's a Juju Zombie with a sense of humor!"

method #6 - Use the vampire tar for shipbuilding- novel way to introduce
the vampire to running water. "I constructed a ship with the tar, It
sails tomorrow ha ha ha."

method #5 - Use the vampire tar for constructing a roof- should get
plenty of sunshine...

"We usually found that our zero-level workers didn't last too long on this
job. But since we let Malthazanus the Evil Cleric join our crew, we found
that Juju Zombies can tar a roof better than you'd think! Of course,
Malthazanus also mumbled something about substituting the vampires with his
"special formula," too..."

method #4 - Release the gas from the tar and blow the vampires into a
kobold ventilization system- they have good ventilation...

method #3 - Drip them over the oceans of Telvar- one drip at a time...

"If take the total amount of water in the world, and consider it to be
roughly infinite, and we add..."

method #2 - Put them with the deathstealers and quickly shut the door.
Maybe they won't like each other.

Vampires: "Let us out. We are loyal servants of evil."
Deathstealers: "Ooh, Kickball!!"

method #1 - Go to the adventuring reserve to destroy them- put the
vampires in a cart and carry big signs while traveling through the ambush
areas warning that any attack on the party will provoke the party to
release the vampires for the detriment of everyone in the area.

Signs read: "Don't mind us! We're just carrying 7 vampires."
"Vampires on board." "Make a saving throw versus fear or flee in panic."
Raven can protest in the back: "Hey! Let that elemental earth out of
there! I don't think it likes to be in confined spaces with those vampires.
Do you think if we used the Protection from Earth Elementals scroll we could
make them more comfortable?"

Finally method #0- The Tan-El solution- release the vampires near the
Behir so that the Behir is destroyed (Vampiric Behir!) Then release the
Deathstealers to deal with the vampires and whatever happened to the
Behir- Finally release Tellah to deal with the deathstealers or the
vampires depending on who won.

"Why have just one evil? Summon bigger and better evils! Spoil the
environment for millenia to come!"

"High traffic areas? Keep 'em clean by summoning DeathStealers(tm). These
guys will have your families running for their lives -- if they don't have
their souls removed and their bodies inhabited by a passing evil spirit first!"

"Why settle for just one DeathStealer(tm)? If you have a small job, triple
the fiendish fun by summoning Three. That way, there's no way just one
Abjure (registered trademark of another company, which we won't mention)
will work! If you act now, we'll throw in a small army of Undead (featuring
Skeleton(tm), Ghoul(tm), Ghast(tm), and 1-6 Spectre overlords -- regularly a
value of over twelve souls!) and a handful of vassal lesser devils, all if
you just sign on the dotted line..."

Jack (methods) / Kyle (comments)

December 14, 1996

Summary XLIII: Against the Ancient One in the Dark Pit and More Tan-El Stuff

Our next expedition was to eliminiate the "ancient one" so we went to the
Ziggurat and performed a ceremony that destroyed the evil altar there, as
well as dispelling the hell hole. Eventually some of us might call the
Ziggurat home, now that it is rid of all dangerous evil. I am sure if we
scraped off the soot and featured what remains of the hell hole (by
building some sort of dais around it) it might look like a neat place.

Forces of Evil: 0, Stone Soules: 8

Since we were in the mood to finish up some loose ends, we headed back to
Tan-El to check out some of the rooms that we hadn't been to before.
Eli's henchman sage Elendwhen recovered 4 good potions from the tower
wizard's alchemy lab. We also recovered some personal belongings of the
tower wizard. After that, we went to the "Golem Building Workshop" and
decided that the 4 Iron golems just kind of hanging around in the corners
of the room were REALLY bad news and decided to permanently leave that
place alone. So then we went to the "electrical zoo", a kind of creepy
room with a watertank in the back corner of one of the walls and several
other "exhibits" with various creatures that discharged lightning. We
had everything from Will-o-the-wisps to electric eels, trapped spirits to
a plant that zaps things. And then there was the cage filled with sand
(flecked with blue) that was broken out of. I have to credit the
original idea to Kyle but it is totally obvious now...this cage is where
the Behir originated. Flecks of blue, it will be really easy to do a
test if those are behir scales, broken out of because the little baby
behir grew up after the city was destroyed. Oh, and that high magic
Mithril lock...aren't we trying to find a mithril key for the behir? I
think all the pieces to the puzzle are there.

When the zoo was created, the mages made it so the Behir couldn't wander
a certain distance from the lock, but as the Behir got bigger, that
hold on him weakened so he was able to travel further and further
distances, but he is still tied here. These are all guesses, but I
am pretty sure they are on the right track.

