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Defenders Adventure #51: The Power of the Backstab

Party Roster:

Felix, 6th level fighter, 59 hp, played by Alex
Balinor, 6th level fighter, 56 hp, played by Joel
Kodo, 4th level woodsman, 47 hp, played by Rob
Morgan, 6th level fighter, 35 hp, played by Alan
Quentin, 7th level druid, 31 hp, played by Jeremy
Cassian, 5th level cleric, 31 hp, played by Katherine
Donald, 5th level mage, 27 hp, NPC
Kain, 4th level cleric, 27 hp, played by Jeff
Alduin, 5th level thief, 19 hp, played by Vic


Keldarin, 4th level fighter, 23 hp
Tucares, caravan guard and fighter
A policewoman from the Universitus (non-classed)
Tensil, student mage (at least 4th level)

We had finally settled on a plan to take out the castle. First, we would uncharm two more guard in the hopes of getting allies. Then we would move around the castle, searching the library and bedroom of Alarius first, in the hopes of catching Irinia unawares by having Keldarin lure her out with a false story about a threat from the ground.

We began with the Dispel Magic, and freed Tucares the caravan guard from being charmed. In addition, the “woodsman” in light armor began sobbing uncontrollably, so we left him alone.

We cast the Augury: Would it be beneficial for us to try to kill Irinia first?

The answer was something like: All other plans would fail.

That wasn’t encouraging, but oh well. We moved out of the room and advanced down the hallway to the library, but it was empty. We noted the crystal just above the statue in the center of the room. We moved to Alarius’ bedroom, the guards in the lead to head off hostile patrols (or manticores, though it turned out that it was night already and the manticores were locked outside).

Keldarin opened the door, and turned around with a grin. “It can’t be any easier,” he whispered. “She’s asleep.”

Yes! Felix and Morgan moved in under cover of Cassian’s Silence and walked up to her bedside. Morgan smacked her with his sword—but it bounced off, apparently from a Stoneskin effect. An alarm would have risen, but the Silence prevented that, though she immediately woke up. Felix swung and bounced off some kind of damage protection.

Kain threw a Hold Person, and Irinia was frozen in place! She was smacked by the all the fighters until her protection finally collapsed and she was left bleeding to death. We gestured to Tucares, who said, “with pleasure,” and finished her off. We stuffed her in the Bag of Holding and left the room feeling good. We also noted the crystal imbedded in the floor somewhere. The floor was made out of diamond.

We moved to Jalil’s (the fighter/cleric servant) room, but it was empty. We moved to Kendall’s room, and Keldarin opened the door. Keldarin said something to Kendall about an emergency, but somehow Kendall saw through the ruse and tried to kill Keldarin as well as setting off a loud alarm that would have helped if there hadn’t been a Silence bubble outside the door. Felix, Morgan, Balinor, and Cassian charged inside to help Keldarin, who fell back from Kendall’s two-handed sword.

Felix moved in and forced Kendall to draw his short sword by closing into minimum range. Felix was by far the better fighter due to his specialization in the short sword, though Kendall was at least 7th level. Felix began with stun damage, but when Kendall drank a healing potion he recovered. Felix then slew him, but not before being hit once for nasty damage by his opponent. Cassian cured him. Kendall had downed his Fly potion just as he died, which was annoying.

A return to the room revealed that the people had become un-Charmed at Irinia’s death, and the policewoman was ready to help. Since she was a non-adventurer, we had her check on the ropes of the prisoners and make sure they were secure, as well as console the still-sobbing woodsman.

We continued to move methodically through the castle, avoiding the gargoyle room and passing through the entrance to the other side. We hoped that if Tensil, the only living student of Alarius, was still alive, then we could recruit him or at least get some more information, and maybe access to the laboratory (which was locked). Tensil was the one who threw the anchor crystal in the first place. The parlor was open to hallway, so we decided to have the still invisible Alduin scout ahead first. He disappeared around the corner, and then suddenly we heard screams.

We moved forward and a huge cloud of gas burst into the hallway. Donald thought it might be a Stinking Cloud. Alduin was somewhere on the other side, still screaming incoherently. Quentin cast Slow Poison on himself and ran through the cloud while Cassian began casting a Dust Devil.

We heard Quentin say something like, “Please get off of him!” Then there was nothing. Kain cast Slow Poison on Morgan and he charged into the cloud just in time to see several weird little creatures grab onto Quentin and nearly kill him. Then suddenly Quentin faded out existence!

