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December 08, 1998

Defenders Adventure #48: Restenford Defenders’ Lendore Vacation

Party Roster:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Kodo, 4th level woodsman, 47 hp, played by Rob
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan
Quentin, 7th level druid, 31 hp, played by Jeremy
Cassian, 5th level cleric, 31 hp, played by Katherine
Donald, 5th level mage, 27 hp, NPC
Kain, 4th level cleric, 27 hp, played by Jeff
Nakumanu, 3rd level fighter, 25 hp, henchman
Alduin, 5th level thief, 19 hp, played by Vic

Count down to 2179 with the Defenders! See the fabulous New Years’ celebration in Restenford! See the ball drop during lanthalasa-te!

Subtitled: “My Winter Vacation” by Balinor Buckannah

Bless Nevron. Or something like that. I never followed that stuff too well.

Winter on Lendore Isle sucks. It rains a lot, and my armor rusts. I hate winter.

Well, since I HAVE to write this, I’ll start with the beginning. The party decided that we just had to nail those lousy bandits on the other side of Bald Hill. Apparently they were using fungus beetle caves as a hideout or something. Well, we decided to fool them. Although the party made me tuck my holy symbol under my armor, I agreed to the plan. My miserable 8 years as caravan guard came in handy, though the old and new cleric Cassian as well as Felix were able to help out with teamster skills. The bandits have been attacking caravans with Sleep spells and stealing all their stuff, rather than killing them outright.

We scouted out the caves, and Quentin discovered that there were around a dozen bandits hiding out there. Fungus beetles are apparently quite talkative and with all this new thanks to the nature lovers in the party, we were able to find out some information from them. (Note to self: remind Morgan that beetles are bugs) Beetles are stupid, but apparently they have this collective or something. Anyway, the nearer you are to the nest, the smarter they are.

I hate rambling.

Winter sucks.

Well, anyway, we watched the bandits until they left, then set out with our own little fake caravan. We downgraded our apparent equipment and assumed new roles. I was the dashing guard captain in banded mail. Felix was the driver of the cart, Alduin played the merchant, Cassian and Kodo were guards, and Morgan got to be a drover.

I know you think I’m stupid—hey, aren’t there 10 Defenders? Yeah, well, shut up.

Quentin, Kain, Donald, and Nakumanu were invisible behind the bandits as they carefully set up their blind. It was a pretty good one—might have been a reasonably dangerous ambush had they even had a chance.

Their wizard threw a Sleep at us, which of course only affected the mules. This would have tipped the moron off, if he hadn’t been blasted by Entangle, Web, Hold Person, and Command in rapid succession. With all four spellcasters contributing, and us fighters feeling useless, we forced them all to surrender.

The trick was that two of those fungus beetles had been charmed by their wizard, and we had a heck of a time freeing them. The spellcasters blew three separate 3 Dispel Magics, and only managed to fix one of them and “return it to the collective.”

It was almost ugly for a second when the uncharmed one grabbed and tried to drag away the Held armored guy, but Quentin convinced it to drop him and return to the collective. The other was dispelled a spell-shift later. The main bandit in armor was grumbling a lot, so I told him to shut his trap and…

Anyway, we dumped them in Restenford. The Baron was really pleased. I thought it sucked. A quick trip to the cave revealed that it was empty of bandits, and so we cleaned out the treasure.

There was 500 gp worth of money and gems, plus a spellbook (highlights were Mending, Passive Reduce, Charm Beetle). Also there was a philter of love, which raises comeliness for a few moments. There was a Potion of Polymorph. And a really cool ring that heals 10 hp and a wound once per 24 hours (unlimited use).

We took the potion of Polymorph and the ring, gave one of the spellbooks and the philter, and kept most of the cash. Donald learned some spells.

Next up, we heard about a trio of young grotto beasts that had escaped the devastation wreaked upon their parents by our old buddy Martin the ranger (the amazing tracker). Well, it was pretty boring—we found them clustered around a grotto (duh) about two days travel from Restenford and Quentin blew two of them to smithereens with a Call Lightning from crow form, no less. Donald Slowed the other one, Felix and Morgan slew it with shots from Alduin and Kain.

Ok, so they move faster than me. Big deal.

Finally, we cleared out a family of stirges in a tree in the orchards of Restenford. Donald slept all but five, and then we had fun shooting the rest as they tried to escape. Nakumanu was nearly injured by one. In the end no one had been hurt at all during the entire adventure.

