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Seapoint Lightning: A History

Feb 2175

Auburn, 1st level fighter/1st level cleric, Halfling

Kickboxing cleric who refused to cast healing spells, but was a master of the mundane healing arts. Auburn was familiar with exotic languages such as Demon, once used to great effect against the conjurations of the witch coven near Trun. Auburn was the original party leader. Auburn joined the party in 2174 and perished in a lightning bolt cast by the pirate wizard Macfort, in April 2175.

Arutha, 1st level Nevronian cleric, elf

Arutha’s finest moment came when he dropped the attacking witch with a Command spell and saved Hecht. Arutha joined the party in 2174 and perished in a lightning bolt cast by the pirate wizard, Macfort, in April 2175.

Auburn and Arutha arrive in Seapoint and begin the formation of a strongly lawful party called the Seapoint Lightning.

March 2175

Recruited into the party are: Illustria, Rebo, Henrietta, Pittsford

Illustria, 1st level mage, half-elf

Illustria joined the party in March 2175 and was slain on her first adventure by a lightning bolt cast by the pirate wizard, Macfort, in April 2175.

Rebo, 6th level thief, Halfling

Rebo joined the party in March 2175 and along with Captain Pittsford is the only member of the party to have met the founders, Auburn and Arutha. Rebo is a skilled thief and quite durable, although physically unimposing. He is a skilled (forgot his two secondary skills). He is now the party co-leader with Captain Pittsford, to whom he is extremely loyal.

Henrietta, 1st level cleric/1st level ranger, half-elf

Henrietta joined the party in March 2175 and was a multi-talented and durable warrior and healer, with impressive tracking skills, but she was slain on her first adventure by the lightning bolt cast by the pirate wizard, Macfort, in April 2175.

Pittsford, 5th level captain, human

Captain Pittsford joined the party in March 2175, and is the other surviving member of the party to have met Arutha and Auburn. Pittsford filled the shoes left empty by the death of Captain Ketone on the second adventure of the progenitor party, Sam’n’friends. He is dashing and charismatic, and wields a magical harpoon.

April 2175

The party attacks the camp of the pirate wizard, Macfort. After slaying some of his guards, the party is caught by surprise by the wizard, who fires a lightning bolt into the party, slaying Arutha, Auburn, Illustria, and Henrietta. Rebo and Pittsford flee but cannot gather a party quickly enough to save the fallen members. Heading to Barnacus, the party gains new members: Ronstadt, Spike, Illumina, Felto, and Francine.

Ronstadt, 1st level cleric of Osprem, human

Ronstadt worshipped one of the major lawful island religions, and so the party sought to retain its healing power while staying consistent with the spirit of its founders. Ronstadt joined the party in April 2175 but had little chance to prove himself as he was slain in the second strike against Macfort, the pirate wizard, in May 2175.

Spike, 5th level cleric of Clangeddin, dwarf

Spike is a dwarven battlecleric who wields a magical battleaxe. Relatively chipper for a dwarf, he is encased in magic full plate, and has shaved all hair except for his beard and a small spike in the top, which sticks through a small hole in his helmet whenever possible. Spike is a hill dwarf and thus familiar with sailing. He is fairly young for an adventuring cleric. Spike joined the party in April 2175.

Illumina, 1st level mage, half-elf

Illumina joined the party in April 2175 to avenge the death of her sister Illustria, but perished in nearly the same fashion, in the counterattack on Macfort, in May 2175.

Felto, 1st level fighter, Halfling

Felto joined the party in April 2175 and perished in his first adventure, the counterattack on Macfort, in May 2175.

Francine, 5th level woodsman, human

Francine is dour and unattractive, though she gets perhaps more ribbing than she deserves from her fellow party members. Her self-esteem is not spectacular. However, she is a devastating warrior and tracker who wears magical light armor and fights with a magical bastard sword. Francine joined the party in April 2175.

May 2175

The party strikes back to kill Macfort, and recovers the bodies of the fallen, though far too late for anything but a proper burial. Macfort is slain, but it is discovered that he is but a lesser member of a much larger organization of pirates.

In the counterattack, Felto, Illumina, and Ronstadt are slain.

June 2175

With spoils of the adventure in hand, the party finally obtains some treasure and experience. Rebo and Captain Pittsford gain 2nd level, and Alassera and Frankfort are added.

Alassera, 4th level mage, human

Alassera was the first successful wizard of the Seapoint Lightning. She joined the party in June 2175, and was shredded and eaten by a demon in an assault on the witches’ coven in May 2184.

