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April 22, 1999

Defenders Summary #60: To Everyone’s Surprise, Nothing Goes Wrong

Party Roster:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Kodo, 5th level woodsman, 59 hp, played by Rob
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Kain, 6th level cleric, 43 hp, played by Jeff
Cassian, 6th level cleric, 37 hp, played by Katherine
Quentin, 8th level druid, 37 hp, played by Jeremy
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan
Donald, 6th level mage, 33 hp, NPC
Alduin, 6th level thief, 26 hp, played by Vic (Rob this game)
Chiaro, 3rd level illusionist, 6 hp, played by Aaron

The split party-vision screen continues…

Morgan stayed in the Library through the rainy season of 2180-1. Chiaro trained to 3rd level, gaining a whopping 1 hp to bring him to the, uh, total of, um… 6 hp.

Chiaro also managed to gain Detect Magic, which is a 2nd level spell that pales in comparison to the magic-user one, and is slightly weaker than the cleric/druid version.

In Teft, in a bizarre move, Kain decided to offer the Church of Hindus 350 gp to find out why they hated the Defenders so much. Despite the fact that everyone thought this was a bad move, Kodo had no choice, although he only gave Kain 50 gp. It turned out that the shady character demanded 20 gp to avoid reneging on the “deal.” Kodo paid, and they left the bar.

In Restenford, the party gathered for a second push through the caves. First, we tried to have Cassian’s hawk fly down into the weird shaft with the skulls on spears, but the skulls spoke in archaic Common, making threats, etc. The area detected as evil, and the skulls as magical.

We headed back down and tried to pick up the other skulls, the ones thrown at us by the weird elder ghoul creatures, which had since lost their magic. When Balinor picked one up, one of the elder ghoul creatures came running at the party from the small tunnels we had found earlier. The party turned to confront it, but Cassian blew it away with one shot from the Crossbow.

The party also cleared out a small group of ghouls. Then with some huge cheese bribes and Protection from Evil, a rat was convinced to wander around the tunnels. There were some giant rats, and other corridors. The rat soon got bored, so we decided to send Chester the bobcat in, with Invisibility to Animals, Protection from Evil, and Negative Plane Protection. It was pretty absurd.

When Chester found an actual room with a table and chairs, the smaller party members clambered through and explored the ruins of an old pirate outpost. Cassian, Quentin, and Alduin found several rat tunnels leading out to the outside in various parts of Restenford, and finally found the top of the ruins. They came out in an old ruined fort in the south part of Restenford that hadn’t been restored by the Baron.

With two weeks of rainy season time to spare, the party began an exhaustive search of the compound, and astoundingly came up with five magic items and about 1500 gp.

We gave up the cutlass+1 (scimitar) to the Baron and gave the Ring of Featherfalling (a new one) to the Phaulkonian Church. We kept the Brooch of Shielding (17 charges) on Donald, gained an Extra Healing potion (not on anyone yet), and Boots of Elvenkind (make wearer virtually noiseless, though reduced somewhat by heavy armor). Some of this was discovered in muddy chests, some in false panels, etc.

The money was essentially lost in the identification process. Oh well. We also got a pair of cool dice for Alduin, and a nice amethyst embossed shield for Peacemaker.

On March 15, Chiaro, Morgan, Kain, and Kodo set out for Restenford. Despite Morgan hitting TWO storms and Kain and Kodo hitting one (thank you very much: 3 20s in 8 rolls), they all lived and arrived in Restenford.

Well, it was a nice adventure and Cassian cleaned up on XP. Chiaro and Morgan netted zero, Kain and Kodo got 15 and 20 respectively. Nakumanu got around 1700, and the bulk of the party got between 2200 and 3300 (Quentin leading the pack) and finally Cassian got a mere 8300.

Astoundingly, this was enough for Cassian to train to 7th level!

The party sailed uneventfully to Teft and Cassian trained until May 2181, gaining 8 hp to stand at 45. The training was paid for with the last of our credit from the chain mail+2 from Castle of Diamonds.

Cassian gaining 7th level is critical. Several new very attractive quests have opened up, including dealing with the skulls under the Phaulkonian Church, and Hafney Hill. This is primarily due to the Exorcism spell.

Chiaro is remaining in Restenford, and Aaron and Jeff are welcome to make comments over the summer! The games won’t resume until mid-June.

Donald and Alduin are about 5000 XP from 7th (and Alduin will immediately use the book to reach 8th as per Vic’s suggestions when I last talked to him). Felix and Morgan are about 7500 XP away from 7th. Balinor and Kodo are about 10,000 away from 7th and 6th, and Quentin and Kain are about 25,000 XP from 9th and 7th respectively.

