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Superstar! Treasure Update [Following Summary #3]

A treasure update for Superstar! [done in late November 2007]


*succeeded by Magic Lad
-giving up automatically

--+1/+1 quality hammer x 2
headband of radiance (2d12 damage 1/week)
ring of protection from good
-augury sticks damaged (200 gp salvage value)
-*short sword +1/+3 vs. sylvan creatures
*large shield +1
tugutten full plate
ring of bad taste
-full plate
-+1/+0 shortbow
+1 ff short arrows x 4
chocolate bars (30 gp each) x 3 (eaten in field)
-fine banded mail (250 cw encumbrance)
quality bastard sword +1/+1
-longbow +1/+2 strength bow
+4 long arrows x 3
**ring of protection + 1 x 2
+1 ff long arrows x 36
+2 ff long arrows x 12
*long arrow of giant slaying
-hobgoblin master armor (9” movement rate platemail for hobgoblins)
*fire giant bread x 4
-bastard sword (regular)
10 cw mithril bars x 10
healing potion x 2
*bandages x 2
*dwarf-sized platemail +1
-*battleaxe “Soulquench” (detects as neutral evil) – each time you kill a sentient good creature, it accumulates one day of granting 18/00 to wielder; if kill seventh level person or higher axe gains +2 for a week; contains limited wish granted by neutral evil deity
-*longsword of the spellsword +1 (+2 if you have fighter and mage classes or subclasses and +1 on magical saves if you have fighter and mage or subclasses)
*ring of wizardry (+1 third and fourth level spell)
scarab scarab – stag beetle (worn around neck) that creates a suit of everyman armor for 8 hours, once/week
scroll of deepstrike, shocking grasp, deadly aim
*bastard sword+1
-*studded armor of studliness (no AC benefit but can be warn with rings of protection, +2 comeliness, +2 max hitpoints, +2% bend bars)
bag of holding 200/5000
-*beer bong of life draining (if hold someone against the funnel for three rounds, then they are devoured and fed to the person at the other end, who temporarily gains powers)
*mirror of improvement (disadvantage: weighs 1000 cw; stand in front of it, flex strut and pose for 30 minutes each day, con is +1)
engineering gear (ropes/pulleys)
222 pp, 3250 gp
100 gp gems x 71
1000 gp gems x 3

Traveling spellbooks x 3 (lots of handy third level spells)

Book 1: Read Magic, Magic Missile, Sleep, Detect Magic, Shocking Grasp, Mending

Book 2: Web, Zane’s Deodorant, Invisibility, Strength, Levitate, Shield

Book 3: Haste, Dispel Magic, Invisibility 10’ Radius, Deadly Aim, Wizard Lock, Knock

Book 4 (destroyed): Lightning Bolt (straight back), Tongues, Monster Summoning I, Blink, Make Whole, Fools’ Gold

Cleric – Tarantino
Wizard – Hitchcock
Dwarf—Great Kubrick
Woodsman – Steven
Hobgoblin – Kurosawa
Half-orcs -- DW, Bergman, Welles
Druid-- Fellini

XP ranged in the 1300-3000 range for the henchpeople, to 12700 for Minerva

Minerva to 5th level – gains 4 hp to stand at 22
Lewis to 3rd level – gains 3 hp to stand at 23 (trains first aid vet x1, single weapon combat bastard sword x 1)
Madupe to 3rd fighter and 4th thief – gains 6 hp to stand at 25
Magic Lad to 2nd cleric and 2nd illusionist – gains 7 hp to stand at 13

Play ratings:

Lewis- 2.0 (610 gp) (29 days)
Magic Lad – cleric: 1.5 (325 gp), illusionist: 1.6 (300 gp) trained by Chiaro (who gets 100 XP) (12 days + 12 days = 24 days)
Minerva – 2.0 (2290 gp) (57 days)
Madupe – fighter: 1.5 (260 gp), thief: 1.8 (810 gp) (22 days + 39 days = 61 days)

Minerva free spell training: Monster Summoning I

ID cost post Magic Lad pre tax: 2350 gp (Magic Lad gains 280 XP)

Down 4750 gp pre-tax (taken from cash and lost items) but recall that cash is taxed at 10% rate as per our agreement with the Rangers

-Discuss reward over email
-List: potions can be made (healing, extra-healing, neutralize poison, cure disease); physical potions (climbing, swimming, growth, diminution, water breathing, chameleon, animal control, speak with animals/plants, resistance)
-weird familiars (sprites, maybe those for non-spellcasters)
-animal speaking and control rings
+1 weapons/ armor (nonmetallic armor)
magic cloaks of protection (up to +2)
woodland cloaks and boots (huge bonuses to hide/move silently, woodland only)
(order 20 to 50kgp)

And our final party status:

Rangorn, 7th level half-elf woodsman, 65 hp, played by Joel
Star, 6th level human cleric, 37 hp, played by Kyle
Zippo, 3rd level dwarf fighter, 34 hp, henchman of Star
Madupe Fadupe, 3rd/4th level gnome fighter/thief, 25 hp, played by Katherine
Lewis, 3rd level human ranger, 23 hp, henchman of Star (played by Alex)
Chiaroscuro, 7th level human illusionist, 22 hp, played by Aaron
Minerva Moonstone, 5th level half-elf mage, 22 hp, played by Katherine
Alisan, 2nd level half-elf cleric, 17 hp, henchman of Rangorn
Magic Lad, 2nd/2nd level cleric/illusionist, 13 hp, henchman of Chiaro



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