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Defenders Log Entry #27: New Directions and Faces

Felix, 5th level fighter, 53 hp, played by Alex Hubbard (this time by Kyle
Balinor, 4th level fighter, 43 hp, played by Joel Green (committee this session)
Morgan, 5th level fighter, 27 hp, played by Alan Turnquist
Quentin, 6th level druid, 25 hp, played by Jeremy Schichor
Cassian, 5th level Phaulkonian cleric, 31 hp, played by Katherine Plante
Donald Collins, 3rd level mage, 16 hp, played by Edwin (NPC)

Departing Members:
Drew, 4th level ranger, 34 hp, played by Jack McKechnie
Perry, 6th level thief, 17 hp, played by Sean Guarino

New Members:
Kodo, 1st level woodsman, 24 hp, played by Rob
(ugly Northerner, uses two hand axes, knows Balinor)
Narahn, Hairfoot, 1st level fighter, 7 hp, played by Dave
(hairfoot halfling, uses short bow, from Lendore Isle)
Alduin, 1st level elven thief, 6 hp, played by Vic
Lynore, 1st level thief, 7 hp, played by Aaron
(half-elf, very charismatic and handsome)

Another not-so-exciting adventure for the Restinford Defenders. I like to think about it as "Transition." You can think of it as you will.

When we last left our happy party, Drew and Perry were arranging to leave the party and enter the employ of the Baron and Kor-Al-Gesh respectively. Drew has become a Phaulkonian, interested in participating in Holy Quests, and, knowing Perry, he is interested in Korian Holy Quests as well. However, not everything had been completely resolved in terms of party share, treasure division, etc. It has been recommended that Perry's bracers and invis. potion go to Drew and Perry can take the Tuning Fork and Dagger +1/+3 vs. demi-humans. This has not yet been agreed upon, the chief complaint being lack of stuff going to Drew, a charter party member.

The party has decided to investigate some of the Baron's treasure maps. He had five available, and the party would have to pay 25% salvage tax at point of entry, and then the Baron would get 50% of whatever the party brought back. The five options were:

1. Ventris Isle (had a key to something, probably a fortress on Old Frosty)
2. Western Petethal (X marks the spot?)
3. Northern Sark (old bandit hideout?)
4. Western Hadarna Mountains (something ruined to investigate?)
5. Black Forest (Dark Wood) (ruined city)

The party argued successfully for some time. Felix voted for the glory options of the Black Forest (defeat demons! slay ogre armies!) or Ventris Isle (solve the mystery of Old Frosty and maybe get cool treasure from the place the key opens!). Despite her interest in making Old Frosty accessible again, Cassian voted against these as too dangerous for the party as of yet. The Hadarna seemed too far, and Western Petethal too boring (except for Quentin, who didn't want to have to go near the cities that the others would take them near, and perhaps just general whining). Donald and Cassian especially did not want to go to Petethal. That left Northern Sark, which everyone agreed to.

First stop: Carse. Aboard Petethalian Navy vessels. Slow, but efficient.

Carse was a metropolitan and exciting city. Quentin promptly departed for the Druidic Grove outside of the city, and the rest set to exploring. Felix & Co. ended up in the Bazaar and/or the Stew Palace, where Balinor "held down the fort" (and his stew). Main features: Rosarita's potions, Herman's Odds-n-Ends, mysterious black door, etc. Morgan & Co. ended up in the main city.

There the stalwart compatriots saw some really neat stuff. They determined that if they ever had money they could be some of the finest armor and weapons they had ever seen here, for not that much money. One highlight: In an Armor shop inside the walls the party came across some weird black armor that seemed to provide chain mail protection or better, but be really light. The owner of the shop wouldn't reveal what "stuff that works" that it was made out of. But he did say, "I can't tell you what it's made out of, but I can say that a lot of them died to make it." It looked really cool.

Next, the party considered its options, meeting back at the Stew Palace...
Kyle (Felix-for-a-day)


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