So we leave the party after the second real-world year as follows:

Active Party Members:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp
Kodo, 5th level woodsman, 59 hp
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp
Cassian, 7th level cleric, 45 hp
Kain, 6th level cleric, 43 hp
Quentin, 8th level druid, 37 hp
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp
Donald, 6th level mage, 33 hp
Alduin, 6th level thief, 26 hp

Non-Active Party Members:

Nakumanu, 3rd level fighter, 25 hp
Chiaro, 3rd level illusionist, 6 hp

Retired Party Members:

Drew, 4th level ranger, 34 hp
Perry, 6th level thief, 17 hp
Narahn, 2nd level fighter, 11 hp
Gaston, 2nd level fighter, 12 hp
Phoenix, 1st level cleric, 7 hp
Colin, 1st level thief/mage, 2 hp

So we’ll have myself, Katherine, Rob, Alan, Alex, Jeremy, and Vic for the summer.

Signing off for now…


Log Supplement QQ: QQ

Some additional information about the sarcophagus room below the Phaulkonian Church:

Before Lendore was the lovely civilized place it is today, it was inhabited entirely by bandit and pirate kingdoms. (as opposed to now, when they operate as bandit and pirate GUILDS and have names like, "Benct" or "Garroten")

Barnacus was a fortified city-state about 300 years ago, when a particularly brutal half-orc pirate ruled the area from a fortress standing on the hill where the Phaulkonian Church of Restenford is now. When men from the continent attacked with the intent of forming a colony in the area, the pirate died in combat. An evil temple went down and was replaced by the Baron's castle, but it took another week for the main force to be routed from the fortress.

Our theory is that the pirate was buried in the sarcophagus. He may have been respected, but feared greatly even in death, and thus huge wards were erected to make sure that no one freed him.

That's the theory anyway.

April 15, 1999

Defenders Adventure #59: Split Screen Action

Party Roster:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Kodo, 5th level woodsman, 59 hp, played by Rob
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Kain, 6th level cleric, 43 hp, played by Jeff
Quentin, 7th level druid, 37 hp, played by Jeremy
Cassian, 6th level cleric, 37 hp, played by Katherine
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan
Donald, 6th level mage, 33 hp, NPC
Alduin, 6th level thief, 26 hp, played by Vic (Alan this game)
Nakumanu, 3rd level fighter, 25 hp, henchman
Chiaro, 2nd level illusionist, 5 hp, played by Aaron

When we last left the party, it had fragmented for a downtime that would last the rainy season of 2180-1. Chiaro and Morgan spent the winter uneventfully in Koralgesh, Morgan reading books in the Log Library, and Chiaro training to 3rd level.

In Teft, Kain trained to 6th level, and Kodo traded for a magical handaxe. Weird things began to happen in February 2181…

Kodo was walking along in Teft at night to get his usual bar, when someone tried to knock him out with a sap. Kodo was bruised but conscious and he whirled around. Spotting a cloaked figure, he tried to overbear it, and went right through the insubstantial thing.

Kodo heard footsteps in the alley and some weird noises, and retreated into the moonlit street.

Two weeks later, Kodo was knocked out in a different alley. He awoke to find himself chained to a wall without his gear. He couldn’t break the chains, and so he waited until the door opened and a little light came in. A man of some sort entered.

The man had an item that made any lies spoken within the area of effect sound high pitched and squeaky. Kodo confirmed this with a few simple statements. The man said that he had no intention of hurting him, but would if Kodo was uncooperative.

Kodo was in fact very cooperative, but the man was cursing by the end of the interview. Why? Because Kodo joined the party halfway into its existence and didn’t really know all that much detail about our early adventures. The man seemed dissatisfied when Kodo answered that our four most powerful items where the short sword, the horn, Balinor’s plate mail, and Thunderstruck. He was really angry when he learned that we had no money to speak of. He asked about the adamantite, and was not thrilled to discover that the Baron of Restenford had the remainder of it, or that the sword was both intelligent and good-aligned. The man said that he would return Kodo’s items to him, and that this was especially easy because he already had two rings that he liked better.

Kodo woke up with bad beer all over him in a holding cell. The guards wouldn’t believe Kodo’s story (apparently they didn’t recognize him as a member of the Defenders) but freed him. Kodo’s magic items had been returned to him.

Kodo was not Charmed or enspelled in any way Kain could detect.

Two weeks later, Kain was captured the same way. He was interrogated similarly, and this time he man got really annoyed when he realized that Kain knew even LESS than Kodo! This was a source of great satisfaction to Kain. Kain retained some semblance of consciousness long enough to catch something interesting. Apparently the man was annoyed saying that “it” wasn’t worth it and “they” (probably the Defenders) would already hate him for this.

Meanwhile, weirder things were happening in Restenford, where Felix, Balinor, Cassian, Quentin, Donald, and Alduin had gone. The Baron had a 60th birthday bash at the beginning of 2181, and everyone got together for a nice celebration with old party members Gaston, Narahn, and Nakumanu.

