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Summary LI: What Comes of Being in Possession of a Dark Temple at the End of the Day

Joel will probably be writing the summary soon, but here are some brief
"teasers" for the game:

1. It's amazing how little can be accomplished from about 9 hours of effort.
2. Non-divinable areas are no fun.
3. Shocktroopers are no fun.
4. Cold environments, that even the most powerful of clerics of the weather
God couldn't deal with, are no fun.
5. Puzzles that make no sense to an outside observer are no fun.
6. I think it all boils down to the fact that evil isn't really any fun.

The game featured:
1. Fun with Numerology! The mathematics! The supposition!
2. Fun with Astrology! The terror! The suspense!
3. Fun with Speak with Dead! The humor! The cunning!

fun fun fun fun fun...

This game was sponsored by the word FRUSTRATION...



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