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Summary LXVII: The Colonization of Tan-El: Recruiting Help

>Can't wait to see what sorts of people he ends up with... maybe a chaotic elf
>paladin druid thief.

We weren't sure of his exact Charisma so we rolled up a bunch of guys we
thought would be useful:

1 dwarven engineer (Brogan Silverbeard) (in charge of roads)
1 human blacksmith (Tim)
2 half-elf woodsmen (Luke and Han)
1 half-elf steward (Sam)
1 half-elf excavator (Thomas)

Eli also added:

1 dwarven engineer (Dolin Silverbeard) (in charge of buildings and
1 half-elf mage (Theodras)
1 half-elf Auroran cleric (Aliana)

Our governmental structure of Tan-El has been worked out, as well, with
various positions:

The Council:
(1) Magister: Eli
(2) Sapienter: Alegra
(3) High Tribune (elected): Theo

The Proconsul (in charge of defense): Theo

The Hand of the Council (secret police): Ludo "the Hand"

Municipal Police


(there are various latin names for all of these positions as well, and
various broken up sub-divisions)

As a result of Ludo's position as "the Hand," we've rolled up two hairfoot
halfling thief henchmen to be his assistants. We figured that secret police
really need to be loyal and Ludo is by far the best candidate to pick up
higher than 1st level thief henchmen. I think this will be a very good idea.



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