Frankfort, 5th level cleric of Chelsea, human

Frankfort is a modestly appearing cleric of Chelsea, arrayed in magical plate mail, and wielding a powerful longsword of chaotic-slaying. He appears zealous in his desire to spread his religion amongst more denizens of Lendore Isle. He joined the party in June 2175.

July 2175

A treasure map recovered from the slaying of Macfort leads the party to a pirate treasure. Spike gains 2nd level, Rebo gains 3rd level. The rainy season is uneventful.

March 2176

The party finds a number of easy critters to slay about the island. Francine, Alassera, and Frankfort gain 2nd level, Pittsford gains 3rd level.

In the rainy season of 2176-7, sahaugin raid Seapoint. The Lightning attempts to assist in the defense, but fails to defeat the invaders and suffers heavy losses. Rebo, Spike, Pittsford, and Frankfort are slain, and the Captain’s Jacket is lost. The party raises the fallen comrades. Rebo gains 4th level.

March 2177

The Lightning crushes local bandits near Seapoint. Spike and Frankfort gain 3rd level. The rainy season is uneventful.

March 2178

On March 9th, the party finally crushes the West Point pirates, of which Macfort was a part. The party raids the cave complex and destroys the fort. They also discover a strange magical door that cannot be opened. Francine and Alassera gain 3rd level, Pittsford gains 4th level. The rainy season is entirely boring.

March 2179

The party travels away from Seapoint to the eastern end of Lendore, and kills several ogre and bandit groups. Alassera gains 4th level, Rebo gains 5th level. The rainy season is once again uneventful.

March 2180

There are not even any naval adventures available, as the navy is under the command of Dunstill and Illic, who are out attacking the Grandfather with the help of the Restenford Defenders. It is referred to as “the Lame Season.” The rainy season is yet again uneventful.

March 2181

A season of light adventuring. Spike, Francine, and Frankfort gain 4th level. The rainy season is more interesting, as a group of grotto beasts attempt to subjugate Seapoint. The leader believes he is the leader of the Universe. Similar events are noted at Restenford at about the same time.

March 2182

A great battle with about 30 bugbear bandits ensues. The bugbears had been employed by the pirates but were fired and dumped on the shore near Seapoint to fend for themselves. They naturally began raiding caravans and had to be eliminated by the Lightning. The rainy season is continually uninteresting.

March 2183

The party is sent by Duke Haermond of Barnacus to eliminate a pirate land base in a hidden bay on an island north of Lendore Isle. The mission is a spectacular success as the party attacks while the pirate ships are out, and empties the complex and slays the leaders there. However, the pirates that were out at sea returned and hired assassins to gain vengeance on the Lightning. Rebo, Pittsford, Alassera, and Frankfort are assassinated before Spike and Francine are able to drive their assailants off. The party is raised. Pittsford gains 5th level, and Rebo gains 6th level, but most of the treasure is lost to the Raise Dead spells. The rainy season is a yawn.

May 2184

The party assaults the coven of witches and kills many of them. Unfortunately, a small group of witches got away with most of the portable treasure. Worse, Rebo, Spike, Pittsford, and Alassera are slain. Alassera is shredded and eaten by a summoned demon and is lost. The others are raised. Francine gains 5th level. Astoria joins the party.

Astoria, level 4 mage, human

Astoria is the first male wizard the party has had, and hopes to break the wizard jinx. He is not durable, however he is protected by some powerful magic items, and has a nice selection of spells due to old spellbooks. Astoria joined the party in May 2184.

Then the Seapoint Lightning take more or less a 4 year vacation. With some battles in the seasons of 2185 and 2186 (Astoria gaining 2nd level, and Spike and Frankfort gaining 5th level), the party decides to head for family visits in 2187. Unfortunately Captain Pittsford is stranded in Port Elizabeth in 2188, and thus the party does not reform until March 2189.

March 2189

The party battles pirates with the Petethalian Navy, attacking the Isle of Dennick near Ventris. Astoria gains 3rd level.

March 2190

The party’s luck runs out, when attacking the Old Bay. Unfortunately the pirates were waiting for them, and Spike, Francine, Pittsford, and Frankfort are all killed (and subsequently raised). As the season wears into the rainy season, the party continues to raid the pirates base and slowly wins, slaying important leaders until finally crushing them in January 2191.

May 2191

The present day…


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