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Summary LIII: More of the Stone Soules vs. the Dark Servant

Before this, his result was "The Four Brothers approach the sign of the
Hawk." The Four Brothers is a meteor shower and the Hawk a constellation.
At that moment the Bird Man Tchoh-Meh was approaching to talk to us about
asking them to do a third-party Know Alignment.
The hostile nature of the four brothers was emphasized by the astrology
readings. The fact that this was "unhappy" for our fate in the "cornucopia"
relates that obviously our chances of reaping the cornucopia of wealth are
small at this point and that the FB might be making it smaller....

The box which contained the wand was found in the Trapezoidal Room, the only
item of apparent value in it. The wand was made of Crystal and glowed.

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention in the summary that Mordrick had originally
requested for a third party to cast -Know Alignment- not trusting us fully
yet. We sent the -Runner- requesting the aaracokra to send someone to cast
it. Tchoh-Meh informed us that none of them were capable of casting the spell.

Totally unrelated, but Ludo found a very weird feather somewhere in the
temple when he was searching it. He was going to show it to Eli and Alegra,
but I never got around to it.

We don't know exactly what the gems look like. The accounts of them being
"mined from the darkest depths" or something like that is all we have to go
on. The fact that they were mined indicates they really are literal gems

The reason Ceydric touched the fruit was in the hope that they were the
gems. When it backfired, we decided that the fruit was NOT the gems-- if
they are we might as well go home, as we can't afford to get more people
mentally blasted. Nevertheless some people suggested that the fruit trees
grew from the gems hidden underneath. Rangorn and Eli have not yet checked
the floors there. Unfortunately Ludo and Mordrick cannot safely go down
there and help, as they would have a much better chance.

Certainly the 166 fruits is suspicious, although it may have nothing to do
with the gems-- rather with some other aspect of the Temple. The actual
tree was not touched either, only one apple. One further idea was to "pick"
the fruit in the big horn or perhaps one of the smaller horns. Sorry about
the mistakes with the iron boxes, by the way...



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