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Defenders Adventure #52: The Sword

And so the Defenders began a big downtime.

This included the treasure list done previously. The earlier division was agreed to, except that 5 of the flying potions were given to Barnacus, a healing potion was given to the policewoman, and the Petethalian navy received 1000 gp and the chain mail +2.

The other suit of Chain Mail +2 was used to massively overpay the Phaulkonian Church for Cassian’s training to 6th level. Consider it a very generous early donation.

XP was disturbingly uniform, ranging from 8700 for Balinor and Kain to 9700 for Cassian. (Nakumanu got 120, Tucares and Keldarin got 5000, and the policewoman got 1000)

All training was done in Teft and Posidenus. Cassian trained to 6th, and gained 6 hp to stand at 37. Kodo trained to 5th level and gained 12 hp to stand at 59, tying Felix! Kain trained to 5th level (at a very high play rating due to triple training earlier) and gained 7 hp to stand at 34. Donald trained to 6th level and gained 6 hp to stand at 33, as well as some new spells, including Strength (from proficiencies). Alduin trained to 6th level, and gained 7 hp to stand at 26.

So the rearranged party roster is:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Kodo, 5th level woodsman, 59 hp, played by Rob
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Cassian, 6th level cleric, 37 hp, played by Katherine
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan
Kain, 5th level cleric, 34 hp, played by Jeff
Donald, 6th level mage, 33 hp, NPC
Quentin, 7th level druid, 31 hp, played by Jeremy
Alduin, 6th level thief, 26 hp, played by Vic
(Nakumanu, 3rd level fighter, 25 hp, henchman)

As a side note, a package from the Duke of Black Eagle arrived in Restenford for us. It contained a stiff and formal, but apologetic, note from the Duke explaining that he was sorry his “wayward son” had caused trouble for us and hoped that the 1500 gp and Ring of Repairs enclosed would be sufficient to make up for it, and not to besmirch the family name, etc.

The Ring of Repairs is a one-shot item that will instantly restore a non-magical suit of field or full plate to maximum hit points (unless it is completely trashed). Since we have no suits of either, we’re looking to trade this.

Balinor has for the moment decided to call the new hammer+1, “Other.”

Now, to the part everyone has been waiting for:

The sword.

It turns out that despite all of the discussion, very bizarre and exotic components (spine of behir, etc.) are required to make the weird powers, AND they increase the failure chance. So we opted to make an intelligent, +5 short sword. Nothing else.

We were actually offered a choice of four different swords by the Realm (Universitus), but none were as good as we wanted. They included: Werewithal, a +1 short sword that affects anything; Wary, a +2 short sword of speed that warns when danger is near (we figured it would just be screaming all the time); a frostbrand +2 short sword that goes up to +6 against fire creatures and grants the user fire resistance, but is useless in warm climates (ie. Lendore); and Dawnblade, a +2 bastard sword/ +4 vs. evil creatures, that also counts as a short sword for speed and proficiency purposes.

Dawnblade was the coolest, but we decided against it in favor of the gamble.


The adamantite was forged by Evard at the School of Wizardry. In addition, since the field plate +2 was worth DOUBLE the cost of this process, we also received a ring +1, a potion of avian control, and a potion of invisibility.

Then Alarius began to work his magic.

The sword came out as follows:

Short sword +5
Lawful Good
Intelligence 17 (on a 00 on the dice)

The sword is a genius, but is relatively diplomatic. However, if crossed it has a very violent streak. It hopes to resolve a situation peacefully, but should the opponents prove unwilling, it gleefully slays them.

It can take Felix over if he drops below approximately 50 hp. This makes Felix nearly impossible to charm. The sword’s personality is actually remarkably similar to Felix’s.

The sword has a penchant for collecting shields. It really enjoys fishing.

Its powers are:

ESP once per week
Detect Good vs. Evil 10’ radius, once per TURN
Detect Law vs. Chaos 10’ radius, once per TURN
Speaks Dwarven, Brownie, Guardian Naga

Overall, a devastating weapon with very few problems. VERY COOL.

The sword’s name is Peacemaker.

Now, we need to settle on a quest. A very detailed astrology done on an Auroran telescope just outside of Teft revealed that Old Frosty was likely too dangerous for us. There was a lot of stuff with the Void overshadowing the Cornucopia, and the Scythe obscuring the sign of the Four Brothers and such. Our lucky date was March 2, 2180. Our lucky color was black. Our lucky numbers were 4, 7, and 34.


Well, we hope for another quest. In the meantime, trading needs to be done: we have a plate mail +1 and a short sword +2 to unload in the hopes of finding magical handaxes and stuff. In Petethal we hope to try some things we missed before:

First, test the weird robes for Orc Isle on the door in the ground in Petethal (the “X”). Second, kill the green slime bag (shambling mound?).

Otherwise, we will be waiting for possible quests to come up, whether from the Silban Church, Phaulkonian Church, Petethalian navy, or whatever.

We thanked the archmage and said our goodbyes, and he dropped us off in Teft on October 19, 2179.



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