Later in January, the new Abbot of the Phaulkonian Church, Phillip, reported that a horrendous rainy season storm was approaching Restenford. Knowing about the widespread devastation that would come, everyone set about raising sandbags and boarding up houses. The Defenders pulled out all momentoes from the house and brought them into the castle, where most of the party would take cover. Cassian opted to stay in the Phaulkonian Church and help Calm Winds there along with Phillip (a non-combatant cleric). Quentin stayed with Almax at his house.

The storm hit, and it was terrible. Rain poured into the courtyard, and Donald was smacked by flying debris and injured slightly. The Defenders’ house was completely obliterated, leaving no trace that it had ever existed (thanks to my 04 on the dice).

The Phaulkonian Abbey and Almax’s house held well through the storm, and then there was a brief calm while the eye passed over Restenford. Phillip had calmed winds in the first half, so it would be Cassian’s job in the second half. Then the storm began to pick up again.

In the Abbey, Cassian, Phillip, a fighter/cleric and another combatant cleric, and about eight acolytes were holed up. Suddenly, there was a cry from one of the acolytes in the tower. Someone yelled down that the acolyte had been shot by a crossbow!

Cassian began to climb the ladder to help when suddenly a huge crash hit the door. Someone was trying to break inside!

Immediately Cassian began shouting orders. There wasn’t a single melee weapon user in the temple, so they would need to shoot the intruders as they came inside. The acolytes raced to the armory to pull our crossbows. The fighter drew his longbow. Cassian pulled the Abbey’s most powerful crossbow from its case and immediately a blue bolt appeared on the crossbow. This was the old Crossbow of Disruption that the former Abbot Qualton had killed himself with following the overthrow of the Lord Mayor of Garroten.

Unfortunately, the door broke down before most of acolytes had armed their crossbows. In dashed three weird black lizardlike things carrying crossbows and swords. Cassian released her held spell, and two of the three froze in place. The third charged at Cassian with a spear, and he was clearly more dangerous than the two held ones. Cassian shot him, as did the fighter, and discovered that the crossbow was also one of Speed.

More lizards poured in, and Cassian, the fighter/cleric, and Phillip fell under attack. They were taking small amounts of damage, but the fighter was slowly falling. Two of the lizards had died in the initial volleys, but there were ten remaining on the attack. Some shots from the lizards were taking down acolytes as well. Furthermore, there appeared to be at least a few perched in the tower, shooting anyone who tried to approach, despite the nearly impenetrable rain and fog. One cleric got a Hold Person off, but it was resisted by all three targets. Suddenly, Cassian hit one of the more dangerous looking lizards—and it dissolved explosively, disrupted messily by the crossbow! This broke the lizards’ morale, and they tried to drag their fallen leader (the original attacker) back, but Cassian fried him with another hit from the crossbow, and they merely grabbed his gold armbands.

They were still covering the tower, but Cassian was able to restore order and no one was killed in the fighting. One of the lizards was captured and would be taken for questioning.

At about the same time, the door to Almax’s house broke, and two lizards rushed in. Inside were Fellwyn, Almax’s wife and a mage, Amos, Almax’s son and a druid, Quentin, and Almax. Fellwyn threw a Sleep, catching both of the lizards. Before the druids could finish them off, another lizard entered the room with a spear and charged at Quentin. Almax began casting a Plant Growth to seal off the entrance, but it would take a round. Quentin set for charge and both of them rammed their spears into each other, inflicting terrible damage.

Except that the lizard had some kind of Aid-like protection, and Quentin’s nasty hit didn’t damage the thing. The creature was a specialist and stabbed Quentin again, who was struck but was healed by Amos. He struck back and missed, but was forcing the creature to stay away from Almax.

Quentin took another two hits, and stabbed the creature twice more, still not injuring it. Almax completed his spell and the entrance was sealed. Then he closed with his hammer+2.

Quentin withdrew behind Almax to fight from the second rank. Amos Cured him again Quentin and Almax fought the creature. It was forced to drop its spear when it missed Almax and began doing a series of martial arts moves, pounding the powerful druid. But Almax and Quentin struck back at it. Eventually the Aids crumbled (after about 30-40 points of damage!) and the creature began taking actual damage. It turned to rip open a boarded window, but failed and was forced to continue fighting. Almax was falling steadily, but so was the creature. Just as Almax was about to go down, the creature was felled.

The people in the castle were miserable but otherwise bored.

Upon the end of the storm, the party came out to see the devastation. Three people who had insisted on remaining in their homes were killed, and were sent to the Phaulkonian abbey for burial.

