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November 22, 1998

Defenders Summary #45: When Hippies Go Terribly Wrong

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Kodo, 4th level woodsman, 47 hp, played by Rob
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan (c/o Joel)
Quentin, 7th level druid, 31 hp, played by Jeremy
Donald, 5th level mage, 27 hp, NPC
Kain, 4th level cleric, 27 hp, played by Jeff
Nakumanu, 3rd level fighter, 25 hp, henchman
Alduin, 5th level thief, 19 hp, played by Vic

The Defenders had just reached the edge of the evil feeling forest where the satyr-like creature lived. We intended to pretend to negotiation, encircle it, and attack.

Preparations were fairly simple. Goodberries were passed around, Quentin took Hold Plant and Dispel Magic, Donald took Dispel Magic, and Kain prepared to take down fellow party members if they got charmed by the creature.

It was simple to find the tree that it occupied. Quentin called out the creature’s name, and it appeared. It looked like a little creature with very extreme hair, several feet long in all directions. The creature carried a club and stood about two feet tall.

It laughed almost nervously and sat on the rock. When Quentin tried to negotiate, it denied having ever signed treaties. The rest of the party advanced on it, and it looked around, almost unconcerned, and giggling occasionally. With a shrug, we initiated the attack.

The battle that followed was one of the most miserable in the Defenders’ long and storied history of miserable battles.

The creature bellowed out a laugh—louder than anything we had ever heard. Morgan, Kodo, and Quentin both fell backwards into the mud, completely unconscious. Felix, and Balinor, and Nakumanu moved in to show the creature who was boss. This became apparent rapidly.

Felix hit the creature with his short sword+2, and Balinor hit with the dagger+2. Both bounced off, and the dagger may have been damaged. The creature flashed briefly, then returned to normal color. Uh oh. Balinor yelled out to try a delayed attack routine and hit it when it was flashing. However, this chance would not come soon, as it turned out.

Kain began a spell. Donald hurled Magic Missiles at the creature, which struck it but didn’t seem to bother it much. The creature began to dance wildly, but we pressed the attack. Felix jumped at the creature’s throat, and tried to strangle it. The hair enveloped Felix and attempted to slowly suffocate him.

Alduin swung his longsword at the hair, but couldn’t manage to cut enough of the hair away to help free Felix. The creature’s staff swung but missed Felix by a mile.

Then the bad stuff happened.

Suddenly, Balinor, Kain, Alduin, Donald, and Nakumanu were enveloped by the uncontrollable urge to dance. This insidious dance prevented any rational thought or actions, and slowly killed them by reducing their constitution.

Felix tried to sing at the top of his lungs, but it had no effect in stopping the dance. At that moment, no one was capable of doing anything.

Kodo woke up dazed, and got up from the ground. He turned and discovered that two elemental stone creatures were forming from the ground. Furthermore, the ground was slowly sucking Quentin and Morgan into it.

Kodo drew his handaxes and hacked at the creature’s hair. Initially, he fumbled but kep hold of his weapon thanks to the special grip. Whole sections of hair went flying, and Felix was partially free, but couldn’t escape. After several attempts, Felix finally fell out, right as the two stone golem things reached Kodo and attacked. Amazingly, BOTH FUMBLED.

Seizing the opportunity, Felix tested out the theory Balinor had yelled out earlier. Kodo swung and his axes bounced off as expected. Felix swung immediately afterward, and connected, clearly injuring the creature and making it a bit more annoyed!

The golems swung and hit Kodo once, powerfully, though he was unwounded. Kodo led the attack again, but missed with double fumbles, and was snagged and captured by the hair. Felix then missed.

One of the golems hit Felix powerfully. Felix tried desperately to cut Kodo free. The other golem smashed Kodo again, who was now barely standing, but without wounds. Kodo’s off-hand was free and his swung his handaxe, but dropped it on another fumble. He reached for his other axe.

Felix got hit by the golems again, and this time he was in trouble. Desperately, he tried to shield bash the satyr, but missed. The golem behind him finished off Felix, destroying him with a final hit from behind. Kodo slid out from the hair.

