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January 01, 1995

The Seapoint Lightning: "The Lightning Never Strike Twice"

Chronicles of the Formation of the Party

Adventure #1: Sam'n Friends vs. the GAT

The Lendore 1st-level group played last night. We found and killed a GAT. The fight was pretty gruesome. What we learned from this adventure:

1. Big, tough, annoying guys who don't like guests and tend to boss people around an awful lot and don't take kindly to people disobeying them, voicing their opinions, or trying to leave, could be GATs.

2. Be glad, be very glad, that some of us had silver weapons.

3. Runes can be darn powerful. When a person uses the most powerful rune of power and destruction they know on a silver dagger attacking a GAT, and knows the runes VERY WELL, and perfectly forms the rune, a vastly powerful magic that turns people and GATs into smoldering ash and dust can be affected. However, since one's own life force is used, one tends to turn oneself into ash as well.

4. Don't fall off cliffs.

5. GATs may not be smart but they are tough as nails.

6. A harpoon is a great weapon!

Rest in peace:
Merremack (Captain), fell off the cliff while trying to escape.
Mannitur (Druid/MU), negative material energy consumed him
Tilbo (fighter), bashed by a bench
Taylor (fighter), bashed by a bench
Archaeopteryx (Cleric of Aurora), bashed by a bench

Ketone (Captain), got the magical Captain's jacket, the only surviving member inside the tower we fought the GAT in. Harpoon specialist.
Larry (fighter), escaped
Samantha (Cleric of Phaulkon), escaped
Eulen (the NPC guide) (thief/illusionist), escaped, tried to help
Merremack climbed up the rope Eulen put out for him, but Merremack failed his climb rope and fell to the sharks below (dead as soon as he hit the rocks, though).