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July 24, 2007

BLADES Summary #67

Character Race & Class Level HP AC Player Creator
Raybur Sidebottom Dwarven Fighter/Cleric 6/6 64 (-7) -3/0/2 Dean Dean
Phyllis Sidebottom Dwarven Fighter 7 64 -5/-5 Katherine Katherine
Effrede George Half Elven Magic User/Thief 6/6 34 -3/1 Katherine Katherine
Talarian Blackguard Half Elven Fighter 7 68 Occ. Ring
(-10) -9/-4
(-7) -6/-1 Dean Dean
Conrhia Applewhite Half Elven Woodsman 7 68 -5/-4/0 Rhonda Rhonda
Serlisse Reintar Half Elven Druid 7 32 -1/1/1 Rhonda Rhonda
Sputnik Half Elven Cleric 7 49 1/4/4 Jay Jay
Arthur of Petethal Half Elven Ranger 6 58 2/4 David David
Zephram Trent Hill Gnome Fighter/Illusionist 5/5 41 (-5) -3/-2/2
1/5 w/out PA Alan Alan
Shirlard Half Orkish Fighter 5 44 3/3 Darleen Darleen
Costigan Coastlander Fighter//Cleric 1//3 25(35) (2)3/3 Alan Rodger

[Session 67]

July 16 and 17, 2194
Talarian beats a leaping lizard. (Lizard 1)
Phyllis beats a Stone Giant easily. (Humanoid 2)
Arthur fails miserably and loses 3 possible Raises on Lizard 1.
Raybur beats a Stone Giant fairly easily (Humanoid 2)
Fred Webs, Magic Missiles and backstabs Lizard 1 to death.
Conrhia turns a Stone Giant into an arrow caddy. (H2)
Zephram defeats his raptor. (L1)
Sputnik uses a lot of spells to buff under Sanctuary and then blinds his poor raptor. (L1)

July 18th, 2194
Talarian beats a baby Green Dragon with a lot of trouble. (Dragon 1)
Phyllis beats a Frost Giant. (Humanoid 3)
Raybur beats a Leaping Lizard easily (Lizard 1)
Fred torments a bigger raptor with Stinking Cloud and a pit. (Lizard 2)

July 24, 2194
A week later, Shirlard faces a slug the size of a two room house in Random Level 1. It spits nasty acid gobs. She dodges most of them, but gets clobbered by one nasty gobbet.
Sputnik faces the back half of a horse, front half lion and a scaled woman’s torso with a Wisdom draining effect.
The BLADES get a 7235 total credit after a good meal for 60 credits.

August 10, 2194
When Arthur is ready to move, we return to the Sphinx. We trade facts. He tells us that the arena continues to double the payouts through level 8.
We ask to find out about the Lieutenant. The doors are closed everything has been locked down. The Lt. of the Resort says they’re going to wait it out. Two months go by; six; then a year. No one sent any of the magical communications that can pierce the concealment of the dome. The men say that it is time to send out a foray. The Lt. says that the concealment will be broken. There was a mutiny and the Lt. killed all of his own men with the golems. He went into his tower, closed the doors and waited until he died. He is still there, worrying about whether he made the right decision. He is now a Philosopher and it is dangerous and he can ensnare someone in his thoughts. He still controls all of the golem army and he can control time and space with his thoughts. The Sphinx would pay well for any information about the siege. The Lieutenant’s thoughts travel through the air and can sear the minds of any who try to go through the door at the base of the tower. The sphinx would consider it rude to try to go through there as it might interrupt his access to the Casino. The Lt. is in the Security Tower in the middle of the Courtyard. We cannot go through the door in the basement, but through the courtyard door would be fine for us (if survivable). His Journals and Weapons and the possessions of his men would be sufficient motivation for someone to try to enter the tower. The Philosopher’s thoughts would be visible as weird wisps of colors.
We inquired about prices for possible additional information. Information on a cure for the Dwarves would be 2,500. It would be 2,000 for the information on the party that used to work for him. The Ghost Ship would be 1,000. The Dragon Turtle could be highly variable on price depending on what we were interested in. Information on other factions might be available, but he doesn’t want the status quo affected.
A number of golems are right around the front doors. It isn’t clear that they are designed to attack. We could probably walk right up to them.

The Tower with the rooftop garden is where the Resort manager lived. He accepted the fact the Lt. had killed all of his men and came to the conclusion that the war had been lost. He decided that he needed to wait until the civilization built itself and he still waits. He is a “something” that is as mad as a hatter. The Philosopher may be waiting until it decides whether it was a good idea.

Stepping out the front doors and cut across the courtyard. There are doors that lead to a beautiful garden that seems to be fairly safe. At the far end of the grove are doors to the spa. The Spa allows you to do massive manipulation to whom and what you are. When his party went through, they seemed to release a major demonic force. They were equal in number to us, but slightly less powerful and less equipped than we are. They were annihilated and did not return. He doesn’t know if it is still there or even if we could get in. They were Realmish adventurers. They bought from him the weird scrolls that he had (probably Illusionist scrolls). They were humans and half-orcs. If we make it safe to use, he would give us the information he has on it if we went first to test out the machinery. The party was made up of a Chelsean cleric, warriors and mages.