(XP ranged from 250 for Nakumanu up to 1600 for Quentin—no levels yet)

Also there was 800 gp in gems near the grotto beasts. Quentin trained in spear in Barnacus, while Kodo looked for more buyers for his plate mail+1 but was unsuccessful.

It rained a whole lot. Cassian gave up trying to show Spittle the goodness of Phaulkon and barred him from lanthalasa-te. Money was donated to some gods (not a penny for Nevron). Not that I’m bitter.

I spent my 20 gp on drinks.

Some house repairs were made. The level 3 chair was Raised and gained 1000 XP and so became level 4. The goal is for it to reach level 6 (on the comfort scale) and be able to train Morgan’s new comfy chair to 1st.

By Nevron, I hate life. Let’s kill something.


“A glimpse into the mind of darkness have I experienced, and it was an unpleasant one. But acid was not involved, so I feel few regrets.” --Rangorn, philosopher, poet

Defenders Adventure #47: Powerful Enemies, Powerful Friends

Party Roster:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Kodo, 4th level woodsman, 47 hp, played by Rob
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan
Quentin, 7th level druid, 31 hp, played by Jeremy
Donald, 5th level mage, 27 hp, NPC
Kain, 4th level cleric, 27 hp, played by Jeff
Nakumanu, 3rd level fighter, 25 hp, henchman
Alduin, 5th level thief, 19 hp, played by Vic
Gaston, 2nd level fighter, 12 hp, played by Joel

Just as the party began to descend down the limestone stairs, there was a rumbling noise as ten feet of rock caved in the room behind us. Someone knew we were here, and they wanted us to go forward….

Prior to the game, some backlogging was done. Gaston, a fighter who retired from the Defenders back in 2173, had been acting as a dog trainer and guard for the Baron of Restenford. Though his five years had been relatively uneventful, in 2176 he was nearly killed by a giant spider after being paralyzed by its web. Though he survived, in a fashion typical for Gaston, he took permanent damage—1 comeliness point.

Later that year, Gaston trained to 2nd level, gaining 6 hp to stand at 12, and learned Lasso. He decided to join the party on this mission of revenge against those who blew up our house. He is currently with the party on the stairs.

Cassian, meanwhile, had traveled to Teft and performed services of healing as a cleric of Phaulkon. The highlight of her two years there was the destruction of a very intelligent evil sword. In late 2178, Cassian decided to return to Restenford.

…Back on the stairs, the Defenders realized that they were cut off, but instead examined their surroundings. After a moment, a voice came from down the stairs, echoing off the walls.

“Are you coming down, Morgan?”

It wasn’t hard to guess who that was. Traywick, Morgan’s arch-nemesis, had returned for Thunderstruck.

We talked at great length with Traywick, who through an elaborate funnel system could hear anything that wasn’t whispered directly into someone’s ear. He told us to get off the stairs before he collapsed them. Sure enough, when we stepped off the stairs, they disappeared under a pile of rubble.

A quick flashback-- Traywick had led the bandits in the Sarkian mountains in an attempt to find the dwarven treasure. We had come in and slain most of his men. We nearly defeated Traywick, but Balinor and Morgan couldn’t prevent him from escaping via Gaseous Form potion. He found his cache of items in the woods and began to rebuild again.

It was clear that Traywick had been plotting something for a LONG time, and spent a lot of money. He said as much—he spent around 15,000 gp on the compound alone, not to mention the explosives. “And while I have a limitless supply of money, I really HATE asking Dad for it!”

Apparently, Traywick was the son of a wealthy man, and spoiled beyond belief.

His conditions for our survival were this: Morgan would step around the corner, where he would die in a most grisly fashion. Traywick would take Thunderstruck, and we would eventually be able to escape.

We debated and discussed. Traywick knew quite a bit about us, but was apparently unaware of our legendary indecisiveness and became impatient. A metal door slammed shut in the distance, and sleep gas seeped through the funnels, and though we closed them off, the room became quite diffuse with the gas. Clearly quite a bit of money had been spent to make this a really effective gas. Just one more indication of Traywick’s contacts.

Traywick said that if we didn’t cooperate, losses would be total. Clearly there were a number of other men up there with him, but he was running the show for the moment.