The lizard was interrogated a little bit, and was discovered to be part of a race of “sea-devils” which inhabited long-lost underwater Kraken cities, had the ability to see perfectly through any amount of rain or water, and were diabolically evil. The creature laid down the usual threats about his race taking over the world, yadda yadda.

The next morning the creature was found dead in its cell. One of the guards, thought to be a half-orc because of the slight bluish tint to his skin and slightly pointed ears, confessed to the killing, saying that he could not tolerate the creature’s presence any longer. He was in actuality a half-sea elf, a sworn enemy of these creatures. He was jailed for 20 days.

Two days after the attack, the bodies in Church were found missing when the embalming ceremony was to take place. Alarmed, we discovered no tracks, but on an inspiration from Cassian, Quentin spoke with one of the rats in the cellar where the bodies had been stored. The rat revealed that something had come out of the trapdoor there.

Phillip explained that the trapdoor led to the honorable place where dead Phaulkonian clerics had been buried. Very alarmed, Cassian organized an exploration party consisting of Cassian, Balinor, Felix, Alduin, Nakumanu, Donald, the fighter/cleric, and Quentin. The Baron’s men needed to remain up in town to defend against possible attack by gnolls. This was a particular fear since Peltar the wizard was gone for the season to the School of Wizardry, speculated to be training.

The party discovered that the tomb of the priests had been ransacked and that the skeletons were lying scattered about. Felix discovered that they had been gnawed on.

Also, there was a hole in what apparently had been a Protection from Evil barrier set on part of the chamber.

Phillip cast Negative Plane Protection on Balinor and Felix, and the party clambered down through the hole and found a huge set of caverns. There was a small cliff that when the party climbed down, allowed view of an eight foot chasm with rushing water about 20 feet below.

Suddenly a weird skull thing smashed into the ground near Felix. The skull detected as evil from the sword. Still, it didn’t do anything. Then another one flew at the party but missed. Then another. This went on for a long time as we decided what to do. We couldn’t cross the chasm, so we returned to Restenford and made ourselves a little bridge which Quentin sealed into place with a Stoneshape. We also brought backup planks in case our skull hurler friend decided to destroy the bridge.

Balinor was the first across the bridge. He had borrowed Cassian’s +2 shield since he was worried about the skulls, despite the terrible accuracy of the thrower. Suddenly a skull landed in front of him and exploded, but the impact was blocked by his shield.

Shrugging, Balinor yelled, “Nice try!”and crossed. The party advanced up the slope, when they spotted a large chamber with several barrels in it. There was a shadowy thing scurrying along the sides, and Cassian shot it with her Crossbow. The thing shrieked but did not collapse. It continued to hurl skulls at the party, and Balinor moved to cover Cassian. The longbowman shot the creature, as did Alduin, but both shots appeared to have no effect (due to non-magical arrows, probably). Suddenly Balinor was struck by one and resisted, you guessed it, a level-drain!

The two creatures began running at the party, facing off with Balinor and Felix. As they approached, both fighters suddenly felt quite weak (their strength had halved to 9) but were still able to fight. Balinor missed, but Felix struck his, as did Quentin, but only for damage equal to the plus of the weapon! Donald hammered the one Cassian had targeted with a Magic Missile, injuring it further. Cassian blasted it into nothingness. (the crossbow does 5-20 against undead!)

Cassian was having trouble disrupting the undead, but was happy enough just to hit them when she saw what happened next. The creatures attacked three times, and both Balinor and Felix sank to the ground in a heap. Realizing Cassian was exposed, the brave Nakumanu charged and took the attacks, resisting the strength drain, missing, and then collapsing. This allowed Quentin to complete his Flame Blade and charge the creature while Cassian hammered it. Donald’s second Magic Missile was resisted, but Cassian hit it, and Quentin lit it on fire!

The creature collapsed.

Nasty little things. The party continued exploring after the fighters’ strength returned in about ten minutes. The barrels contained what was once wine, but was now foul smelling vinegar. There was also a room that appeared to have been struck by a fireball, as indicated by the half-melted cutlasses and other items. We learned that Restenford had previously been a pirate base, and that this was perhaps the underground part of their fortress.

Cassian had already determined from turning that this was not Consecrated Evil ground, but something was really messed up here. We spotted a natural pillar in a pool of water, with something gold imbedded in the floor, and a calcified skeleton on the bottom. Worried about the general unstableness of the place’s architecture, Felix crept forward, and tried to break the object out with a pickaxe. The floor collapsed, but Felix was caught by Balinor’s rope. Through the floor was perhaps another part of the same river of rushing water we had seen at the chasm.

There was a passageway with a boulder that had slid out of the way. Moving past it, the party discovered a rotting door with etchings of skulls on spears. We opened the door and discovered a huge shaft with the sound of rushing water below. There were six spears with skulls on the pointing into the shaft from the walls, and hanging chains that had probably once held a prison cage.