Kodo, alone once again, ran to try to hit Balinor and see if he could brought back into the combat. The golems chased after him as he downed his Goodberries, and he swung at Balinor, but missed the dancing fighter.

The golems swung at Kodo, who miraculously survived unharmed. But it was all over, the Defenders had been beaten. Balinor, Alduin, Kain, Donald, and Nakumanu were helplessly killing themselves. Morgan and Quentin were down, unconscious and going to sink into the mud within moments, and Felix was almost certainly dead. Kodo was on his last legs.

Hope returned. Quentin and Morgan, down for the maximum possible stun time, finally woke up!

Quentin cast a Flame Blade and ran at the creature. Morgan drew Thunderstruck.

Kodo missed Balinor again.

Quentin struck the creature with his Flame Blade and it howled in annoyance. Morgan swung Thunderstruck, and lightning coursed through the creature…

…but it resisted the effect, taking no damage.

In dismay, Morgan realized that the only person who could affect the creature was Quentin, and Morgan interposed himself between the golem and Quentin. Before he could, the golem smacked Quentin once, hurting him badly. Morgan managed to dodge his and counter-attacked. He struck it, and it became clear his weapon was insufficiently powerful to affect the golem. Nonetheless, he remained guarding Quentin.

Kodo gave up on Balinor and ran to Donald, right as the golem reached Balinor. Although it moved slowly, it lumbered after Kodo.

Meanwhile, the golem penetrated Morgan’s defenses, but did miserably low damage, and Morgan was still capable of taking one more hit if he was lucky (a tautology). Quentin continued to hurt the creature, even inflicting a wound on his second swing, which closed up almost immediately.

Quentin swung his Flame Blade and missed. Kodo also missed Donald and fumbled again, falling and slightly hurting himself. The other golem had slipped past Morgan’s defenses and would try to kill Quentin, but the elven fighter was already occupied with the other golem.

Finally, Quentin hit the creature a third time, and it shrieked. Quickly, Quentin changed into a crow to avoid the golem’s swings. At the same instant, the satyr turned into a rock, and blinked over thirty feet away to the edge of the valley. At that instant, the dancing wore off!

Donald angrily whirled and fired off Magic Missiles at the creature. Unfortunately, it resisted the barrage and laughed again! Balinor, Alduin, Kain, Nakumanu, and Morgan all collapsed again, but Donald remained standing.

Quentin flew off after the creature and tried to close with it again, but it realized that Donald would complete his third and final Magic Missile spell before he could have the golems attack the wizard. He blinked again, and moved farther away.

In hot pursuit, Quentin landed on a nearby tree, changed back to human form, and threw an Entangle. The creature resisted the Entangle, but was slowed a bit. If it could reach one of its special rocks, it could teleport out of the area and the combat would be for naught. Running at top speed, Donald crested the ridge in time to see the creature run for the stones.

Kodo hauled Felix’s body out of the muck and moved everyone out of the radius to avoid sinking into the mud further.

Quentin began a second Entangle, but it could not finish in time. Donald threw his final spell as the creature dove for one of the rocks.

And something went right.

The creature didn’t make it in time. The Magic Missile slammed through its defense, shocking its body and killing it at last.

The golems fell over.

Donald was BARELY operational, Balinor was in fair shape, Nakumanu and Kain were comatose, and Alduin was staggering about, barely able to walk. Morgan was somewhat injured but in decent shape. Quentin was injured as well. Kodo was badly injured, but still feeling strong.

Felix, however, was dead.

Realizing that there was no chance for him to be Raised in time, we put his body in the Bag of Holding and Quentin flew him back to the Druidic Court, presumably for Reincarnation.

There was no treasure to be found, and the party camped and slowly regained constitution and hit points. The forest seemed to be leaving us alone.

Six days later, Quentin returned, explaining that “it had all been taken care of.” He looked weary, and no longer possessed the Rod of Thorns.

We returned to the Druidic Grove and found a mostly recovered Felix, still his usual bloodthirsty self. Quentin has not explained how this miracle occurred, but it obviously cost him. This of course made us feel more guilty, since we had attempted this quest for Quentin specifically to help him, not to make his situation worse. Of course, we don’t know what happened, and hope Quentin has at least broken even from our help.

