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Stone Soules Summary XXII: Little Was Ultimately Accomplished...

First of all, everyone got back from their travels. Xavier brought back
lots of disposable items from Lorm for our attack against the
abominations. Eli brought back Slow, Ruben's Warriors, Monster Summoning
I, Rope Trick, 27k sage credit, Amulet of Protection from
Detection:Golems, Ioun Stone of Protection +1, grey Ioun Stone that makes
you tired (enigma value), and the ever disappointing Chime of Opening.
Ceydric takes Kergul's items to be identified. The only item that is
wacky is the ring of alignment obscurement, it has a Feeblemind
contingency in it that will go off when the condition is met. What fun.
We sell the nerve poison etc. Party has 40k in credit and cash.

With the Chime of Opening we decide to go to the library, the enigma that
has beaten us so many times before. I will make a long story short, Gram
plays the chimes, 5 charges used (13 left), doors open, some people go
in. Doors disappear and reappear shut. Inside is a guy (Tellah) that
Eli identifies as a Lich or a Shade (he rolled really well too). Grey
hair, pitted skin, solid blue eyes. Invisibly he has chains around his
wrists anchored to the center of the room. He was Zardis, a ridiculously
powerful wizard that lived a life of infamy. A hero sacrificed himself
so Zardis would put on a ring that arrested his power. He was then
brought before the "Council" and in their "infinite wisdom" cast a REALLY
powerful spell/ceremony that bound him to be the keeper of the library,
it also limited his ability so he was no longer as much of a threat
(yeah, right). So we ended up asking him a million questions wasting the
entire evening, everything was circular. We couldn't go in the basement
where the bindery was, the golems there have no power, and the following
things would provoke Tellah :taking his spell books, taking his items (he
radiated level 5 magic, Enchantment, Evocation), going down stairs,
breaking windows etc. Augurys gave us the impression that provoking
Tellah probably released him and he would then destroy 1000's of
innocents. Fun eh?

We went through a ridiculous number of ideas to try and do something here
and everything had the same results. The only cool thing is we can stay
here in the city overnight (if only someone was inside to open the door
for us).

Eli Comments

Personally I am worried. There are lots of adventurers that fool around
in Tan-El. If one of the others provoked Tellah, Middle would be in
serious trouble. If Konrad is only a month away, I think we should wait
for him and kill this Lich. The the treasure isn't the reason but the
peace of mind is. We also should infer that Tyner could have been
imprisoned in the same way. Let's avoid both places.

Player Comments

As a side note, the game sucked. What this means is that all of us here
are incredibly frustrated and will probably have a short fuse about any
comments about the library. I was telling this to Jack on the way home
last night, but I personally am to the point where I don't care how much
magic and treasure we recover...I want to get something done in the
city. I want to kill the abominations, Tellah, Grey philosopher,
kobolds, whatever. To this end I don't want to do any more puzzles, I
just want to start thrashing bozos. Maybe that will give us some more
experience so we can handle ridiculous deity level magics.

> We couldn't go to the basement, but could we get to the books? Could we

The books were once on the main floor. Some worms got to the books a
while ago, all that is left is covers. All the information was
destroyed. The covers were in Runic I and had a wide variety of topics.
None were magical. Tellah was pissed that the council in their infinite
wisdom did not grant him the power to prevent the infestation.

ALL the books were worm food. There was a book called "A Life of Infamy"
that gave us all the information about Tellah/Zardis (left by the council
as part of his indignity) and a dictionary on the local language. I am
trying to get info from edwin about the dictionary.

We asked lots of questions.

The comment on breaking the retardation is, in my opinion, referring to
the Disjunction (9th level) necessary to free Zardis.

-Zack Hubert-


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