Further exploration required a spellshift, so we left the cavern, with only a set of small tunnels unexplored (only Alduin could fit in them reasonably).

For more exploration, tune in next time!


Log Supplement QQ: QQ

I noticed a funny thing the other day:


Nakumanu with falchion +1

Donald with dagger +2













Who's the better fighter?

April 08, 1999

Defenders Summary #58: Mission Impossible, the Escape

Party Roster:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Kodo, 5th level woodsman, 59 hp, played by Rob
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Cassian, 6th level cleric, 37 hp, played by Katherine
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan
Kain, 5th level cleric, 34 hp, played by Jeff
Donald, 6th level mage, 33 hp, NPC
Quentin, 7th level druid, 31 hp, played by Jeremy
Alduin, 6th level thief, 26 hp, played by Vic (Alan this game)
Chiaro, 2nd level illusionist, 5 hp, played by Aaron

The party had just defeated a group of goblins in the fortress near the Grandfather, and needed desperately to escape…

Detect Magic helped pick out magical items, and Sleeping and Held people were finished off. The head of the heavily armored shaman was taken back for “questioning.” The evil but non-magical statuette was left behind.

The shortsword goblin’s head would not be cut off, due to a weird adamantite magical neckbrace thing. Even after we took it off, the creature could not be decapitated.

A peek out the arrow slit revealed that there were about 100 goblins on the far walls, with a near cluster of goblins encircling the tower only a few feet away. Not to worry, we came up with a plan.

The goblins on the outside were encircling the tower, and several had a battering ram and were trying to open the door the quick way. Three tries had failed, but the door was weakening. Then a fog cloud suddenly appeared on one side of the tower. Goblins rushed over there, reinforcing their men against the inevitable desperate party. But the attack didn’t come. The other goblins rushed forward and smashed the door down, triumphantly racing inside to slay the intruders.

But they found nothing.

What happened? Kain threw an Obscurement on the far part of the tower, opposite the arrow slit. When all the goblins rushed over there, Quentin Stoneshaped an expanded arrow slit for us to crawl out of. The party became invisible and a Levitating Donald lowered ropes and helped provide stable platforms for the party to descend. Chiaro cast a Phantasmal Force of the wall as it was before it was Stoneshaped, making our escape virtually undetectable.

The doors held against repeated smashing by the goblins. One of the dogs had a chance of noticing us, but did not. One of the goblins did as well, but also failed. We touched down and slowly moved away from the scene, just as the goblins broke the door down on the fourth try.

Sneaking over the wall, we reached the woods. We encountered no goblins, and made it to the tower. Hoping the owlbear would not come out and attack, we waited on the top and sent the signal, a weird stone that made a loud whistling noise, drawing the attention of the goblins. The party entrenched for ranged combat and waited.

A minute later, Illic and another man appeared. Illic began Shrinking the party, and the other man took out an object and rolled it into the owlbear’s cave. There was a loud boom, and then a growl. The party vanished.

Dunstill and Illic’s new ship, the Shockwave, was on fire.

Or at least the sail was. This appeared to have no effect on the ship’s motion. Dunstill and the Captain were on deck giving orders. Dunstill was unarmored and wielding a spear. The ship was repeatedly ramming the goblin ships, though it had only sunk one so far.

The party went downstairs and Morgan ditched Thunderstruck, which actually posed a significant security risk (apparently the ship can turn away lightning bolts). We made one more pass, where a group of goblins were stupid enough to attempt a boarding, and they died at the hands of the marines, Dunstill, Balinor, and Kodo.

Dunstill was the quickest spear fighter the party had ever seen!

The ship then put a weird black sail on, and began whipping away from the goblin isles at high speed.

Of course, what three week triumphant return voyage would be complete without a sea monster attack.

(Guess who rolled a 1)

Some kind of slavering monster appeared over the railing one evening, and was promptly shot by five ballistae, was unable to kill the crewmembers behind the deck’s railing, and then had its brains fall out due to a backstab from a mysterious woman with equally mysterious daggers.

Well, that was fun.

The party landed in Koralgesh, where we had an interesting discussion with Dunstill and Illic about the treasure division and party philosophies, and then we parted ways, but not before Dunstill offered us the option of being contacted for future jobs, wanting our response sometime in the future. Balinor heartily recommended this, but the party ignored him, suspecting he had a bad case of hero worship.