The sleep gas took out Balinor, Nakumanu, Donald, Gaston, and Felix. Quentin and Kain cast Slow Poisons on each other to avoid being woosy. The elves were unaffected.

Traywick warned us about anyone else going in front. This was personal with Morgan, but he couldn’t take any responsibility for what happened to the rest of us.

We weren’t quite as worried about Morgan as Traywick thought. Morgan had the jawbone on him, so most things that killed him would only do so temporarily and he wouldn’t need Resurrection or Reincarnate spells to bring him back. However, losing Thunderstruck or Morgan was unacceptable.

Felix was Slow Poisoned, and he, Morgan, and Quentin moved towards the closed metal door. It was quite thin actually, though metal. Just enough to hold in the poison gas, we realized.

Shrugging, Felix rammed into the door with all his considerable might, and it shattered. He got a quick glimpse of a creature in the center of the room. It had two glowing eyes, a rodent-like head, and wings.

A death ray from the creature’s eyes hit Felix in the shoulder, instantly making his left arm useless, but not killing him. The beam shot through Felix and hit Morgan as well, who survived the hit.

That’s right. We’re the Defenders. You name it, we find it.

The word “laserbat” came to mind.

Realizing that the laserbat was recharging, Felix charged valiantly at it, but failed to notice the second laserbat directly above him. This one shot him in the head, and he died instantly.

Morgan hurled his Continual Light stone into the room, and the party ran back around the corridor. Traywick scolded us, saying that Felix had a pretty large hole in him. Now it was so messy. He pointed out that if we ever messed with him again, he’d spend even more money make our lives miserable.

We had an argument with Traywick about the light stone, explaining that we couldn’t go into the room unless he dropped some Darkness to cancel out the light. Traywick suggested Quentin Dispel the stone instead. Ultimately we had to give in.

Sadly, the Dispel was unsuccessful. Erg. Quentin suddenly realized he was being scryed upon..

Black smoke suddenly drifted through the funnels. The party was showered in ash, and then was a tortured scream—from above. A voice floated down.

“Quentin?” It was Almax. “Are you alright? Peltar and I got most of the people up here, but one got away with a Gaseous Form potion.”

We told Almax to make sure they nabbed the Gaseous man. We killed the laserbats since Peltar had Slept them. We hoisted up all the unconscious people and the corpse of Felix in the basket Traywick had intended Morgan to put Thunderstruck in. Fortunately, Traywick was captured and “convinced” that he was safe.

Peltar had Teleported himself and Almax in after he had scryed on us and found us in trouble. Or something like that anyway.

We returned safely to Restenford, then traveled to Barnacus to have Felix Raised (though we tried to convince Harper in Garroten to do it first). Felix suffered a horrible scar on his face (2 comeliness points). Morgan got away unscathed.

Traywick turned out to be the son of a powerful merchant responsible for 3% of Restenford’s shipping and 5% of Benct’s shipping. Traywick had learned about us from our many enemies in scenic Benct. Since the Baron felt it was unwise to hang him, Traywick was instead released—in front of the Trenhurst.

Gaston returned to live at our newly constructed house, finished a few weeks before the rainy season began. We discovered that bandits were actually being brazen enough to dig tunnels on the far side of Bald Hill, barely away from the outskirts of the northern end of Restenford. The party decided to take them out.

Cassian may be rejoining the party—her status will be determined next week.

Well, at least Traywick got his.


December 01, 1998

Daring Dozen Adventure #3: Better Left Undisturbed?

Party Roster:

Tobull, 8th level fighter, 103 hp, played by Kyle MacLea
Jessica, 8th level fighter, 79 hp, played by Alex Hubbard
Laire, 8th level fighter, 73 hp, played by Kyle MacLea
Nara, 8th level cleric, 64 hp, played by Katherine Plante
Gram, scholar, 56 hp, played by Kyle MacLea
Rangorn, 6th level woodsman, 56 hp, played by Joel Green
Hildebrandt, 8th level mage, 39 hp, played by Alan Turnquist
Nief, 10th level thief, 36 hp, played by Jack McKechnie
Feagol, 7th level druid, 33 hp, played by Jeff Andreou

The Daring Dozen. All seven of them stand as one. Proud noble warriors.