The dwarves are affected by a deity strength curse which is worse inside the Mall of the Four Elements. If we can get them outside, the power of a demigod would be probably be strong enough to affect them. A High Priest or Priestess might be able to effect the cure. They are incredibly hostile. They are very dangerous. He is scared of them. There are more than eight of them. He thinks that the Mall is the localized source of the curse. It will probably take some sort of Divine Intervention to break the curse. He saw them slaughter the orcs. He isn’t certain what would need to be done to cure them, he’d heard that the highest level priest or priestess of a religion has some additional sway with their deity.
Although the city itself is sealed, in order to equalize pressures and certain sea level issues, when typhoons hit the island, the dome opens. On just such an occasion, a long time ago, a boat led by “The Royal We,” a bizarre orkish captain with his 200 blood thirsty pirates took shelter and they are still there. He doesn’t know a great deal more, but he thinks that there are about 250 of them on board. He thinks that most of them are probably monsters now. As an aficionado of ancient ruins, he thinks that any ancient ruin needs a lich-like being. A city of this size needs several.
For 5,000 there is a tale of Three Dying Civilizations. For 2,000 more, he will give us a suggestion of where to go next. For 10,000 credits he will tell of a threat to us in the future that we aren’t aware of.

Kruklek seems scared of us asking about the god behind the OXO book (Simtam). He has tried to avoid that war. Millennia ago his people were destroyed by wars. A group of his people wanted to hide the bad things they were doing and they wanted to destroy the interconnectedness of things. They destroyed his civilization and systematically destroyed all the followers of Simtam. They destroyed every piece of information that would even allow the worship of Simtam. Some people have hidden from the others and the Chiktak may come and hunt them down. He thinks the one at the way house may be one of the searchers. The one with the Sphinx may be either a searcher or an exile. He is the descendant of exiles and he thinks each side thought that preservation or destruction of the connectedness was of the utmost importance. He admits to being very scared. Some think the interconnectedness can be reestablished, but that would probably draw attention.


Ancients’ Statues
3 potions – Mind Blast Liquor “When you need to forget”
2 potions – No More Rowdy – waterier than the potions of Calm
19 pieces of jewelry – All gone to Implore for Fred

Magic Shield
Magic Spear
Magic Footman’s Flail
Potion A
Potion B
193 gp
75 pp
16 100 gp garnets
1 Holy Symbol of Ilneval – god of the common soldier

* Ring – Continuous piece of Ruby – Highly magical – slightly warm – Ring came significantly before the statues came to life
* Silk blouse
Box of Jewelry
Pair of earrings - Platinum & diamond – 2k
Ring – Platinum & diamond – 2k
Necklace – Platinum, Ruby & Diamond – 7.5k
Shag – about 250# stone dog – a 40# dog if live

Stone Like New – Full tube
Half bottle of Mind Blast Liquor
289 gp
200 pp
19 complete pottery pieces that are being left in place

Theatre Office
Floppy felt hat
Magically preserved Posters – Left there
Singing Parrot – Left there
No More Rowdy Potion
2 Labeled Potions of Calm

10 magic books; 9 remaining
1) loves it no touch pages
2) very frustrated at hard to get – don’t hurt it and put it away
3) ???
4) Remembers how much he loved reading it when young excited to have a copy
5) ????
6) Excited to have & careful
7) Annoyed at a scuff mark, but it does have signature
8) He can’t believe he got it so cheap – slightly guilty
9) Still get an impression of frustration that he wasn’t supposed to read the book

72 gp
14 pp
4 100 gp garnets (There were 6, but 2 used for Sphinx info)
Ring sacrificed
Ring used up
3 small gold rings 200 gp each

2% meteorite steel desk – beautifully worked ith tracery and an oceanic look
Magical paperweight desk light – 3 cn
Very comfy chair after fiddling the knobs.

Chefs’ Home
Half bottle of magical liqueur
3 bottles of ruined wine
16 gp
Preserved food in the cabinets – Left in Place
Two whole bottles of Ideal Seasoning
Two perfect cubes of natural rat poison– Left in Place
Magical bottle of Slim Quick

Crack House
Crystalline bowling ball
Wooden staff

Four foot square embroidery
Magical belt
Magical sandals
Magical Ring
Silver Jewelry
Silver musical jewelry box
Two spools of magical wire
Two tangle of magical wire
Magical thread box
625 spools fine thread
Magic thimble
Three magical needles

Carpet maker’s
Two magical carpets
Brass loom bits
37 Corrosion resistant carpet bands
100 gp silver mirror
Silver box of 4 or 5 in square w/four square empty crystal vials (200-250 gp)
Larger metal box

Figurine sculptor
Elephant figurine
Marble slab – left there
Four cases of figurines – left there