Wandering around the courtyard so Eli could show the new party members
the wonders of the "whispering courtyard" caused quite a show. The stone
golems said "The Gate is closed." when we approached, and when Eli tried
to roll a continual light ball past them, one of them stepped on it and
then used a breath weapon which double-slowed the whole party. The other
golem went to the other side of us, and said that we would wait for
the proper authorities to arrive. No one did, and the golems eventually
went back to their posts. Scared us there for a second though, these are
obviously very powerful golems. We have good reason to believe that they
are the guardians of where we want to eventually go, so I guess we will
have to figure something out...they do move 6" after all :)

After that, we killed a bunch of ogres that decided to try and live in
the castle and then headed back to Middle. We have learned alot from
Tyner and have recovered a bunch of REALLY cool things. Although only a
couple of characters know about some of the stuff for safety reasons.

Although I may have been disappointed that we were seemingly getting
nowhere, these last couple of game sessions have made huge progress in
some of the party's goals. It is expected that the beginning of the next
semester the party will be travelling to the School of Wizardry and then
to the Academy, where we will identify a few things and get information on
the key, respectively. After that...who knows what, but it will
definitely be interesting and fun.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a good break!

PS- Can you tell that I get in a better mood after finals as opposed to
right before them :)

-Zack Hubert-

December 07, 1996

Summary XLII: Tyner's Tower: Disturbing and Other Answers

So next was Tyner's tower...at last. As usual, "questions were met with
disturbing answers." (an augury we got once). We got in through the
usual method and started experimenting with what turned out to be the
bedroom door. As was guessed by other players, Tyner was well prepared
to protect his place from other mages (although with all the magic here,
I don't see how Tyner could have made the place within a human
lifespan). The knock spell on the door caused a memory moss to hit Eli
and eat all of his spells in memory. Kinda delayed the expedition :)

So we used the Chime instead and found beyond a plush arch-mage bedroom.
Everything was magical to some extent, from the carpet that is always
clean to the warm sheets etc. We found four cool magic items which we
still need to identify amongst the other standard Tan-El fare...you know,
twisted bits of metal and, a Chaotic Evil (malignant) force in a bunch of
jars. Appeared to be some sort of ooze. Xavier tried to sprinkle holy
water on it but was attacked by some insubstantial mist that temporarily
drained two levels and enticed him to open the jars (Hmm...I wonder what
would happen if we dropped the jars into the hell hole, let the two bad
boys fight each other first :) ). So anyway, we moved on to the door
that led to the next upper level.

Double doors, the chime caused them to disappear (danger!) so we went
in. Some party members were down in the sitting room, another in a
circle of protection from evil, so this is just a fraction of the party
wandering around. Immediately to the right, we find a room filled with
books, all intact, hundreds of them. Some magic, some trapped, some
evil...should be interested to look through. We then went upstairs to
the complete alchemical lab, with the Tan-El twist, however. Underneath
a bunch of tubes and metal rods and bubbling flasks was a coffin with the
tubes etc. sticking out of it. Sticking out of one side is a red clawed
hand, rather shriveled etc. One force here was CE (the bubbling black
tar) and the coffin/hand was LE...both tormented and angry/malignant. Neat.

Upstairs was a metal sphere with other cylinders etc. connected to it.
We knew that a being of the positive material plane was around here
somewhere, apparently this was it (big danger runes everywhere), so we
went down to the main floor to continue onwards. Unfortunately, the
doors reappeared, closed, and when we touch the handles of the door, they
disappear and it becomes a wall. Essentially, we are trapped.

We might be able to use the last charges of the chime to get ourselves
out, but then all of this area would be forfeit. I think we are going to
try and get a message to the other people and then spend time reading
books, drawing sketches, etc.

That is all for this semester, unless people are around to play after the


-Zack Hubert-

Edwin has qualified that the CE force was the coffin and the LE force was in
some cylinders nearby with a shriveled, clawed hand sticking out into a
glass box.

And let no one say that Tan-El doesn't have MUCH MORE than its fair share of
supernatural evil!


We finished the last game with Eli reading the personal journals of Tyner
in his pogoda-like building. After reading for a little bit, Eli waged a
one man war against the vampire upstairs, which, on the third week of the
confrontation, was trapped in elemental earth through Eli's efforts.
That very same day, Theo sliced the devil in half, vanquishing another
great evil that was an enemy of the party. Picking up the pieces of the
devil and the container holding the vampire, the party escaped their
prison with all of Tyner's texts intact. We then stopped in Tyner's
bedchamber and picked up 5 more vampires that were defeated earlier and
left Tan-El.