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Seapoint Lightning Adventure #2: Sam'n Friends vs. the Evil Halflings of Hafney Hill

Well, folks. Volume II in the continuing Lendore saga of Sam'n Friends adventuring group has suddenly and unexpectedly turned into the final volume. No matter what happens (okay maybe it wasn't THAT unexpectedly!) the group will never have the same name or composition again. That mostly comes from the fact that Sam and most of the party is dead.

One major lesson:
The haunted and creepy nature can be a boon for people intending to play off it.

And the always pertinent message:
Most assuredly you WILL hang separately if you don't stay together. However, lawful personalities are not very common among some adventuring groups....

Rest in Peace:
Ketone, Captain, killed by halfling archers
Sam, woodsman/Cleric of Phaulkon, killed by halfling archers
Sparrowhawk, obsessively stealthy and paranoid woodsman, killed by halfling archers
Blood, Cleric of Kord, killed ultimately by a halfling Commanded to jump to its death
Andrew, mage, killed by a falling rock
Dolgan, dwarven fighter, killed by an ant-lion-like beetle/thing
Loredo, woodsman, killed by halfling archers, dropped off stairs
one more fellow who's name eludes me at the moment (??)

Larry, halfling, by the halfling archers

Hecht, last of the Dept. Store halflings, into the wilderness of Lendore...




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