The treasure was a bizarre set of items:

To the party:

Ring+1, with weird unknown power—see below

Ring of Jumping (about a dozen charges)—between Kodo and Morgan and Alduin

Ring of Heroism—gives wearer +1 to hit, +2 on fear saving throws, -5 negative function, and wearer’s hair no longer gets mussed. Penalty: -2 wisdom while wearing it. This
went to Balinor

Pearl of Godly Wisdom—allows one extra spell to be cast by cleric using it (1st--4th level only) – Cassian

Spear +1—Quentin (Quentin’s scimitar +1—Kain)

Large Shield +1, smoke shield (spews out clouds of smoke and grants wearer blindfighting)—Kodo, who traded his large shield +1 to Dunstill and Illic for the spear +1

25 +1 first flight short arrows—Alduin

Potion of Flying, Extra Healing

Other weird items that were paid in salvage tax or given to Dunstill and Illic:

Ring of Forgotten Skills—removes all proficiencies and returns a week later with ONE of them at supernatural skill levels (determined randomly, effects wear off after a week or two)—most useful by a specialist, ie. Historian, sage, etc.

Magic buckler that failed identify

Wand of Defoliation—useful against shambling mounds (slime bags), evil treants, etc.

Potions of Clairaudience, Growth

Neckband of the Kepta—(as in Robe of the Kepta) this is the no decapitation item—cannot be removed by any means until death of wearer, given in salvage tax to Koralgesh

Scarab Brooch—protects against two level drains, grants +1 to saves vs. magic

Weird stuff.

Chiaro spent the winter drilling and training in Koralgesh (it will be resolved next game)

Morgan spent time in the Koralgesh Log Library over the winter after turning down a chance to flip burgers at the sandwich place.

Felix, Quentin, Balinor, Cassian, Alduin, and Donald spent the winter in Restenford. Apparently there is an interesting event that will take place that we will resolve next time!

In addition, Cassian cast an Augury on Felix wearing the mysterious ring+1. The result: “Tragic loss is within your reach.”

Finally, Kain and Kodo went to Teft to drill, train, and trade for magical handaxes. Kodo was successful and we repurchased the handaxe+1 we had given to the Petethalian navy after the Brinea adventure, for the short sword+2 and some cash and credit (about 2000 gp).

We nearly went completely broke, but managed to make ends meet by selling the Ring of Repairs for 2500 gp through the Koralgesh merchants.

We managed to train Quentin and donate to the druids by giving the Baron the plate mail +1.

Quentin trained to 8th level, gaining a black bear form, and 6 hp to put him at 37.
Chiaro trained to 3rd level.
Kain trained to 6th level, gaining 9 hp to put him at the very high total of 43.

The party will reunite in Restenford in March, 2181. Stay tuned!


Log Supplement QQ: QQ

The ring+1 was brought to Restenford, where Cassian cast an Augury on Felix wearing the ring. The result: "Tragic loss is within your grasp."

Ouch. Another bad deal for us.

If it wasn't clear in the summary, the shortsword+2 was traded for the handaxe+1 and 2000 gp (we gained money).

April 01, 1999

Defenders Summary #57: The Restenford Lackeys?

Party Roster:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Kodo, 5th level woodsman, 59 hp, played by Rob
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Cassian, 6th level cleric, 37 hp, played by Katherine
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan
Kain, 5th level cleric, 34 hp, played by Jeff
Donald, 6th level mage, 33 hp, NPC
Quentin, 7th level druid, 31 hp, played by Jeremy
Alduin, 6th level thief, 26 hp, played by Vic (Alan this adventure)
Chiaro, 2nd level illusionist, 5 hp, played by Aaron

Part One

The party had settled back into Koralgesh to wait for a new mission to appear. In the meantime, Morgan poked around the Log Library looking for neat stuff and possibly information about the map we found in the temple of the QoG. He didn’t find any relevant information, but he did find another weird wacky map “for later.”

In addition, we looked through Kaal Na Ka’s journal and found mention of some interesting places. Several of them were in Cromwell, including the famous-enough-to-appear-in-the-Gaz Cave of Echoes with the oracle, and the garden nearby. Also there was mention of the Gateway in the southernmost tip of Cromwell were the Jotuns and Yatols meet. There were also several islands in the Archipelago and nearby that were neat, although the pig wizard had slain the inhabitants and pillaged an evil temple on one of them.

Despite these many options, we waited two weeks and got our mission:

Alduin was sitting in the naval office when a 60 year old weatherbeaten human came in and began to settle accounts there. He noted that the workers treated him with great deference and respect, and when he asked if Halt (Holt?) and his party was in for a mission, Alduin took the cue and said, “We’re in.”

The man had a mission to storm a goblin naval base, which interested us despite a lack of details initially. The man had heard of the Defenders and though he was stern and serious, was nonetheless willing to entertain hiring us. After he left, Alduin asked the worker at the desk who that was.

His jaw dropped, and he was quite amused, but he eventually responded, “Dunstill Weathermay.”

The party accepted the mission.

The details: Dunstill and Illic had just completed their new ship and had been using it for about five months. The capabilities of the ship were still something of a secret, and they hoped to continue using this advantage to its fullest by performing a solo raid aimed at devastating the main headquarters of the entire goblin navy, at the Grandfather.