Abruptly aware that perhaps this Tunnel thing isn’t their cup of tea…

We pick up with a Divination cast by Nara, the 8th level Auroran cleric in the Daring Dozen. The result was that the forces of Neutral Evil are unwilling to release their hold on this location EVER.

The Dozen set out into the City of the Gods to determine the nature of various sounds and creatures we heard the last time out. First, a Speak with Dead was cast on the bodies of some adventurers we had spotted on our previous trek into the city. It should be noted that although many valuable things had been left behind, all of the magic items had been taken from the bodies. Conversation with a dead dwarf warrior revealed that the party had been hunting troglodytes and had been slaying them, when suddenly they were mysteriously attacked by the “water.” He remembered nothing after that.

Additional exploration of the city revealed that there were several of the creatures, but we couldn’t seem to spot them until Feagol changed into a crow and flew on a search for them.

The party had been heading into a section of the city that looked quite a bit more ruined than the rest, possibly through siege engine attacks. The buildings had been smashed and the road was uneven.

Feagol heard the familiar crushing sounds and moved downward to investigate. He found himself staring at a golemlike creature, coated in metal. It moved like a gorilla, on one fist, which made the grinding sound. The creature had a nine foot long blade for an arm, and probably would have stood 15 feet tall had it not been hunched over. It looked at Feagol, and then rocks shot out of its head, nearly taking the druid out of the sky. Feagol fled back to the party.

The party retreated to its now customary point of retreat, the gate. The creatures didn’t seem to follow, even though it was clear that at one point they had us surrounded. Feagol did a full scouting of the area near the gate, and we discovered that they didn’t seem to come within 500 feet of it. However, there were five spotted immediately outside that radius. They seemed to cluster and sneak up on us whenever we wandered through the city, but they didn’t attack.

During one of our treks through the ruined area we spotted a slime covered group of dead creatures in a pile. It seemed reasonable that they were troglodytes.

We decided to check out the other side of the city in the hopes of it being different. There we spotted another of the undead dwarf and spider parties. The dwarves were repairing the shingles. When we approached, they all pointed at us. This time we weren’t buying it.

Gram asked them who their master was. The dwarves just pointed at us.

Suddenly, a strange-looking creature popped out of thin air near us. It identified itself as Melbourn, the imp. Despite being evil, the creature was very bored and talked with us at great length. We discovered that its master was the lich, Baelzar.

Oh goody.

And no, we don’t fight it during this adventure, so you can already knock it off with the skeptical looks!

The lich rules the City of the Gods, or at least is a major player. His headquarters is in the Citadel at the top of the city. There are four other important players here, though the imp would only reveal that the golem creatures were referred to as Guardians, and that they belonged to “the Necromancer.”

The imp himself had been working for Baelzar for three millennia, which we assume is about the time of the fall of Tan-El. His master had gained control of the city then. There was some sort of “Plan,” but the imp was extremely frustrated for several reasons.

First, this Plan never seems to end. It has been way too long, and the imp regrets having accepted the “choice assignment.” He’s really annoyed with his “intelligence of a large dog” and hopes some day to become a pit fiend or something.

Second, he gets a glimpse of pit fiend intelligence for about ten minutes every week when he communes with Baelzar, which essentially leaves the imp with a splitting headache and makes everything even worse.

Third, undead dwarves just don’t make good company. Neither do husks of spiders.

The imp suggested that his poor mind couldn’t understand the complexities of the situation, and that we should really being asking Baelzar and that he could set up an audience for us. When asked if we would survive the audience, the imp explained that our chances were currently running 1 in 4. What happened to the other parties?

“Zot!” said the imp.
“And the few that survived the zot?”
“Zot again!”

So this “zot” thing seems like a bad idea. Since we didn’t have Chono’s wand or Fred’s amazing open hand attacks or even the help of an Anarchist sphinx, we decided against attacking the lich, and declined the interview.

The imp also mentioned that if we went to the dam at night, “all would be clear.” Of course, he added, we also wouldn’t survive with that clarity for some reason.

The imp scolded Hildebrandt for having blasted some perfectly good workers the other day, and the mage apologized. The imp of course laid down the usual threats. He said that we could kill anything coated in slime, but that it would be dangerous for us to destroy anything else. Baelzar considered us unimportant right now, but if we caused trouble there would be disproportionate retaliation.

When we asked about “the invaders,” the imp explained that they were the “bad guys.” They attacked quite often and the dwarves were always hard at work repairing the city from the invaders’ damage, while the forces of the various players in the city defended it.