Morgan began to retreat. The things moved towards him and he raised Thunderstruck. Then suddenly he felt like banging his head against the wall and things swarmed over him.

A ghostly Quentin suddenly appeared before us! He had used the Oil of Etherealness and gotten away, but couldn’t affect the Material Plane for an hour.

The party was in trouble, but Cassian finished the Dust Devil and we advanced as a group. Spotting the things on Morgan we blew the cloud out of the way and tried to kill the things. Before we could do so, they dropped another cloud on us, which was also dispersed immediately.

Felix and Balinor were unaffected and they faced off against the three creatures. Felix was latched onto and took some damage but slew one of them. Kodo killed another one off of Felix. Suddenly Kodo felt like banging his head against a wall and did so.

Balinor took the last one down and Kodo stopped beating the wall. We moved forward and managed to save Alduin and Morgan, both of who had sustained quite a bit of damage and gone unconscious. They were both quite weak, but Morgan was healed somewhat. Alduin remained quite weak.

Shaken, we continued to explore, this time using Quentin as the lead scout. In the garden we noted the crystal hanging suspended above the twisted plants, and Quentin also spotted a sleeping orangutan in one of the trees. That seemed suspicious, so we moved on without anyone corporeal going inside.

Quentin noted that in one of the two guardrooms were three sleeping people. We moved in and knocked them out, then tied them up. None of them were potential allies.

Tensil was in the next room, and we rescued him. He had been tortured but was still alive with a few spells remaining, though of mostly dubious combat worth. He did tell us that the orangutan was unnatural and had glowing blue eyes. It had been summoned and ripped people’s heads off on raids.

We moved through to the swimming pool and noted the crystal in the water. In a bizarre twist, the swimming pool has no bottom and goes all the way out of the cloud.

All that remained were Jalil, three guards, two displacer beasts, two cockatrices, two manticores, and eight gargoyles. Oh yeah, and Caxathoros, whatever he was.

We learned that the displacer beasts and manticores and gargoyles were locked out of the main complex and so we hoped to find the other guards and avoid Caxathoros.

We moved to the audience chamber. Quentin was still ethereal, but we decided simply to open the doors and attack if anyone was inside.

Kodo ripped the door open and we ran inside. Three guards including a dwarf wielding a bec de Corbin, a woman, and a Northerner wielding a halberd were there, as well as a man in chain who we knew Jalil. Finally, behind them stood… Irinia!

After Brinea and Kaal Na Ka, we weren’t going to fall for that one.

“It’s Caxathoros!” yelled Kodo and we charged and hoped.

We poured into the room. Cassian released her Silence on Caxathoros, and Kain released his Hold Person on Caxathoros, Jalil, and the Northerner. The Northerner was Held, but Caxathoros resisted the Silence (as in magic resistance).

Jalil commanded Balinor to die in Northerner, and he collapsed on the ground. Felix ran at Caxathoros who threw some kind of spell at Felix that immediately turned his armor into a furnace (some very powerful variant of Heat Metal). Felix knew he was in trouble but attacked away, missing. Kodo swung at the woman and injured her badly. Donald’s Slow went off and caught the group except for Caxathoros. Morgan and Alduin advanced with holy water out. Tensil cast Shield and then threw a Continual Light at Caxathoros, which was resisted.

Then Caxathoros simply disappeared.

Quentin, who was ethereal, realized he wasn’t even on this plane. Hoping he had abandoned the others, we tried to finish them off. Felix smashed the dwarf, though it was clear he was going to be knocked out for days due to the effects of the spell in moments. Cassian and Alduin reached for water to throw on Felix’s armor.

Then Caxathoros reappeared behind Kodo. He appeared as a handsome man now, but his expression was enraged as he impaled Kodo on a bardiche through the back and yanked it out again with blinding speed. The previously uninjured Kodo collapsed in a heap and bled to death in seconds.

Morgan, Kain, and Alduin hurled holy water at the creature, which definitely hurt him. Felix tried to fight him, but vanished again moments later.

Felix continued to pound the dwarf and woman and Jalil with the help of Keldarin and Tucares. The woman went down, and Jalil was taken out by a hail of Magic Missiles from Donald.

