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Stone Soules Summary XIIb: Comments from the Gallery

Folks, I don't know how to tell you this but I've been waiting for this
sort of information for a long time. A couple of years ago, a group of
characters, under the leadership of a character of mine, entered Sark
determining to infiltrate it and send intelligence back to Koralgesh and
the Sarkian royal faction. At the time we were seeking the aid of some
bigger players and half of our party went to Andevar to see his aid.

Needless to say, the half that went to Sark were ambushed and the entire
operation flushed down the toilet.

Seems that the World Empire had been informed that a party of massive force
was approaching Runk(sp?) intending to destroy everything.

I have, for some time now, thought the informant was a member of the
Sarkian royal faction as we discussed our plans with them before we left
Koralgesh. Now I believe otherwise.

-Sean Paus

rodger@ac.wfu.edu said:
Damn damn damn.

These people NEED to contact Konrad with whatever proof they have!!!! Damn!!!!

Who's maintaining the list??? I need to be added...

time to go take over the f***ing country. wonder if Keith would help?


> Duke was aiming to send weapons to the Central Government Fire Giants with
> the hope of destabilizing the End frontier of Dunador, it would be
> treason. And the penalties are best case banishment, worse case death.

As is normal for me nowadays, this message is out-of-character:

If you ask somone who knows about recent politics, then I THINK (could be
wrong) that you would be told that Andevar has recently been acting like a
country independent of Dunador. Thus, while the inhabitants of Dunthrane
might consider it treason, the Duke himself probably would not. That is not
to say that Dunthrane wouldn't put political pressure on the Duke, but it
would be more on the lines of international politics than an internal affair.

There are also rumors that the Duke of Andevar allied himself with the World
Empire troops.

I am intentionally not endorsing any of these rumors but merely reporting them.
Treat them as you will.

-David Chappell

>I don't know if you guys have already discussed this, but in case you haven't,
>perhaps we should start calling back on some old friendships. It may be a
>idea to mail Koral Gesh and find out if we have any chance of political
>protection in that avenue. I think that we should generally look into our
>options of escape and basically find out which avenues we can use, by mailing
>people of power located at each of those options.
>Regardless, we should be ready to ship the "cultists" out of Dunador at a
>moments notice, as they sound to be in the gravest danger. We should also try
>to find out who are allies are in Dunador... Shouldn't we at the very least
>have Ceydric and Faranyn's family as allies? The other people who I think we
>should attempt to ally ourselves with are the leader of End (I forget his
>and his family. He might decide to back us based on the fact that this Duke
>we are afraid will press charges against us was trying to do something that
>would have greatly harmed End in particular.
>As I said, you guys probably thought about all this, but just in case, I
>decided to mail.

-Sean Guarino

Here's our information:

1. Word of Borglin that he was paid by the Earl to kidnap him, kill the
merchant caravan, but save his bodyguard and him while they were
transporting the illegal Giantish weapons secretly (the caravan thought they
were some other items). Then he and Borglin would arrange for the sale of
the weapons, in what otherwise looked like a kidnapping and ransom. When
the Earl did not provide the necessary monies, he kept the Merchant leader
(Johanna) alive to put pressure on the Earl.

2. We have documents from the Duke of Andevar ordering the sale of illegal

3. We have the Merchant and her witness to the total destruction of the
caravan at a word from the Earl. He pointed out, apparently, which people
should be killed first, etc.

4. We passed an Andevarian patrol a couple of days south of Fort Halfred,
looking for a "lost patrol," that could have been the human party we bested.
They were WEEKS north of Andevar's border and had no real good reason for
being there. They looked nervous but there was no way could put the pieces
together at the time.

5. We witnessed the breaking of contract of the Central Government Fire
Giants and the human party in trying to seize the weapons.

6. We have the knowledge that if the CGFG got their hands on the weapons
the FG colony near Middle would fall easily, and the assurance that these
CGFG would come after Middle and End in short order. Our experience
verifies that the the FG near Middle are not friendly but are not going to
be attacking us; a rough truce of sorts has been worked out over years, with
somewhat mutually satisfying efforts in collaboration (against the lesser
demonspawn, against the Central Government Fire Giants, etc.).

7. Andevar has never treated us well on any of our trips to Montinelle, and
frankly this doesn't surprise us. But, as they say that is "hearsay."



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