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Warwick/Cassian Summary: Storming the Fire Giant Citadel, Part 2

Summary stub from the bowels of the memory of Kyle and myself: (the resurrected summary is here.)

Party Roster:

Lupent, 20th (?) level dwarf fighter, NPC
Cassian, 9th level half-elf cleric of Phaulkon, played by Katherine
Warwick, 9th level human ranger, Warder of Phaulkon, played by Mark
Mordrick, 9th/12th level dwarf fighter/thief, NPC (played by Joel this time)
Marriat, 10th level ranger, NPC
Brenard, 6th level cloud-giant fighter, Warder of Phaulkon, NPC
And a Realmish shocktrooper eventually taken out of the sack...
A low level dwarven fighter with a potion of Superheroism...

The second portion of the fire giant adventure using the Amulet of Fate. The royalty were eliminated, and there was a particularly interesting fight with a fire elemental that couldn't get through the Potion of Fire Immunity placed on Cassian. Great treasure was recovered (although it was estimated that the expenditure of items roughly equalled the profits) and the Citadel was cleansed of fire giants. A number of captives were freed, including a neutral stone giant, although some of the captives were slain by the party. Mordrick was highly effective the with the Dust of Disappearance, backstabbing priests and battle-armored fire giants for up to 100 damage, killing many of them in a single attack!

I have some memory of the captive being taken out of the sack and helping us in the fights.

At the conclusion of the adventure, the aged Marriat wandered out of town and died in the wilderness, having used up and passed on the Amulet of Fate.



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