Finally, it should be noted that on two separate instances in the middle of the conversation, the imp’s eyes briefly changed color.

We returned to the gate and then decided to talk to the seagulls about the dam. The birds said that there was nothing unusual about the dam or anything behind it, other than the fact that occasionally a gull would simply vanish into the lake. We had heard similar things about the main lake as well.

Feagol flew over the dam in crow form. The dam itself rises 150 feet above the main lake of the City of the Gods (where the docks are). At the base of the dam on the lake side is a small dock with a path leading up. On the other side of the dam, about 70 feet down from the top of it, is a large area composed of soil with a decent sized lake away from the dam. There were several buildings of normal appearance, rather than the melted wax look. The windows and doors were all shut. There appeared to be several control devices for some flooding.

If the dam were to burst suddenly, the water that would flow down would be enough to put the entire city other than the Citadel underwater. It all looked extraordinarily innocent.

Finally, we decided to attempt a barrage of Speak with Dead spells on the dead party.

We were able to reconstruct quite a bit. The party consisted of nine people, including two dwarven fighters, a thief, a half-elf wizard named Yorn, a human Nevronian cleric named Bill, a female elven archer named Topaz, and three others. Topaz’s body was not there.

The party had been hunting troglodytes in Grimjaws cavern, 52 miles from Carse, in the foothills of the Hadarna mountains. Interestingly, although the bodies had been dead for about a week when we found them, they claimed it was November 2184. During this game it was April 2186.

The party had slain many of the troglodytes in a big battle, and killed their shaman. The creatures retreated and were pursued by the party until they reached a large underground cavern. There was a beach of some kind and a large underground lake.

The first party member stepped toward the shore, and suddenly disappeared as he fell through the beach. The sand must have been some sort of illusion, and he dropped through without even any rippling.

The wizard Yorn was next in line, and called out for the party member, but he had vanished. Suddenly, the wizard was grabbed by something and dragged onto the beach. And suddenly he was falling and found himself in water. Weird slimy stuff started choking him and he assumed he had been choked to death.

The cleric, Bill, had turned to help a fallen party member at some point and had realized too late that the floor was an illusion. He fell through it and found himself in the water. To his shock he wasn’t drowning, and that was all he remembered.

One person actually saw the creature. He turned around just long enough to see a tentacled being. There were a lot of illusions that made it difficult to see the thing.

Theories abound. There had been thoughts of time travel of some kind. It has also been suggested that the underground lake in the Hadarna mountains could theoretically link to the City of the Gods.

Alex suggested my favorite explanation. Some kind of creature with mind control or illusion ability, say a mind flayer or REALLY small Kraken, attacks people at various locations, takes them along the waterways, and brainwashes them. They are then used as shocktroops by the invaders, which may be dark dwarves or the like. The dark dwarves may in fact just be a symptom of the problem.

The lake is too small to fit a true Kraken, but perhaps a weird modification on one would be possible. Gram knew that the name the imp gave for the City of the Gods simply meant “slave city” and referred to the cities the Kraken built for their servants.

This is where we stopped. There are some serious questions about whether this mission should be done by the Daring Dozen or by the Stone Soules, a party much more prepared and willing to spend huge amounts of time scrutinizing the information and doing scouting.

It is clear that the powers in the City of the Gods are incredibly dangerous and at least rival Tan-El in difficulty. The hope is that a balance that has existed for 3000 years will remain that way long enough to find the power to dispatch these people.

Joel/ Rangorn

Defenders Summary #46: Troubles at Home

Party Roster:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Kodo, 4th level woodsman, 47 hp, played by Rob
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan
Quentin, 7th level druid, 31 hp, played by Jeremy
Kain, 4th level cleric, 27 hp, played by Jeff
Donald, 5th level mage, 27 hp, NPC
Nakumanu, 3rd level fighter, 25 hp, henchman
Alduin, 5th level thief, 19 hp, played by Vic

We last left off with the party in Carse for some trading. First we identified the double dose potion (from the fire giant) as extra-healing! We made an attempt to trade Kodo’s plate mail+1 for studded leather +2 or similar, but instead we got two weird offers:

Druidic armor (some high plus)
+3 cloak—only problem with this was that it was bright neon red

No deals were made. Some more looking around Herman’s Odds and Ends, and Rosarita’s Potions, etc. was done.

