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July 22, 2006

BLADES Notes #60

Character Race & Class Level HP AC Player Creator
Raybur Sidebottom Dwarven Fighter/Cleric 6/6 54 (-7) -3/0/2 Dean Joel
Phyllis Sidebottom Dwarven Fighter 7 54(64) -5/-5 Katherine Katherine
Effrede George Half Elven Magic User/Thief 6/6 34 -3/1 Katherine Katherine
Talarian Blackguard Half Elven Fighter 7 68 Occ. Ring
(-9) -8/-3
(-7) -6/-1 Dean Dean
Conrhia Applewhite Half Elven Woodsman 7 68 -5/-4/0 Rhonda Rhonda
Serlisse Reintar Half Elven Druid 7 32 -1/1/1 Rhonda Rhonda
Sputnik Half Elven Cleric 7 49 1/4/4 Jay Jay
Arthur of Petethal Half Elven Ranger 6 58 2/4 David David
Zephram Trent Hill Gnome Fighter/Illusionist 5/5 41 (-5) -3/-2/2
1/5 w/out PA Alan Alan
Shirlard Half Orkish Fighter 5 44 3/3 Darleen Darleen
Costigan Coastlander Fighter//Cleric 1//2 20 (2)3/3 Rodger Rodger

May 17, 2193

We see a path into the fourth building with an Ancients’ style door. There are two stories with the loft filled with paving tiles, pots and the like. The lower level has pots, trowels, short rakes and short hoes. We have found a cluttered potting shed.

Costigan guesses that we might be able to close the larger arches, so we decide to move the shed’s contents into one of the arches and we find two jars, marked in Ancient as Planter’s Friend and a tube of toothpaste, marked as Stone-Like-New. The shed is now a prison. There is a nice set of stone working tools. We also find spare instrument parts – strings, mouthpieces, no reeds or pads, only metal parts. There are twelve stone flutes. The hobgoblins sold many instruments, which they detail for us.

One of the humans wants to join us as a henchman. Five others are willing to be camp cooks, etc. for 10 gp of pay per month. We leave three days worth of food for the hobgoblins and close up The Gaol and The Vault.

May 19, 2193

In the first building we find a huge room with a large donut shaped counter in the middle and six tables with stuff on them around the room. There are also metal mobiles and empty picture frames near the door. The floor was trapped as far as the spell could scan.

A disembodied voice speaks when Raybur enters the plaza. A menu appears when he sits down. The menu’s cover has a decorative pattern with “Waterfall Café – Creative Cooking” mixed into the pattern. There are menu items and numbers 15 up to 112. The back has a list of proper nouns with numbers 30 to 2700. We copy the whole menu in two languages.

Far off to the left is a huge tower. There is a smaller building between the tower and the mall which is a kitchen and bar. At the second level entrance to the mall, we find a

As fellow dwarves, we give you this one chance to leave. Disturb or spook us again and you will be slain mercilessly. You can’t have it!

May 20, 2193

The bottom is 25 feet down with a three foot high column. I find six rings (5 appear to be the same style – three small diamonds on a platinum band 1000 gp to 1500 gp each and the other is an adamantite puzzle ring of 12 parts – 50 gp of metal) and one bracelet (150gp). Also, there is a magic dagger. We also ask the fish to drop shiny things into a basket.

May 21, 2193

Scanning for gems find a diamond and a ruby (200 gp and 100 gp). There is also a cut arm bone from the ring’s owner

Total take: Ancients’ coins 420 sp, 45 gp, 10 pp, 73 cp; ruby, diamond; 5 engagement rings; adamantite puzzle ring; magic dagger; bracelet

May 22-24, 2193

I spend three days checking stuff with magic spells, while the experts set up ropes and ladder to scale the 40 foot cliff at our backs.

I check all the rings. Psychic impression on one of the platinum rings gives a vision – a slight figure standing behind the shop amongst well tended plants. She’s very upset and hurls the ring into the water. She had very simple robes and long robes.

