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February 01, 2003

Warwick/Cassian Summary: Ambush at Hoch Och!

Party Roster:

Warwick, played by Mark
Cassian, 10th level (?) played by Katherine
and their respective trains...

In early 2197, Obmi seeks revenge on the party that destroyed all of his clones. Misreading an astrology, Warwick and Cassian head to defend the recently cleared fire giant citadel against attack, but the attack comes instead to Hoch Och. During High Holy Days, the wine used during the ceremony explodes upon being opened inside the church, killing many Phaulkonian worshippers and causing a panic in town. Cassian and Warwick return to find that Obmi and a group of giants have fled into the mountains. Cassian vows revenge...

(Katherine may fill in details at some point.)