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A History of the Telvar Open Tournaments

A History of Open Tournaments, as described by the Dungeon Master, with taglines.

The First Telvar Open Tournament:
Haunted Isle
1988 May 18, 2154 Escaping an island known by orc, goblin, and man as a cursed place
“The ship is sinking!”

The Second Telvar Open Tournament:
Kobolds of High Mountain
June 9, 1990 June 20, 2157 Stopping a kobold raid on the settlements below
“Crush the Skull! Crush the Skull!”

The Third Telvar Open Tournament:
Chaos at Blackstone
July 11, 1992 April 27, 2166 The assassination of Lord Eldrin
“When the invasion bell rang, none of us knew what to do...”

The Fourth Telvar Open Tournament:
Incident at Gerda
July 16, 1994 January 20, 2170 The theft of the Sphere of the Night
“Which way did they go?”

The Fifth Telvar Open Tournament:
The Peaks of Light
August 3, 1996 December 18, 2178 An attempt to destroy Ranore’s plans
“Does anyone know what that sound was?”

The Sixth Telvar Open Tournament:
Race Rock July 24, 1999
April 1, 2188 Some of the last children of the kraken awaken
“Sure is a bad one for this time of year...”

The Seventh Telvar Open Tournament:
The Mountain of Thunder
July 17, 2001 January 8, 2191 An evil artifact is destroyed

The Eighth Telvar Open Tournament:
The Edge of Memory
October 4, 2003 June 10, 2192 The Inviolate Realms are awakened
“It’s a hint,” the Sphinx said. “It just won’t make any sense until you already know the answer.”

The Ninth Telvar Open Tournament:
Faces from the Past
November 5, 2005 June 10, 2192 An Inviolate Realm marches forth
“It had never previously been understood why the Northerner word for ‘unavoidable danger’ literally translated as ‘blue fire mountain’.”

--Edwin B. Anderson, Jr.


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