The adamantite ring overwhelms me with many images of misery and pain. The wearer seemed to be cursed with infinite back luck, but no matter how much misery he experienced, he could never die until he cut off his arm with a magic sword. The sword shattered and the arm fell into the lake.

When I examine the severed arm bone, I can see that the arm survived the fall and tried to climb back to the man, but can only climb so far. The man, though, aged and withered rapidly until there was only a pile of dust the arm finally stopped struggling to climb the wall and lay still.

The dwarves had axes and crossbows. They dealt more damage than they received. The dwarves are very powerful compared to the hobgoblins. They saw at least 10 and even when they focused all their efforts at taking one down, he was only somewhat wounded.

There are five tiles in our immediate area that come to life and attack rats that we release to feed the blood hawks. The tiles can also attract insects and kill them.

A large black crab noisily approaches through the vegetation “This is private property. By Special Order of the Director, trespassers may be killed.” When Zephram tries to “Open Ancients’ Doors” on it, it changes to a new “You may only exercise law enforcement powers by Special Order of the Director.” When Raybur tries to Dispel the golem, it shoots two ruby beams at him and he goes all vegetable on me, so I have to drag him to the cliff and throw him off. Meanwhile, it attacks me and I take 23 points of damage from each of two hits.

We look into the shop more, using Raybur’s shield. We can see 600 & 920 are marked on the prism-shaped items near the small piles on the side tables.

May 25, 2193

There is a goose-necked lamp lit in the building There are stuffed squirrels all around the room. There is also When Raybur

I do 22 with the Radiance Circlet. Costigan blasts the Wolverine for 22. Zephram blasts for 26 with successive lightning javelins. The horribly, terribly cute squirrels drain Charisma and drop Raybur and weakens Arthur drastically.

(70) 10 gp squirrel eyes

(2) 250 gp badger eyes

There are three large glass cabinets full of stuffed birds.

He has a strong brooding evil something in his leather pouch. There is a set of small tweezers that are in a leather sleeve. It is marked “Totally lifelike appearance.” The tweezers are also marked in Magical Script. The footlocker has 4 potion vials, a small metal box, lots of clothing and 180 Ancients’ gold pieces. There are two small highly magic green candies in the lead foil lined box. They are custom candies that are sugar cubes that have been marked like dice. “Persuasiveness, 2 Calms and First Aid.”

Loot to be recovered


* 2 magic rings – one each on the brothers

* Magic dart

* Magic knife

* Magic battle axe

* Pillow

* 2 quilts

* 2 potions, marked identically – Tranquility

* Orcish potion – marked Disorder Cure

* Half bottle of seasoning oil that makes the food taste spectacular (4 of 8 doses) each dose makes food for 12

* Magical harp– the Hobgoblins didn’t know what it was

* Tube of glue – they took to the orcs and brought it back – the two brothers glued their hands to each other, sat for a full day and then separated

* A tiny magical ladder – the Hobgoblins didn’t know what it was


Tools and tiles, etc.

* 2 Jars of Planter’s Friend

* Tube of Stone-Like-New

Nice Stoneworking tools

Metal musical instrument parts

12 stone flutes


* Magic Dagger

Bracelet – 150 gp

Ruby – 100 gp

Diamond – 200 gp

(*) Adamantite Puzzle Ring – 12 parts, seems to be a cursed ring of eternal life – 50 gp of metal

5 Platinum Engagement Rings – 3 diamonds on a small band (1000 to 1500 gp)

420 sp, 45 gp, 10 pp, 73 cp

Squirrel House

(70) 10 gp squirrel eyes

(2) 250 gp badger eyes

* Totally lifelike appearance - tweezers marked in Magical Script

* Potion vial Persuasiveness

* 2 Potion vials Calm

* Potion vial First Aid

* Small metal, lead foil-lined box with two small highly magic green candies - custom candies that are sugar cubes that have been marked like dice

180 Ancients’ gp

Lots of clothing remnants

(3) Cases of preserved birds