We then took the next ship out of Carse back Restenford, intending to relax and maybe trash some bandits.

Astoundingly, there were no sea encounters! Woo-hoo!

We landed ashore in Restenford, and headed over to our house, only to find that it wasn’t there.

This struck as a bit odd. We were quite sure we had a roof and interior walls and such, but all we saw was a foundation and a burned out shell.

The Baron explained to us that the house and shed had exploded.



Amazingly, there was nothing of value lost, although Kodo was infuriated that the lizard skin armor was destroyed and Quentin’s original Teft scimitar had been lost, as well as some banded mail. The Continual Light statues from Abbey Isle had also been destroyed.

Narahn had been at the bar and Gaston was at the castle when it happened. Apparently, someone had walked right past the guards with a huge barrel of explosives, strode through town, entered our house, strapped the explosives to Morgan’s comfy chair, and blown the place to smithereens. They also took out the level 3 chair.

How odd.

Enraged that his comfy chair had been destroyed, Morgan wanted answers. So did we all. In the wreckage, Peltar had discovered a message as well—Unsafe Employees. Clearly a threat on the Baron.

In addition, Falco’s and the Phaulkonian Church had been threatened as being next (through bardic mail) if they served us.

There are so many people who hate us, but for fun we decided to try to narrow the field. It seems to me that the two most likely choices are bandits and Traywick, the previous owner of Thunderstruck.

We decided that it was worthwhile to trash some bandits anyway—heck, maybe they even did it. This was supposed to be our vacation!

Quentin flew around in crow form, when after several days he discovered, only five miles outside of Restenford, 6 dead men on the ground in armor. Quentin examined the bodies but found no symbols, although they were carrying money and jewels. Quentin pecked at one of the bodies and then flew back.

The next morning, Quentin woke up with horrible splotches and pus marks. He diagnosed the disease (on a 1) as a special fatal disease, curable only by Heal. The weird part is, it is native to the Old World and has never been found in the New World. It is contagious and fatal over a long period of time—it drains constitution. It only effects humans and orcs.

Horrified, Quentin cast Cure Disease, then turned into a crow—which after 3 days cured him, since the plague can’t survive more than a day or two outside a viable host.

Well, that nearly wiped out Restenford. Geez. We eventually discovered that rather than that attack being directed against us, there was a story of a cleric of Kord who had managed to hit himself with his own Cause Disease weapon. In Balinor’s humble opinion, that would be justice.

The cleric apparently was refused aid and went to live in the mountains as a hermit. This group of six bandits, with a new symbol of a blue wave, raided his home and contracted the disease, we think. That doesn’t explain the fact that their bodies were mauled though.

We continued to scout out the area, and Quentin discovered a large campsite of forty men or so working on a massive construction project. They were all wearing brown robes. They were digging some sort of underground fortification.

This seemed suspicious, so we marched out near there and Quentin followed the wagon as it left the camp, along with twenty men. It traveled, forded a river, and then went up the road toward Rog, a tiny town in the interior of Lendore between Garroten and Restenford.

We chose that time to attack, and so snuck up to the secret doors we had watched them create, Invisible, and entered. There were some wooden stairs, so followed them down.

Quentin was left outside to cut off any retreat they might attempt through the other secret entrance.

In the lead, Kodo and Nakumanu tumbled into a pit trap as part of the stairs suddenly opened beneath them. They smashed against the rocks below and took severe falling wounds. Kain was lowered down with a potion of healing and fixed up Kodo, leaving Nakumanu to limp around behind.

Meanwhile, Alduin had crossed the pitfall and attempted to fix the trap on the other side, but suddenly was shot from up ahead by a crossbow and told to freeze. Donald shrugged and threw a Sleep spell, which took out the crossbowman. Alduin finished his work, and he and Felix tied up the two sleeping guards while Kodo and Nakumanu were pulled out of the pitfall.

Trekking around the underground, we found an entire dungeon of a scale we didn’t expect, and wondered what we had just gotten into. There were two magically trapped doors we didn’t open, and a central room we couldn’t enter. There was a barracks housing about 12 men, and another housing two more. The room with two beds had a door with a trap on our side, so we disarmed it. We discovered a natural stairs leading down, and decided to return to pick up Quentin.

That’s where we left off. Revenge!