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Warwick/Cassian Pseudo-Summary: More "Boredom" and Its Consequences

Thought you might find a few Phaulkonian tid-bits interesting. Please
forgive stream-of-conciousness ...

1. C&W were bored. As a result, they had a very expensive (like minus
50K), very brief debacle near the Horn of Iggwilv. They fought a
mammoth-sized spider that shot flames and petrification rays from its eyes,
the spider was also capable of overturning the portable stone cabin that
Warwick uses ... Warwick got petrified and the whole business was very

2. Cassian (minus Warwick, who was petrified and hidden) encountered Lludd
and refused to pay tribute. She lived. Lludd was somewhat perplexed and
resigned to his failed extortion attempt.

3. Since C&W love to spend money, they had the behir armor (from Lich/Tram
adventure) enchanted. The process was neat -- 65 days of work in Hochland,
plus Bracers of Strength, plus Billy the intelligent evil-detecting club,
plus 70K gp ..... the result is awesome:

Billy, the +1 Behir Plate Armor (AC1/AT4)
+1 to strength
Intelligent, NG spirit within armor (int 12, wis 15, chr 12)
Billy does not want to be left alone
+2 on all physical saving throws
Comfort ability -- maintains pleasant body temperature (like Cloak of
No sleep required, but eats x3!
Detect Evil at will, 2-segment activation
Weighs 62 coins, non-bulky, move at 15"

4. Warwick trained to 9th level. The valuable book that was recovered from
the Lich/Tram encounter allows a warrior to gain a level. Warwick really
wanted an easy trip to name level, but the book was sold to Lupent, the
most powerful Shabrundian warrior -- 200,000 gp.

5. Warwick very interested in enchanting his (25) adamantite arrow-heads to
+5. Will require a Longevity potion as collateral. Drat.

6. Now, preparation for destroying the (relatively weak) Fire Giant empire
in Shabrund. Details are sketchy, but it is centered around a small strike
force stealthily wiping out all of the inhabitants of the Capital, Mount

7. Time is passing, and Warwick is getting old and weak. He's in his
mid-fifties, looking for a succession plan. Master plan is to created a
Phaulkonian state in the mountains and skies above Shabrund.

Nuff for now,


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