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Stone Soules Summary XIII: Who Said 13 Was an Unlucky Number?


here' some further information you might all consider interesting. During
our party's New Years Party in Middle, an assassination attempt was made.
It was foiled chiefly by the use of the magic Bell near the War Room in the
Tower. When a "riot" broke out during the party, we suspected a trap and
fled into the War Room while a patrol took care of the riot. Shortly after
arriving in the War Room, a loud crash was heard outside. Upon opening the
door, Faranyn glimpsed the remains of someone apparently killed by the Bell
creature. Later, we discovered that this was the assassin's plan:

To cause the riot, then sneak into the tower and locate everyone. Kill
sleeping people if necessary, then he was going to through these fire stops
(evacuate all air from a sealed room like the War Room) into the room, and
seal the door with a couple of Wall of Ice tokens and then use a Dimension
Door token to escape. Luckily for us, the Bell stopped him, but only
barely. He hadn't even had time to consider anything else since he had just
entered the corridor and was listening at another door.

Upon _Speaking with Dead_, we discovered that the assassin was sent directly
from the Duchess of Andevar and the Citadel Commander of Montinelle (Sir
Bracken)'s Chief Agent, Menlow. The Duchess has had the assassin kill
several other people which he listed, none of which really rang a bell.
Then, we got the Head of the Church (Nevronian), Farrah, in End to witness
these questions along with the record-keeping of a Bard.

Isn't that interesting?

Well, later, Holland visited us, but that's a story for another time, and as
the rest of this, confidential (though comments are welcome).


and some more...


In addition to the assassination plot discussed on my Sat. morning message,
the group played again on Saturday afternoon to plan so that the next game
will be challenging and ready to go. They took their job quite seriously,
and so we are poised at the edge of a quite exciting adventure, the location
of which is familiar to some of you.

We decided to make our case (against the Duke of Andevar) we need a little
more evidence that he trafficks in contraband goods, etc. Holland "happened
to mention" a castle to the north of Andevar's territory, called Griffin
Castle (something some of you should be familiar with). Therein, much
contraband and perhaps some of the Duke's evidence (journals, etc.) is
(probably) held. We are about 9 days away from attacking it. On the 9th
day, several Dunadorian Council people will be "happening to pass nearby on
the way to a meeting in End." On that 9th day, we are going to take the castle.

We have already been observing it for some number of days, and we have some
information from Holland's group that went there searching for the Prince(?)
some years ago (including some of you, I think). Much future intelligence
will be gathered but we are hoping to be at least somewhat successful.
Helping to oust the Duke of Andevar would be the least we could do for


(BTW, I wasn't actually at this game)


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