12 pp
70ish ingots of metals
Magical straight handled bell
Magical Wind Chimes

Kinetic Scupltor
Hang in There (Wisdom) – left there
The Chaos of Motion (Intelligence) – left there
Movement of the Crowd (Charisma) – left there
Many Small ones – left there
Prototype – left there

15 gp Quick drop for Talarian

Long Term Projects

Trade/sell paintings for Teleport pads between New Teft & Berk + encumbrance reduction devices (maybe tokenized alchemist’s field lab)
Move Obelisk (The Republic pays with help from Magic Item sales) & Armorer’s Tower (we pay)
Train Fred as an Alchemist – Dragon turtle (eggs?) Healing potions, etc. – Purchase laboratory from Berk
Recruit Ancients Sage(s) from The New World

Puzzle Ring is being ID’ed when might it be ready? – Sent in 2194 (probably December 2195)

Faster passenger ship that can make the round trip in one good sailing season or second ship – need more output from The Republic to justify additional shipping

Look into availability of Wicked Blades

Locatha – research OXO & more

Look into trades

July 16, 2007

Felix’s plans for the future!

Retaking Lendore Isle:

Two basic actions that should happen in the next few years include finding out what the Har-daways know about the opposition (including now out of date maps etc...) and finding out what the Hardaway clan’s resources are. Determining what the maximum, acceptable and minimal (some sanctions will have to be leveled, I presume) rules of engagement should also occur.

Additionally, Felix is interested in the dwarven pantheon’s take on the Lendore Isle situation. It seems to me that the Burrower’s actions are probably quite unpopular with the rest of the gods. If so, they might be convinced to hoist the Burrower on his own petard, by forcing him (and hence his followers) to accept Felix as the rightful king. It seems a very law-abiding dwarven form of punishment for an unpopular family member. Even so much as forcing his priesthood to stay neutral would be a huge coup (not to mention helping keep casualties down on both sides), and the effects could be far greater. If such a possibility exists, Felix would be interested in run-ning down a list of the dwarven deities and doing them all a favor (this might be worth doing in general from a “get legitimacy” point of view anyways). If so, we might count mass giant slaughter/membership of the guard thingy as service to Clanggedin. Helping out the Kingdom of Eralla might count as service to Dumathoin (I think thats the right god). Directed politicing (see below) would be service to Moradin. This would leave *checks the Unearthed* Vergadain, Ber-ronar and (if needed from a “keeping face” point of view), service to the Burrower that is accept-able to the party/rest of the dwarven pantheon (surely something could be found). In game, this would be an awesome coup that would provide legitimacy/reduced bloodshed and possibly re-duced danger of assassins in the future. Out of game, I think a sequence of holy quests is proba-bly has easier logistics than an invasion. An interesting possibility would include a summit be-tween Felix and the leader of the dark dwarves, perhaps in the hopes of resolving age-old griev-ances of a not-entirely-clear nature.

Next few years:

Felix is very interested in fostering some slightly unusual trade between Eralla/White Moun-tain/Shabrund, likely involving, but not necessarily limited to: 0th/low level soldiers from White Mountain to Shabrund for a tour of duty, in exchange for Shabrundian gear (cool dwarven or +1). Mid level (people who can take a giant hit and live/still be standing) from Shabrund/White Mountains to Eralla for a tour of duty in exchange for Eralla gear (+1/+2, maybe even more if the person is high level). First level people with promise from Eralla or Shabrund might head to the White Mountains to spend their formative years in a place more appropriate to their level (re-ducing low level losses). In addition, Shabrund may have a valuable resource in the Northerners in the vale, who provide skilled overland experience in the form of classes not normally allowed to dwarves. In general, the idea would be to get people of the appropriate level to the dwarven kingdom most suited (from a danger point of view) to their development, with the service being paid (generally) in gear. While its state secret nature should probably continue, high level dwarves suffering from permanent injury might be very willing to abide in Eralla and aid in her defenses for prolonged periods to partake in her healing properties.

It would please Felix no end if in time one of the social prerequites for high level positions in the dwarven armies became having served in all three kingdoms for a time. Some appropriate title could be coined for the feat. The dwarven clergy might be willing to make this a form of service to the gods, to reduce the mercenary feel.

Joel had an idea that, if politically feasible (and I am fully aware it very well may not be) would be extremely valuable (and interesting to Donald). The various dwarven kingdoms do have rather deep pools of high leveled people (one of the advantages of being long lived, I guess). While the kingdoms are quite far apart by land, the construction of teleport portals between them would allow them to come to each other’s aid in times of need by sending in the high level guys. The relatively low limit on number of transits is of little concern if the portal’s use is diplomatic and emergency military transport of a small number of powerful people. In addition, although one hopes the need never arises, this could make a last minute evacuation of Eralla possible. If this is possible, Donald would likely be offered work on the project, earning him experience, money and the opportunity to rub shoulders with the highest level trustworthy Mages money can buy...