We decided then to return to Lendore Isle for a “vacation” of bandit slaying. Our intention is to take out the new bandit group that has recently been dumb enough to set up operations near Restenford.

We play again next week!


November 15, 1998

Defenders Summary #44: Defenders 7, Ogres 0

Party Roster:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Kodo, 4th level woodsman, 47 hp, played by Rob
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan
Quentin, 7th level druid, 31 hp, played by Jeremy
Kain, 4th level cleric, 27 hp, played by Jeff
Donald, 5th level mage, 27 hp, NPC (played by Katherine this game)
Nakumanu, 3rd level fighter, 25 hp, henchman
Alduin, 5th level thief, 19 hp, played by Vic

The party began, as is its wont, by arguing about a plan. Having come up with one, we executed with a style and grace previously unheard of in party history. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but it actually worked!

First, Alduin was made invisible by Invisibility, 10’ Radius (a spell that is at least as good as Invisibility, with other benefits as well) and he moved through the camp. Dodging ogres working on the palisade, he reached the doorway to the great hall, which was covered by two skins that parted in the middle. He looked inside, but could see little except for a roaring fire and a couple of curtains hiding the back corner of the building from view. There were tools for building lying around.

The next night we followed the five ogres after they left camp, an invisible Alduin following closely with animals for communication with the main group. When the ogres stopped to bang an opossum against a tree repeatedly, the party caught up, and when the ogres noticed us coming they yelled, “What are THOSE things?”

On cue, Alduin hurled a Continual Light stone at the area of the ogres, but due to great skill/luck actually struck one in the face and hurt it a little. That was the signal for Quentin to Entangle the ogres, which he did with two spells. Once they were stuck, the fighters encircled the area while Donald tried to Sleep one, which failed. Then Kain yelled Die in ogre, having learned it from Donald. He garbled it the first time, but the second time the ogre fell over. Then Quentin released the Entangle, and Kodo, Balinor, Morgan, and Felix each faced off with an ogre. Every ogre missed, and they were all down before they got a second swing, Kodo particularly goring his.

The last ogre woke up to see us staring at him. Donald cast ESP and questioned the ogre, who was still cross-eyed and rather confused. We got images of a very tall creature with black skin and weird black armor with symbols on it. In addition there was a black serpent, and an image of an ogre being hanged, and finally a giant weasel.

We rememorized spells, put the ogre out of his misery, and marched back to the camp. All of us were made invisible and we went, hands-on-shoulders, to the doorway of the great hall completely unnoticed. It was already somewhat light outside. We had brought a Silence stone with us, which we left at the doorway.

We started to move forward when we apparently tripped the weasel alarm, as a giant weasel appeared and began hissing at us and making noise. The curtains were still closed, so we backed up, and Quentin began to cast Hold Animal, making him visible. Meanwhile, the fighters moved to attack whoever was behind the curtain. Alduin was the target of the invisibility spell, so all of the non-fighters were still invisible.

Kodo ripped open the curtain and found himself facing a very large ogre with a two-handed sword. In addition there was a huge creature, black skinned, picking up a club the size of a small tree. The ogre swunghis sword at Kodo, but missed, and Kodo moved in and badly gashed his opponent.

Felix was next through the curtain and he headed straight for the big guy. Unfortunately, the big guy said, “Die!” in Common, and Felix fell over. Balinor moved over Felix, but was also dropped by a Command. Finally, Morgan moved to engage the big guy.

The big guy made his first mistake, and swung at Morgan. After the inevitable miss, Morgan grinned and moved in, Thunderstrucking the guy powerfully for two wounds and some stun time. Balinor and Felix continued to get their beauty rest.

Quentin Held the weasel and began a Faerie Fire. Alduin moved into position for a backstab. Donald drew back the curtain in dramatic fashion, allowing Kain to target the big guy with his Silence spell.

