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Summary XXV: Castle Bah Nareth, the Great Ones, and other menaces

Divination on the Castle:
Creatures there are vastly powerful.
Very rich treasure in the area
The forces of chaotic evil are present and the chance of disturbing them are
The forces of lawful evil and vastly dominant, but dormant, the chance of disturbing is moderate to high under the special circumstances
Two days after back in town - in the war room -
Just some cud to chew on.

Results of the Commune spell:

1) Does the LE force in the castle consist of Kobolds NO

2) Are there 2 abominations YES

3) Do they intend to assist each other NO

4) Is the second GO in the same room as last time YES

5) Is there large numbers of pets, guardians, and automata
in the castle that we should expect to fight YES

6) Can we expect to be attacked by the above pets etc. on the
way to attack the second go NO

7) Is the LE force undead NO

8) Is the LE force confined YES

9) Will killing the GO free the LE force NO

10) Does the LE force consist largely of beings of supernatural
evil YES

Hmmm. Looks like you might be right David, a friendly devil in a bottle

-Zack Hubert-

We should remember with these questions that the point was Power or
Control over the castle, not numbers. If a confined Devil controls Undead
in the castle this would be perfectly consistent, for instance.


Since you obviously have some idea what his party consists of, I'll clear
things up a little bit so you can incorporate it into your planning.

Konrad Paladin, magical full plate,large shield and scimitar. rides a
pegasus. He almost qualifies as a GAT (God Awful Thing)

Memphis Fighter/Mage

Muriel Fighter/Cleric/Mage

Vit Mage/Linguist

Daria Fighter, magical khopesh. Konrad's daughter.

Konrad will also be bringing various magic items to distribute for party
use while he is there. We can possibly arrange permanent trades if there
is something you want to keep. Spells are also available for trade.

If you want levels or more information I'll provide what I can.

Rodger Henson


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