Then Caxathoros appeared again and rammed his bardiche into the unconscious Balinor, assassinating him instantly. Morgan couldn’t twist around in time to save him, but we realized that we were all dead if we could reach the walls. Cassian dropped a Death’s Door on Balinor, which saved him for the moment despite his hideous injuries, and then she retreated to the wall.

Felix went down from the heat, unconscious and badly seared.

Morgan moved desperately, moving back-to-back with Keldarin while Tucares retreated to the wall. Quentin realized that help was needed and went to talk with the orangutan.

Caxathoros appeared in front of Keldarin, but actually missed. Keldarin stabbed the creature with +3 dagger, injuring it slightly. Morgan moved in and hit the creature with Thunderstruck, but the lightning was resisted, although the sword did injure it.

Caxathoros hit Keldarin and held him at bay, but was unable to strike so devastatingly from a frontal attack. Keldarin hit him again, but then suddenly went down, dying.

Tucares, realizing that this was his moment, swallowed his fear and moved to cover Morgan. The creature tried to take Morgan out with some kind of hideous touch attack, but it missed. Morgan struck back with Thunderstruck.

Meanwhile, the orangutan was trying to kill Quentin with the plants in the garden, though failing to do so since he was ethereal. Quentin went to get the displacer beasts, hoping they might help.

Alduin hurled the last vial of holy water and hit the thing, then moved around for a backstab with his +2 dagger.

Cassian and Kain tried Commands, which failed. Donald launched a Magic Missile salvo and knocked out the dwarf and woman with some help from the warriors. Donald pulled out the scroll from Alarius.

Cassian took the Horn of Valhalla from Felix and dropped it around Morgan’s neck. Kain and Cassian attempted to Turn the creature, but it appeared to have no effect.

Alduin moved in on Caxathoros from behind and backstabbed him viciously. Alduin was then smashed to the ground by the creature, bleeding to death.

The creature turned to Morgan and threw a hideous effect at him. All of Morgan’s metal rusted away to uselessness immediately, except the elven chain mail. This would otherwise have killed him instantly by encasing him in rust.

Morgan grabbed the magic bastard sword Kodo had dropped, and Tucares picked up the +3 dagger from Keldarin and they made their stand. Donald finally managed to get a Magic Missile through Caxathoros’ magic resistance. Then Donald raised the scroll.

Caxathoros was incredibly difficult to hit (-3 AC) and Morgan found the bastard sword difficult. Morgan began to blow the Horn of Valhalla. Donald began to cast Haste off of the scroll.

Caxathoros dispelled the Horn.


Morgan continued to swing the bastard sword, and Donald hasted the two warriors. They went into hyper mode and began to injure the creature a bit more, but it couldn’t last. Donald pulled out the Limited Wish and began casting.

Tensil was out of spells as well. Quentin had managed to get the displacer beasts to agree to a non-aggression, but they were unwilling to go near the supernatural Caxathoros.

Quentin went through the walls to the central courtyard, and to his surprise, saw the tower. It was on the Ethereal Plane! He tried to get into it, but could not, and instead banged on it loudly and called out Alarius’ name. It didn’t work, but it was cool thought!

The Horn regained activity a minute later and Morgan began to blow it again. The creature threw a Fear effect at Morgan, but it failed. He stabbed Morgan, who remained reasonably healthy thanks to the potion of Extra-healing he had downed earlier. Tucares was falling rapidly though.

The Limited Wish failed.

Caxathoros continued throwing hideous effects, and he finally killed Tucares with a thrust. He very nearly Gated in some help, but the Gate collapsed in time. Morgan desperately kicked his quiver of arrows to Cassian, and she drew out the +3 arrow and the 2 +1 arrows. She fired but couldn’t hit the creature.

Then Caxathoros dropped a darkness on the spellcasters. Morgan finished blowing the Horn and the warriors emerged from the wall and charged. Donald ran to bring Balinor back to life with his extra-healing potion. Cassian healed Alduin with a Cure Serious off-scroll and the elf rose. The demon dropped Tucares with a swing of his weapon.

Balinor grabbed the +2 dagger from Donald, kicked the +3 dagger at Alduin, and charged Caxathoros. The extra-planar warriors had fared well in the initial swarm thanks to a fumble by the creature, but were having a difficult time hitting him. Caxathoros appeared to be in very bad shape, and then suddenly Polymorphed into his true demonic form, healing much of his damage.