Nakumanu moved in and began to slash the big guy with his falchion. The creature was not regenerating, eliminating any possibility of it being an ogre mage. Meanwhile, Kodo’s axes sank into the ogre again, who swung angrily… and shattered his weapon. Kodo then put an axe in his face, and down he went. Kodo turned to engage the big guy.

The big guy’s only target was Kodo, and he made it count. The club connected full force (32 damage and a double wound). Kodo fell back, downing Goodberries and receiving a Cure Light from Quentin.

Morgan and Nakumanu continued to poke at the creature. Felix rose from his stupor and moved to engage, but was bashed down by the club (32 damage and a single wound) and fell back to down his Goodberries. Balinor rose, and moved in to smash the big guy.

Donald threw his Web spell, catching the big guy’s upper body and slowing him down for long enough for the fighters to start smashing him. Balinor hit him 3 times, but fumbled, allowing the giant to kick him (13 damage and a single wound). Morgan and Nakumanu finished him off, and he collapsed.

Spittle had a feast of eyeballs, and complained that we left before he could finish.

We searched the hut, and found a mithril belt buckle (4 cw), two vials of unholy water (2 doses each) and an unidentified double dose potion. The big guy was clearly a fire giant, and was wearing symbols on his breastplate that we later determined were from the Fire Giant Central Government.

This of course made us rest easier (refer to Stone Soules Rule #1). There were no dead Nevronians there.

The fire giant was in fact a priest of a chaotic evil hill giant religion. Weird. The club was magical (type one), so we assumed it was an unholy symbol of some sort and burned it. There was also a couple hundred fire giant gp.

We stepped outside, and Donald said to three stunned ogres standing there, “Your leader is dead. You are now free.” The ogres ran away screaming, and we strolled out of camp.

We arrived uneventfully back at the Druidic Court, but decided almost immediately to take on another mission. We set out to defeat the malicious faun-like creature. The creature is known to have some control over plants, though not animals, and has Charm abilities (Quentin is immune to those). The thing probably lives in a particular tree, which we may be forced to cut down or burn. Quentin may actually Plant Door after it.

The current plan is to ask the faun to negotiate with us, and then beat it up when it shows up. Ok, so it’s not a plan a cavalier would approve of. So sue us.

There were two encounters of note on the way there. On Balinor’s watch, a weird glowing light started moving around the camp about 100 feet way. Tyveris, Quentin’s owl, claimed nothing was there, which was weird since the light kept going out whenever the owl approached it. It eventually disappeared.

The next day, we were suddenly aware of a huge herd of animals apparently stampeding by. They must have gone somewhere off to our left, and the noise died down. We went to investigate, and there was a huge ripped up section of forest just missing. It was a swathe about ten to fifteen feet wide and stretched as far as the eye could see. Tracking revealed that about 50 or so reptilian creatures had moved through the area, with footprints about five or six feet long.

The current party theory was maybe that some sort of giant lizard creatures, like dinosaurs had passed through from the Indicara Jungle, apparently heading toward Sark or Dunador.

We did NOT walk along the path whistling or whatever.

Next time, a diplomatic summit goes sour….


November 08, 1998

Defenders Summary #43: Some Traveling Music

Party Roster:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Kodo, 4th level woodsman, 47 hp, played by Rob
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan
Quentin, 7th level druid, 31 hp, played by Jeremy
Kain, 4th level cleric, 27 hp, played by Jeff
Donald, 5th level mage, 27 hp, NPC
Nakumanu, 3rd level fighter, 25 hp, henchman
Alduin, 5th level thief, 19 hp, played by Vic

Our party had just decided to visit the Archdruid of the New World in hopes of recharging the Rod of Thorns and performing druidic quests. We set off on a trip east on the mainland to areas we had never been before.

Kain trained his new crow, Spittle (taken from the elf mage on the orc island) to do surveillance for us. The crow is quite intelligent (int 3) and can count to 8, as well as mimic a number of phrases like “Ya scurvy bastards! I’ll have alla ya keel-hauled!” or some other more graphic ones. The bird repeats things sad in anger quite well, so every so often we’ll hear “Where are my boots, Morgan!?” or numerous other phrases. The crow heckles Quentin’s crows, is extremely ugly to them, and loves to eat eyeballs. One of its tricks is to the attack the eyeballs of a target. A pirate crow, indeed.