The party would be dropped off by some mysterious form of transport, would sneak into the command headquarters on a hill outside of the goblin city, and kill the command staff, then return to be picked up. Timing was critical, as soon after we attacked there would be swarms of goblins heading up. In the meantime, Dunstill and Illic’s ship, under command of the venerable and lovable Captain Hook (the Captain), would smash a considerable portion of the navy to shreds and eventually retreat.

Our credentials were enough to satisfy them, and we were hired.

In preparation, we made a few scrolls, though Donald was unsuccessful in two attempts at an Invisibility 10’ Radius. We launched in early September 2180.

After about 14 days of travel, we could see the Grandfather in the distance. The ship cloaked, and the cowled Illic approached us. He Shrank the party and put us in a box, then Teleported the party to an abandoned fort fairly near the command headquarters. We were all Enlarged, and told to wait until the early morning for the attack (it was dusk). Then he Teleported back to the ship.

We had originally intended to camp in the abandoned fortress itself (only one step above an “elaborate pile of rocks”) but decided against it when we nearly tripped over the owlbear inside. It’s eyes half-opened, then closed when we retreated judiciously. Instead, we camped in the jungle uneventfully, and then morning came.

Donald turned the party Invisible, and then we moved through the jungle. We arrived at the clearing outside of the headquarters and saw the goblins patrolling the familiar low, ramplike walls. The party moved toward the fortress and waited until the signal flags changed, indicating the attack had begun. We could see Dunstill and Illic’s ship blowing goblins up in the harbor, and we moved in. Passing easily over the wall, we moved through the courtyard making a beeline for the central tower (the entire structure of the fortress was only maybe 100’ in diameter, and the tower was 25’). When we got within 30 feet, suddenly a line of “mouths” began saying something in goblin, and we moved forward to the open door. We passed through the door and saw a table with six goblins around it, as well as two guards with spears. There were also ten goblins positioned near arrow slits on the floor above, attainable by the spiral staircase.

Balinor and Kodo moved to shut the doors and bar them. The doors slammed shut, and the goblins turned in horror. One of them began to cast a spell.

And the attack was on.

Part Two

Felix rushed forward to slay the goblins at the table, while Cassian began a Silence and Quentin a Faerie Fire. Alduin began sneaking around toward the casting goblin, while Balinor and Kodo barred the doors. Morgan was wielding his normal weapon, since Thunderstruck had been put on Quentin, who could resist lightning.

The goblins were not surprised for long. They all began to get up and draw weapons. They were armored and had clearly been having some kind of war conference. There were two spellcasters, a goblin with a glowing longsword, a short sword goblin, a goblin with a pair of handaxes, a short bow goblin, and a heavy crossbow goblin on the staircase. There were also ten goblins with bows in the arrowslits upstairs. Closest to the party was a pair of spearwielders.

Quentin’s spell was disrupted and lost by a shot from upstairs, while Cassian was shielded by Kain. Kain had Invisibly moved forward and bowled into the charging spearwielder. The spearman went down and Quentin stabbed him with his spear, while Kain managed to inflict a wound with his scimitar! Way to go, cleric types!

Morgan was shot for minor damage by one of the goblins from upstairs. Felix was dropped almost immediately by a Command from one of the two witchdoctors, and the other began casting a longer spell. Donald hit the group upstairs with Sleep, taking out six goblins. Morgan injured the other spearman. The short bow goblin shot Morgan for huge damage, indicating that he was a bow specialist. Due to speed, we later realized he was at least a 7th level fighter!

The other witchdoctor was about to finish his spell when Alduin came up behind him and jammed the dagger+2 into his back for huge damage and a triple wound. The goblin was badly injured but not down.

Kodo and Balinor finished barring the doors and moved up to engage and stop the killing of Felix by the other witchdoctor. Kodo confronted the longsword goblin while Balinor was faced by the shortsword and the handaxes goblins.

Morgan slammed the spearwielder again, but the bow specialist shot him for tremendous damage again, and Morgan collapsed on the ground. Cassian’s Silence went off, stifling any spells by the witchdoctors.

The heavy crossbowman had moved down the stairs to kill Alduin, when Chiaro made a pair of sailors appear from the Silence and Invisibility area, which was believable enough to keep the crossbowman occupied. He shot them and missed. Alduin scrambled toward the bow specialist in an attempt to stop him from shooting anyone else.

Cassian Cured Morgan, who angrily rose in the hopes of killing something. He pulled out his extra healing potion and down two-thirds of it.

Meanwhile, the witchdoctors had begun drawing out weird baubles. They hurled them to the ground. The badly wounded one’s bauble turned into a glowing skull, while the other became a hideous slavering beast!