Alduin moved behind for a backstab with both daggers and Balinor, the warriors, and Morgan slammed the demon for more damage. He killed one of the warriors with a quick stroke, and then suddenly exploded, nearly taking out Morgan and three of the four remaining. He was still alive however, and smashed Balinor.

Just as Alduin began to approach from behind, Caxathoros dropped a darkness on himself and the combat. This stopped Cassian from firing and forced Alduin to back off. In desperation, Cassian hurled her Continual Light into the area.

Suddenly, nomral lightning was restored and Alduin moved in and struck for maximum damage on a backstab!

The demon blew up, this time in his death throes. Balinor went down from the explosion, as did the heroic Alduin. Four of the five warriors were dead, but the last one disappeared into the portal. The rainbow bridge crystal dropped to the floor.

We set out to heal people and were able to save Tucares, Alduin, and Balinor, though Keldarin and Kodo had bled to death. Amazingly, everyone avoided permanent damage, even Felix, who took almost four days to recover.

The Northerner suddenly was released from the Hold Person, and said, “You guys never gave me a chance!” He was going to help us, but it worked out alright since he didn’t die. Instead he remarked that it was a “really cool battle.”


That was a demon of approximately equivalent power to a deathstealer.

Morgan collapsed in a heap with his hair suddenly turned white. He had aged 13 years from the Haste, but suffered no other ill effects. The bad news was that all of his non-magical equipment was rusted away and useless. The good news was that his magical equipment merely required 12 hours of cleaning.

We shut the door and didn’t let anything in as we healed up. Then we planned a snatching of all the crystals. We were over the ocean and thus needed Alarius to redirect the castle if we were going to get back in time to Raise Kodo and Keldarin.

The crystals were in the six towers. First, we took the one from the swimming pool by tying Cassian to a rope and having her swim down with Waterbreathing.

The second crystal was taken from the training room, where it hung suspended in the air. This was accomplished with a simple Fly or Levitate.

The third crystal was taken from Alarius’ room. It was in the floor, but it turned out that Donald’s Shatter spell triggered a panel that opened and allowed us to grab it.

The fourth crystal was in the throne room. Cassian simply moved the Force bubble around and when she left the room with it, the Force vanished.

The fifth crystal was in the library. A Flying Morgan powerdived past what we knew was a nasty golem and grabbed the crystal. The golem activated, belched some kind of gas, and Morgan flew out of the room vomiting. We shut the door.

The sixth crystal was in the garden. We knew the orangutan was bad news, and we need holy water for Protection from Evil, so we opened the laboratory with Dispel Magics (it had been so powerfully locked that it could not be permanently dispelled. This was a great source of irritation for Irinia). There were three vials.

A Flying, Protection from Evil, double Aided, Prayered, Chanted (Phaulkon, Silban) Balinor (Felix was still incapacitated) was going to head through the room, dodge the killer plants and orangutan, grab the crystal and leave. Meanwhile, a Protection from Evil Quentin would Hold Plant the plants.

Balinor flew inside, and the plants were held successfully. The orangutan threw what was probably a Dispel Magic at Balinor, which knocked out one Aid. As Balinor approached the crystal, a Gate opened above him and five black crows poured out began attacking him. He ignored them and grabbed the crystal and began powerdiving.

Suddenly, the orangutan leapt from its perch and soared toward the falling Balinor. Its form began to change, and a huge set of tentacles closed around Balinor and enveloped him…

And the orangutan bounced painfully off the Protection from Evil. The crystal was recovered.

Finally, Tensil had noted in his research that there was some sort of trap around Alarius’ tower. It was going to be bad.

The now recovered Felix would be the person to stick the final gem in, and Balinor would be at the door with the crystal, hoping to summon Alarius quickly.

Felix put the last crystal in, and suddenly felt queasy. He realized that the tower was forming around him! He backed up to safety.

There was a weird pattern tracing itself out near the Flying, Aided, Protection from Evil, Sanctuaried Balinor. Cassian recognized that this was the trap and tried to cast Dispel Magic, but it formed too quickly.

The tower became visible, but at the same time, a HUGE hideous demon appeared in front of the tower. It was frightening. Balinor shrugged and powerdived, hoping. This creature was fortunately quite stupid and managed not to resist the Sanctuary and so didn’t even notice the real threat coming at it. Balinor soared in and touched the door.

A wizened old man of very small stature appeared immediately. He looked at the demon, said a word, and it fell over dead.

“Hi, we’re the Restenford Defenders.”

And so it was done.