Taking a barge down the Laine River through the city-states north of western Dunador (in three rolls I did manage some sort of sea encounter, thank you, you’re too kind… but nothing came of it). We landed in Kelburn, were scoffed at, and moved on after restocking rations and having the local cartographer draw us a map of how to get to the Wild Wood Inn. By this time we had learned to move the conversation along after the inevitable, “Oh! You don’t want to go THERE!”

On the road from Kelburn, we were accosted by a weird black creature with super-extendo arms that took 90 gp from us. We decided rather than risking it, we’d give him the stuff. It appeared that the creature could read our minds, but perhaps not.

With Morgan on watch, still miles from the Greate Olde Woode, the inevitable happened. Two volts came streaking at the hapless fighter and pasted him. Morgan, realizing his imminent danger, drew Thunderstruck, yelled, and threw the sword away from him. Kodo hacked one up in the air, and Balinor and Kodo finished off the one clinging to Morgan. Thunderstruck is sometimes totally ridiculous.

The sword had yet another role to play. A huge thunderstorm passed near us, and we realized that Morgan would be rapidly incinerated if he wore the sword, and Quentin might be in trouble even with his protection. So we dropped the sword in the mud and tied a rope to it, which Balinor held (his fear was that the sword could be lost in the storm and was too valuable to risk). He was quite surprised when he became the test subject of a new experiment.

A bolt of lightning arced straight at the sword, traveled up the rope and smashed Balinor, doing 20 points of damage (after a SUCCESSFUL save). Balinor dropped the rope, saying “ow” and immediately the lightning moved elsewhere. Donald remarked that it was “quite interesting” and that somehow the sword was considered to be Balinor’s personal aura even 60 feet away on a rope.

Balinor asked what his payment was for being the subject of this little piece of science, and Donald handed him a platinum piece. Balinor coughed smoke and took the money.

Passing under a Dunadorian highway and being momentarily confused, we passed through an old wood, though Quentin could not find any trees to talk to that responded. After a few days, we came upon the Wild Wood Inn.

In short, it was a hilarious and bizarre stay, which I’m sure comes as no surprise. From the guy who fell out of the tree and popped his limbs back in place, to the guy who stared catatonically at Kodo and asked for a magic hand axe, and the guy with the noodles who wanted to sell us “information about the noodle market,” and finally the halfling bartender with the eyepatch, it was quite a stay. We were particularly amused by the auto-refrigerator thing under the bar. We didn’t break anything, stuffed ourselves silly, and went to bed. Out of habit we had guard watches, and a weird white fanged thing taunted Balinor from the window. First Balinor tried to ignore it by perusing the Nevronian book in the room, but was unsuccessful. He shut the window, and then the scratching noises started. There was a pentagram on the window. Balinor grumbled, said, “Would you stop bothering me?” and the thing vanished.

There had been total chaos the night before, including about a twenty person melee in the yard, but the only signs of that were a single arm lying on the ground and some bloodstains. The bartender was now much more sedate and groomed. The inn had undergone a complete transformation. We bought food and moved on rather than ask questions. Some things are better left unknown.

On the path through the forest beyond the Inn, we were nearly caught by some slaver ambush when Kodo noticed a net above us and about a dozen men running away.

They nearly ambushed us again later, but with the same results.

Finally, we reached the cave through the mountains, beyond which lay the Court of the Archdruid. We went down the long tunnel for about a day, ignoring several sidepaths, rumbling sounds, etc. We came out on the other side and walked into an older wood. When Quentin tried to talk with the trees, all he got was a weird rustling in response. We moved through the forest for awhile until reaching a very tenuous looking rope bridge.

Kodo decided to scoot across first. He did so without difficulty, and as we were trying to decide who should go next, four worgs jumped out of the bushes at Kodo.

Two of them smashed into Kodo, who managed to remain standing despite the leaps. He then badly gashed one. Alduin and Morgan missed the wolves with bowshots, Quentin threw a Faerie Fire, and Donald threw a Slow spell. The slowed glowing worgs were so disturbed that they ran away.

