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Summary LXVIII: The Division of Party Assets: Magical Items


The Stone Soules ("The Hideous Trapped Evil Party") are hereby dissolved,
the Council of Tan-El and its city hereby formed. We thank you for your
attention and readership.

1. Alegra
>Crossbow of Speed +2
>Plate Mail of MM prot
>Metal medium shield +1
>Ring of Prot +1
>Clerical Incense X 3
>Eye protection visor
>(Devilstriker, duh)
>Earrings of Lightning Bolts (2)
>Potion of Climbing
>Button of Cure Disease

2. Ceydric
>Full Plate Armor +1
>Medium Shield +2
>Dance of the Four Winds
>Fencing Gauntlet
>Ring of Swimming
>Powder of Extra Healing
>Origami Paper of Folding X 4

3. Theo
>Ring of Prot +2
>Banded Mail +1
>Helm of Bravery
>Pipe of animal friendship (1)
>Healing Potion
>Oil of Sharpness (1)
>Locket of Life Detection

4. Eli
>Ring of Prot +2
>Bracers AC 4/AT 4
>Belt of Boxes
>Robe of Grime
>Brooch of Shielding (55)
>Token of Salvage
>Star Keys -- Ziggurat X 1
>Circlet of 2 Golem control -- Ziggurat
>Puzzle box
>Transcribe tokens X 4
>Amulet vs. detection by golems

5. Ludo
>Button of Thievery
>Bracers AC 6/AT 6
>Robe of Pockets
>Ring of Free Action
>Alexis Dagger
>Beads of Force X 3
>Dart +1 X 2
>Potion of Fire-Breath
>Potion of Camouflage (1/2)
>Token of Dim Door
>Dust of Appearance X 2

6. Raven
>Elf-sized Chain Mail +1
>Arrows +4 X 2
>extended range arrows X 6
>first flight +1 arrows X 6
>Pipe of Animal Friendship (1)
>Oil of Sharpness (1)
>Powder of Neutralize Poison
>Prot fr. Petrification scroll

7. Xavier
>Beads of Force X 2
>Medium Shield +1
>Hammer +1
>Wand of Wonder (60)
>+3 hvy. crossbow bolt X 1
>Short sword +1
>Dart +1 X 1
>Dagger-Token of Life Boat
>Token of Ladder
>Origami Paper of Folding X 4

8. Sahrak
>Robe of Glamour
>Charm of Pick Pocket Detection
>Bracers AC5/AT10
>Origami Paper of Folding X 4
>Dust of Appearance X 2

9. Rangorn
>Plate Mail +1
>permanent +1 arrows X 3
>first flight +1 arrows X 3
>Medium Shield +1

10. Mordrick
>Indestructible short sword +3 of quickness
>Dwarven-sized Chain Mail +1, to sweeten the trade for Tan-El below...
>(+ what he came in with
> which is dagger+2, chain mail of weightlessness, ring of prot+1)
>This trade is given on the consideration of work or stone from
>Shabrund, as it is an AWESOME item, esp. since he joined recently

H. Star
>Chain Mail +1
>+3 hvy crossbow bolt X 1
>Grey ioun stone

H. Aria
>Chain Mail of Weightlessness

H. Claude
>Dagger +1 formerly Cassana's and since we never made an
official deal, it seems that she really got
too much out of it. I think giving Claude a
magical weapon would be a smart idea.

Special: Cassana
>Long Sword +1
>Chain Mail +1

*note: sometimes Tan-El caretakers wear/use item, othertimes not, which should be obvious from the item (i.e., no one wears the Helmet)* Tan-El Caretaker ------- ----------
>Treasure finding Theo
>Prot fr. Petrification Ludo
>Prot fr. Earth Elementals Eli
>Prot fr. Devils Alegra
>Tan-El constable transporter keys X 3 Ludo,Theo,Eli
>Misc magnets X 6 Ludo,Theo,Eli
>Star Key -- Ziggurat X 1 Theo
>Robe of the Cepta Alegra
>Gold disks of Spires X 5 Raven
>Bucknard's Everful Purse Elendwhen
>Bell of Abjuration Raven
>Coffin of Preservation --
>Pills of Sleeping X 2 Ludo
>Magical Seed of Intelligent Tree Theo
>Grounding Staff Eli
>Teleport Damper Theo
>Teleport Beacon Theo
>Elixir of Life Raven
>Helmet of Alignment/Sex changing Alegra
>Stone tell/Meld into Stone Alegra
>Raise Dead Alegra
>Treant Staff for trading to the future High Druid for his work, etc.

Tan-El issues are being settled. Government, laws, taxes, basic
construction and clearing issues, and priorities have been handled. I'm not
going to go into specifics on anything as I really don't have the time with
graduation on Sunday. I'm betting that Edwin's not really going to update
much really fast, since we're in 2185 right now, and there are still parties
in the 2160's. So, suffice to say that things will be interesting, and
chiefly Edwin will be in charge of seeing things done from here.

The Stone Soules ("The Hideous Trapped Evil Party") are hereby dissolved,
the Council of Tan-El and its city hereby formed. We thank you for your
attention and readership. We hope that you'll enjoy the antics of the party
to come after as much as we will (this should be Joel, Sean, Alex, and a guy
named Jeremy this August/September). So, enjoy, and keep in touch with us
through e-mail. There may be a reorganization of the e-mail lists, but I'm
sure we'll continue to be avid readers like you all.

Once again, thank you.


Player of:
Dranigh Cye, deceased
Alegra Falconer, Council Member of Tan-El
Frank, all henchmen
Somp Damonocritus, court scribe of Middle
Sir Faranyn Arathorne, Governor of Middle (future Baron?)
Squire Pap
Standard-Bearer Nym
Mel, Ax, Pili, Darwin, Watson, Crick, men-at-arms
Norm, handyman
Batt, patrol leader
Leah, cleric and councilor
Windham, court wizard
Rock, steward
and a couple of others, irrelevant to the SS, or forgotten in the mists of time.


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