P.S. Treasure division is coming up. Among the possibilities are field plate +2 (!), a hammer +1, a dagger +3, and so much more!

Alarius will turn the castle to Barnacus and then we will discover if Kodo and Keldarin survive.

Log Supplement QQ: Drooling Over Treasure

NOTE: I apologize to the lurkers: this message is overly technical about salvage tax and treasure, so feel free to skip it as it contains no relevant adventuring information.

That is unless you want to drool over our treasure!!!

Ok, everyone, here is the lowdown on the treasure. Katherine, Alex, Edwin, and I negotiated and have formed what we think is a satisfactory treasure distribution.

First of all, there were THIRTY-EIGHT magic items, about 70% of them permanent.

While I hope everyone will send in their thoughts, I want to begin with a few words of caution. There were a lot of factors here: salvage tax to Barnacus, the navy, and our allies (including Tensil) all get a cut of the treasure.

We tried to be as fair as we possibly could yet still remain with the Defenders' tradition of being reasonable with salvage tax and not trying to screw anyone over.

We think that this distribution gives something to everyone, except, unfortunately, Kain. However, you will note that we have at least one VERY tradable item at the end of all this. In addition, Quentin has not gained much from this distribution.

In one or two cases, we were forced to give up an item due to financial considerations. There are going to be immense training fees-on the order of 20,000 to 25,000 gp. We only have 5000 gp incoming. A few of the items are ours for the express purpose of trading for training. It will be noted in each case.

Finally, with reference to the Morgan/Quentin argument over the ring +2, it is settled quite easily. Rings and cloaks do NOT count together. As the ring is useless to Quentin, it is given to Morgan in this distribution.

A note about ID: Alarius has kindly identified all items for us, and his alchemist Tensil has identified all potions, at no cost to us (would be about 5000 gp). Tensil is deserving of something for his time, and receives one item which he is happy with.

For those of you who get confused by the piecemeal explanations, there will be a summary of all exchanges at the end of the message.

Now, bearing that in mind, here is the treasure distribution:

We have a 5000 gp reward from Alarius "to avoid you guys actually LOSING money on this." This is not taxable and goes straight into the party coffers. There is also a little over 6000 gp in non-magical items (valued at that by the salvage tax people).

Now, like most places, Barnacus charges a 25% tax. This would total to 1500 gp from the non-magical items. In addition, the magic items were taxed. This would include 4 or 5 of the 16 permanent items, 1 of the four scrolls, and 1 of the 4 totally awesome charged items, including two wands, a bracelet, and a book.

Small potions include 9 flying potions, some healing (including one X-Healing) and some other small things. Some of these go in salvage tax, some go to allies, etc. leaving us with in the neighborhood of 4 or 5 left.

First off, the scrolls:

* Three magic user scrolls, including Teleport, Polymorph Other, Invisibility, Transmute Stone to Flesh, and a few others.
* A Protection from Petrification scroll.

The Petrification Scroll is paid in salvage tax. The others go to Donald.

Next, the totally awesome charged items:

* Manual of Stealthy Pilfering (+1 level to a thief)-Alduin
* Wand of Lightning (9 charges-can lightning bolt or do a Thunderstruck like effect on a weapon it touches)
* Wand of Magic Missiles (26 charges)-can fire off 1 magic missile if used by non-mage spellcaster, 3 if used by Donald (still 1 per charge)-given to Donald
* Bracelet of Beneficent Polymorph (19 charges)-Quentin

The wand of lightning was given up in salvage tax because of its dangers to Morgan. The Bracelet is amazingly cool. It has a 120 foot range. For one charge, the user makes a target save at -2 to avoid being polymorphed immediately into a hapless bunny or some such innocent creature. The effect will become permanent if not Dispelled soon after. The target's aura is DISGUISED by the item-no one knows it isn't a real bunny even with Detect Magic and such. It AUTOMATICALLY switches their mind as well.

This was given to Quentin because we couldn't think of anything else cool to give him. It is totally awesome, but weird. There are few other options-they involve trades.