People continued to cross the bridge, but it became apparent that it was by no means a sure thing, and that it was probably downright dangerous for one of Balinor’s sparkling agility.

We attempted to tie ropes to Balinor and have him cross secured. Of course, he slipped, missed the ropes while grabbing madly for them, and toppled off the bridge. He was hanging suspended above the bridge with a levitating Donald holding him up. Throwing ropes to the other side, Balinor pulled himself up. The bridge held, but it did creak in disconcerting ways.

Everyone else crossed safely.

We continued to move through the forest, following the sudden path available to us. At one point a number of orange things streaked away from us when Kodo spotted them again, and finally we reached a thorn wall.

Quentin and Kain passed through and arranged for us to meet with the Archdruid. We were disarmed, led through a courtyard of plants and animals, up a rope ladder, and to the audience area by a ceremonial guard. The guard was a reasonably powerful druid himself, and a former adventurer.

Quentin spoke with the druid in a language none of us knew, and 3 hours later he returned with our options.

There were two missions of great enough importance to warrant recharging the rod. These were:

--Go into the Dark Wood, take out a lair of demons, or devils, or whatever.
--Take out an evil treant and his empire of plant things.

These options seemed impossible for us, so we instead simply requested missions we could do for the druid. There were four missions of some importance:

--Take out a cult of humanoids
--Kill the leader of a nearby band of ogres
--Kill an animal trainer and slaver who works for Wilbar’s Fish and Critters
--Take out a faunlike malevolent creature that could one day join the evil treant

The third option involved legal complications with the town the trainer was in, but the others all seemed interesting to us.

We decided to start with some simple bash-some-heads stuff. The ogres were a band of about 15 or so. They had been the usual dumb ogres until some new leader came along and frightened them enough to make them start over-hunting the area. The druid wants us to take out the leader. If we slay all the ogres, fine. If we keep their losses minimized enough that they could return to their old lifestyle, fine. We should avoid slaughtering only half the group, which would turn the rest into starving ogres, which would cause problems for awhile.

The leader is suspected to be fire giant. Hill giants are too stupid, stone giants don’t typically do this sort of thing, and an ogre mage would have a greater agenda. We really hope it isn’t an ogre mage. Incidentally, the guard informed us that the creature that accosted us earlier was probably an ogre mage.

We traveled out to the ogre village, and observed them for a day, with Quentin performing aerial surveillance in his new crow form. It was noted that five ogres went hunting every night and returned in the morning, and that a palisade was under construction.

Tactically, we need to give this a bit of thought. We would like to do this as smoothly as possible. In either case we should attack the village when the five ogres are gone. In the event that most of the ogres escape, we should leave the five intact so that the tribe can exist. If we slaughter the group, then we should take out the five ogres on their return.

Thoughts about Invisibility 10’ Radius, and other spells are being discussed. We’ll continue this, perhaps with a short game later in the week!


November 01, 1998

Defenders Summary #42: A Peaceful Interlude

Well, this was mostly a downtime, but I’ll hit the highlights.

We got off the island in early August, and would spend the rest of 2177 and the beginning of 2178 working out the details:

Treasure was astounding. We pulled out 61,000 gp worth of money and jewels pre-salvage tax, plus 19 magic items.

We were determined to pay the Baron in Restenford the salvage tax, rather than the authorities in Carse. So we dropped Quentin off briefly (illegally) thanks to the help of the cloaking ship. He went to the druid outside of Carse, discovered that he did NOT have lycanthropy, and returned to the ship. We sailed to Restenford to the joy of the Baron and Relkin.

We paid about 15,000 gp of the money, jewels, etc. We gave up the mace +1, medium shield +1, Staff of Cracking, Felcon Staff, Boar’s Head Amulet, and the short sword +1 Felix had previously. This left us with:

Short Sword+2
Falchion +1/+3 vs. regenerating creatures
Plate Mail +2
15 arrows+3
Dagger/Ring of Concealment
Dagger +2
Scrolls of Flamestrike/Commune, etc.
Both spellbooks
Weird Passwall Cloak (2-way)
Elven Chainmail

We had the Tugutan commander full plate resized and expensively (7000 gp) refitted so that it is unrecognizable as Tugutan armor. It absorbs no damage, but allows the wearer to move 9". Of course for Felix this means 12”.