Kodo was faring badly against the longsword goblin, who had injured him twice and held him at bay. Balinor was doing better since his opponents had short weapons and couldn’t seem to hit him anyway (ah, vs. armors). Four quick hits, and the handaxe goblin went down in a heap. Balinor turned to finish off the shortsword goblin.

The flaming skull went for Balinor, who swung at it, missed, and was struck by it and collapsed to the ground, held by it in some weird way. The shortsword goblin moved to kill Kain, Cassian, and Quentin, as well as the concentrating Chiaro. Quentin continued to stab at the spearwielder, but had little success.

Alduin ran forward and attacked the bow specialist, who was missed, but forced to deal with the new threat. One of the sailors disengaged, but failed to impress the bow specialist, who ignored them and tried to rip at Alduin with his claws, missing.

Kain turned and threw a Command, dropping the shortsword goblin in his tracks while Cassian began a Dispel Magic to help Balinor. Then with his dying breath the wounded witchdoctor threw another bauble, which exploded into a second skull.

The slavering beast tore into the prone Felix, who was mangled by the attack, but who rose at that instant. Kodo drew out his shield and parried successfully, then struck the longsword man for big damage using woodsman abilities. Suddenly the other glowing skull whipped at Kodo and took him out just like Balinor.

Donald’s second Sleep spell nailed three more of the goblins upstairs, and he began a Web. Cassian’s Dispel Magic was unsuccessful at freeing either Kodo or Balinor.

The longsword man disengaged and moved to kill Kain, who was finishing off the shortsword man. Morgan to tried to stop him, but missed. However, the goblin fumbled and Kain finished off the other downed goblin. Quentin continued to keep the spearman occupied and Kain threw another Command at the longsword man, who dropped.

Felix began stabbing madly at the creature and inflicting massive damage on three separate strikes, nearly felling the creature. Then Donald’s Web struck the area, catching all of the goblins, Felix, and the slavering beast. The beast whiffed at Felix, who finished it off. The creature then exploded, nearly taking Felix down, and injuring the witchdoctor who had created the creature. Felix staggered a few steps toward Morgan, then fell down from wounds.

Morgan moved to save Felix but was struck by the spearman for tremendous damage barely countered by his extra-healing potion. Morgan began dragging Felix to Cassian, who was pulling out the scroll with Cure Light x3. Alduin and Quentin continued to harass their targets but were unable to injure them. The crossbowman couldn’t hit anything and still hadn’t figured out the illusion, keeping Chiaro busy.

Kain threw a Remove Paralysis on the Kodo and Balinor, who both failed to recover. Quentin yelled for someone to cover him, and began a Dispel Magic. Kain moved to block the spearman.

The crossbowman finally managed to hit Chiaro’s sailor, who exploded in a pile of gore. Then Donald threw his final Sleep, putting the pathetic crossbowman out of his illusory misery. Cassian Held the archer, and Alduin moved to intercept the spear man, who was intending to finish off Morgan before he could save Felix.

Morgan poured the remaining third of the extra-healing potion down Felix’s throat while Cassian threw three consecutive Cure Lights off scroll. Alduin was running into trouble with both the archer and the witchdoctor attacking him, while the remaining illusionary sailor continued to harass the cleric.

Morgan turned to help Alduin against the spearman, and they both swung powerfully at each other. Both were felled in the exchange, but Morgan was saved by a Death’s Door from Kain off scroll as he hit the ground.

There were sounds of crashes against the barred doors, and we realized that our time was running out.

Quentin’s Dispel Magic freed Kodo and destroyed his skull, but Balinor’s resisted. Kodo blearily began to awaken, otherwise no worse off then he had been when he collapsed. Felix had meanwhile recovered from his wounds. Quentin cast a Flame Blade and ignited the Web, lighting the trapped witchdoctor on fire!

The witchdoctor pulled out a last resort token and hurled it to the ground, releasing a blast of lightning that might have wiped out half the party… if Quentin hadn’t been carrying Thunderstruck. Instead, it barely scratched his protection, and Felix charged after the fleeing witchdoctor. Kain began a Dispel Magic.

Donald had run up the stairs to begin killing goblins and turned to find the raging witchdoctor charging at him. Donald drew his dagger and prepared to make a melee attack!

Felix cut the witchdoctor from behind, but the durable goblin kept coming at Donald. His only hope was to overbear the Coastlander wizard, and he leaped at Donald.

Hoping for the best, Donald stabbed him with the +2 dagger and did 4 points of damage! Woo-hoo! The witchdoctor’s overbear was stopped, and Felix came up from behind, and you can probably guess what happened next.

Kain Dispelled the glowing skull above Balinor, but the fallen fighter didn’t wake up. Cassian kicked Balinor hard, and he woke up!