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Summary XXVI: The Final Steps in the Inevitable Defeat of the Great Old Ones (or Great Ones)

Hello, all!

Konrad & co. arrived with some fanfare, we killed the WOTW (see Zack's note below),
and prepared for the GOO attack. We prepared the party by dividing it into teams Alpha,
Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Foxtrot and Tango. Echo was dissolved since its
mission was not entirely clear. Tango's mission was to stay at the Transporter.

A,B,C checked out the courtyard and Theo and Konrad killed the 2 giant
poisonous snakes there before they could react.

We then executed the Plan, and entered the building, sleeping and killing
the guardian snakes in the Entranceway and burning the contact poison off
the handle (that Ludo discovered).

We opened the door to the GOO's quarters and entered its room, Ceydric and
Faranyn, with team A ready to fly in. It retreated out of a back door, past
a glyph, throwing lightning bolts. Xavier dispelled the glyph and the wall
of ice that sprung up. We chased it around corners and up stairs, getting
an occasional shot at it with arrows and by Konrad and Theo. It went over
another glyph and the rest of B piled up behind while A went forward. It
failed to open a door and they wailed it; Faranyn crashed over the glyph and
was Blinded. It ducked through a secret door and kept being hit by Konrad
and Theo.

The small corridor it slithered down could only be rushed one at a time, or
slightly more. It tried several times to lightning bolt, even though we
were Protected. Several times it reflected its attacks back at itself.
Once it even smashed itself with its own lightning bolt and was affected by it.

It slipped through the end and slammed the door behind, and Konrad failed to
keep it open. A Blade Barrier cutting down the corridor gave significant
trouble to A + Ceydric and Janthro (Jerem's brother). Konrad caught the
catch and he and Ceydric jumped through and we Flame Struck (ouch!). Konrad
managed to keep after it (and destroy the scroll it was using to do this
stuff) but Ceydric had to retreat. Faranyn kept after it, as did Janthro
after healing, Cassana, and Jerem. Theo and Ceydric returned to the surgeon
Gilthanus. Xavier was busy running every which way healing and pondering
the situation.

About this time, Alegra had rearranged the deployment of Delta once again
(after first accounting for the move by the GOO to cover our backs). She
heard noises from Konrad coming from behind the Glyphed area in the northern
corridor. She set the archers ready to attack and prepared a Dispel.

Konrad chased the GOO into the room beyond the Glyph and the archers let
loose. Alegra attempted to dispel the Glyph but failed. Star threw a Wall
of Ice in front of it to prevent it from getting out of that room through
the door it again failed to get through.

Several volleys of missile weapons, Konrad's continued attacks, and Jerem's
final attack, levelled the GOO, which had been healing itself all along but
could no longer withstand the persistent attacks of the forces of Good.

Its head was removed.

The Glyph remains in place, a Bell begins ringing in the Towers above us.

------------------This is where we ended until tomorrow ----------


We started out the game by defeating the Will-o-the-Wisp. We decided to
write a couple of scrolls with Magic Missile x2 on them and when the WOTW
showed up next, Eli and Deirdre hammered it and defeated it in 3
segments. This was after a great deal of time wasted, waiting for the
WOTW to show up.

Needless to say, base camp on the ridge probably looks like a lived in
apartment now...(we were there for over 60 days).

-Zack Hubert-

The attack of the third and final GOO came right after the second one's
defeat. Teams A and B were strung out still from the first kill and had not
yet regrouped when a bell rang. When Alegra regrouped part of D and C to
cover the corridors we had not covered well to the sides, bolts raked team D
in the great hall (coming from arrow slits around and above). Team D was
separated from A and B by a large glyph and from C by a large part of the
great hall.

Just as Henry and Daria came into place, the third GOO came from a side
corridor at them and they turned to engage it. It wielded a huge battleaxe
and a lance in its human arms. When the lance could not reach them when
they ducked out of the way, the lance shortened to spear size. A large
guardian serpent-man came from behind them at the same time, with a Lesser
One. Star Ice-walled them.

The ensuing chaos was long and hard-fought. Multiple volleys of bolts
rained down, though sporadic and some times poisoned. Eli and Claude ducked
into a side room where Eli summoned powerful warriors from another Plane.
Aria eventually ended up in this room as bugbears and LO tried to break in.
The doors held at first which saved Aria, then the Warriors arrived and held
off the line of bugbears and LO. Archers arrived and several LO were
plugged by team D remnants and some from team B. Eli lightning bolted the
lot of them and killed almost all of the bugbears instantly and one of the
LO. The other LO here was clearly insane. Short work was made of the

In the great hall, Memphis plugged and knocked unconscious the LO who
stepped out onto a balcony with a couple bugbears. They retreated.

Teams A and B and party of team F converged on the battle with the GOO and
the serpent-man when he broke through the wall. It took a long time but
once the whole group was in place the sustained damage of Theo and Konrad
and Ceydric along with the new damage from Faranyn and Daria killed it,
setting off another bell, but no other people responded.

We retrieved all of the gear, healed people, killed the unconscious LO, and
explored and found treasure. All told, the adventure for the SS was not
hugely profitable, but the treasure was more than acceptable, and a huge
goal was accomplished.

Konrad's party took a good amount of treasure and the following magic items
(every body got treasure, the greatest portions going to, in this order, the
SS (includes exemptions from Middle), the Auroran Church, Konrad, followed
by the rest):
The +1 lance that changes from any size between a heavy lance and a spear.
The bastard sword +3 vs. troglydytes (I have no idea how to spell that).
[this was from the first GOO that we never recovered]
A potion of invisibility.

The SS got (using one of its tax-exemptions from Middle):
The Battleaxe +3
The earrings of lightning bolts (30 charges)
a clerical scroll at 12th level
several potions and tokens

The colony of Middle (and Faranyn) got:
The bastard sword +3 vs. bugbears
A potion of climbing and clairaudience.

Gor got:
A potion of water breathing

Gilthanus got:
A potion of cure disease

Still to come (but probably not until next semester):
The Grey Philosopher

perhaps other evil-monster killing in Tan-El.

This was the last SS game of the semester. There may be games in the summer
but we do not yet know. Stay tuned!

Yes, this summary was abbreviated but the details are not terribly important
to overall understanding ( but were very important to the battle ). Fill in
anything I forgot at your leisure, guys...



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