Then there was MASSIVE training.

XP exceeded our wildest expectations:

Balinor-- 10500

EVERYONE trained a level, including Nakumanu.

Nakumanu trained to 3rd level, gaining 11 hp.
Kain trained to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level, gaining 21 hp.
Kodo trained to 4th level, gaining 11 hp.
Alduin trained to 5th level, gaining 4 hp.
Donald trained to 5th level, gaining 6 hp.
Felix trained to 6th level, gaining 6 hp.
Morgan trained to 6th level, gaining 8 hp.
Quentin trained to 7th level, gaining 6 hp.
Balinor trained to 6th level, gaining 6 hp.

So the new party roster:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Kodo, 4th level woodsman, 47 hp, played by Rob
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan
Quentin, 7th level druid, 31 hp, played by Jeremy
Donald, 5th level mage, 27 hp, NPC
Kain, 4th level cleric, 27 hp, played by Jeff
Nakumanu, 3rd level fighter, 25 hp, henchman of Felix
Alduin, 5th level thief, 19 hp, played by Vic

Donald learned TONS of spells, including Invisibility 10’ Radius, Slow, Fly, Lightning Bolt, Wizard Lock, and Hold Person, though he failed Protection from Normal Missiles and one other spell by a single point. Oh well, one proficiency could get him those…

Quentin gained shapeshifting abilities and can now appear as a crow, an alligator, and a mountain lion.

Kain gained the Silban 3rd level abilities, and is now capable of casting many of both 2nd level cleric and 2nd level druid spells. He is ecstatic about his new survival possibilities. Average party defense moved to disgusting levels and Morgan picked up more defensive abilities. Balinor picked up Carpentry and did some work on the house, as well as returning the scrolls to the Nevronian Church in Barnacus. Donations were made to both the druids and Silban.

And our money went out the window. We still managed to keep about 8000 at the end of it as firm profit.

We decided to do the recharging the rod quest. Bandits are starting to act up, and we’ll probably have to clean their clocks before the year is out, but for now it’s a quest for Quentin. We have to travel to see the druid of the New World…

Finally, in Carse, we traded 14 of the 15 +3 arrows for a weird item, a jawbone that if possessed by someone when they are killed (including an elf) they come back to life in an hour. It was given to Morgan.

Well, until next time….


Log Supplement QQ: The Fly in the Oinment

I feel obligated to mention the one detail that haunts us. The wizard Teknaas (Kaal Na Ka) had been determined to be 8th level by the four magic missiles he threw. Upon reading his spellbooks, it was discovered that he had a variant of Magic Missile, Nautical Magic Missile, with double range and a delaying of the missiles for one level. So he COULD be 9th level after all. Which of course means that he probably was smart enough to use Magic Jar to put his soul somewhere within 90 feet of where we killed him. This isn't much of a problem, because you either need the cloaks or you need to kill ALL the fog monsters to get there, but...
Log Supplement QQ: Treasure Division QQ

A few of the items have been at least partially resolved, at least within the party:

The plate mail +2 will go to Balinor, who will give his plate +1 to Kodo. The Leather +2 will end up on Kain or Quentin, and the other will use the bracers we already have. Alduin gets the +2 dagger/ring. Felix upgrades to the +2 short sword. Nakumanu will use the falchion +1/+3. Donald will get loads of spells, and perhaps we can defray costs through copying rights. Morgan gets the elven chain mail. The ring +1 on Kodo should be given to someone...

We have a suit of full plate +1, but it's Tugutan, and so we simply can't wear it. We'll likely give that up to the Baron. The Staff for Felcon would be given to someone, perhaps through the Baron.

The platinum dish is headed back to Skylltor.

The Nevronian scrolls would head back to the Nevronian chruch in Barnacus. We have hopes of perhaps acquiring a Raise Dead scroll as a sort of reward...

There was lots of other stuff, most of it unclaimable, we hope.