Next, the permanent items:

* 2 suits of Chain Mail +2 - These are available for salvage tax (one will likely go this way) OR for deferring training costs, especially for Cassian.
* Chain Mail +1-Keldarin (if he is Raised, not a trivial roll for him)
* Medium Shield +2-Given to Tukares in exchange for his +1 Large Shield.
* The Large Shield+1 is then transferred to Kodo.
* Hammer +1 (jeweled)-Balinor
* +3 dagger-Alduin (for backstab possibilities as well as two dagger combat)
* +2 dagger (jeweled)-Tensil for services rendered
* +1 scimitar-Keldarin (if survived)
* Ring +2-Morgan (or MAYBE Donald). Morgan's ring +1 would be given to Tukares.
* Ring of Warmth-Cassian, for later mountaineering possibilities (awesome item that has little combat use)
* Studded Leather+2-Kodo (his dream armor)

Those of you more numerically oriented may note that was 11 permanent items, not 16.

The rest are headed for salvage tax with one shining exception:

* 2-Handed Sword +1 - salvage tax
* Bardiche +1-salvage tax
* War Hammer+2-salvage tax
* Horseman's Mace +1-salvage tax

Pause for dramatic effect.

Alarius has agreed to make the +5 short sword!!!!!!!

We would pay him the +2 field plate, the remaining adamantite and mithril. That's it.

The field plate +2 was headed for Balinor until it was pointed out that it costs 130 gp per point of damage to fix, and if totaled costs 5300 gp to fix! This was so high that we figured there would be votes against it. Instead, if we give up the rest of our precious metals, we have the opportunity of a lifetime. A +5 adamantite weapon.

This process has a 75% chance of success. If it fails, we are left with an unenchanted +1 quality adamantite short sword. But it seems worth the gamble.

This chance won't come along again. I strongly urge the party to do so. Katherine and Alex vehemently concur. Balinor is happy (well, less grumbly) to forgo his chance at +2 field plate for this sword.

Now, this frees up Felix's old +2 short sword in the event of a success. This will be used as trading bait along with Kodo's old plate mail +1. If the plate mail +1 is not traded, then it can be put on Nakumanu. Something can be obtained for Kain this way, and there is an understood IOU for the next adventure as well. In addition, Quentin came out fairly short, so he will be given special consideration in the next adventure as well.

The Petethalian navy would receive 1000 gp and a suit of Chain Mail+2. The two suits would be for: Navy, Salvage Tax, Training Expenses in that priority order.

Donald is also receiving the feathers of the cockatrice which will actually save him on ink costs later (he doesn't have to use hippogriff feathers at 50 gp each).

So in summary, with luck:

* Reward: 5000 gp from Alarius, reward from Barnacus possible (?), Archbishop Aware will Raise Kodo and Keldarin
* Felix-gains +5 short sword, loses +2 short sword
* Balinor-gains hammer +1 (keeps +2 dagger as party equipment)
* Kodo-gains studded leather +2, large shield +1, loses plate mail +1
* Morgan-gains ring +2, loses ring +1
* Quentin-gains bracelet of Beneficent Polymorph
* Cassian-gains Ring of Warmth
* Donald-gains 3 scrolls, Wand of Magic Missiles
* Kain-gains nothing except the satisfaction of a job well done, and a level trained
* Nakumanu-gains plate mail +1 (if not traded)
* Alduin-gains Manual of Stealthy Pilfering, dagger +3
* Keldarin-gains +1 scimitar, +1 chain mail (if he survives, or his family receives it)
* Tukares-gains Ring +1, medium shield +2, loses large shield +1
* Tensil-gains dagger +2
* Barnacus salvage tax-1500 gp, Protection from Petrification Scroll, 2-handed sword +1, bardiche +1, warhammer +2, horseman's mace +1, chain mail +2 if necessary
* Petethalian Navy-1000 gp, +2 chain mail
* Alarius-Field Plate +2, 30 cw mithril, 75 cw adamantite (or what is left over)

Potions of Flying and Healing need to be distributed as appropriate. At least half will probably end up with the Defenders.

Training costs: Cassian-chain mail +2 (if not paid in salvage tax to Barnacus). This leaves Kain, Quentin, Alduin, Kodo, and Donald (though Quentin may not have trained)

Donald is the most expensive, though it is possible that spell trading can reduce the cost. I still expect around 15000 gp to be shelled out, possibly more. We have it, though barely.

The short sword +2 is on the trading block pending the creation of the short sword +5. The plate mail +1 is on the trading block if necessary. The hope is to find an item for Kain.

Thanks for reading through this long message. Send comments, whatever, and realize that we did this as fairly as we could, and hope that everyone is satisfied. Jeff, next time?

Joel/ Katherine/ Alex/ Edwin


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