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Seapoint Lightning Adventure #3: Hecht's Rescue Party vs. the Witch

Hello, all!

There isn't too much to write about the Lendore Misadventures this past saturday. Well, here's the short of it:

14 characters (roughly half missile/half melee). Well tweaked, non-personality, loyal, but reasonably weak halflings, elves, and a bizarre hobgoblin.

We went to Hafney Hill to kill the halfling bandits.

We misdirected and ended up at the wrong hill (though we didn't know it).

A storm struck.

We had a group of three (very stealthy) scouting up ahead when the storm struck. They ran into some really scary creatures coming down the hill, being led by a human in a pointy hat. They attacked our woodsman, Mask, who managed to get out of the way and live (down to one HP). Our stealthy fighter/thief, Concord, (who had shot the creature once with his bow) was
zapped by lightning from further up and collapsed. Hecht and Mask retreated to alert the party. Concord took a last slash at the creature with his silver dagger in a heroic dying action (and actually did damage, though not much).

The rest of the party was then heroically nearly slaughtered. Of the remaining 13 characters, we decided to make a stand. The hobgoblin moved to a rear support position since he ruined our surprise. Then we set forward to outflank them, just as they circled around us and attacked the hobgoblin (affectionately called 'Bubba'). We then turned and attacked. The weird creatures in hooded robes were soon revealed to understand the language Demon, when our fun-loving cleric Auburn, commanded one of them to die, in Demon. At this point, lightning decimated the party, leaving like 8 people still standing. A timely entangle caught all of the demons after still more deaths. A timely command took out the witch, who had come around behind. Then the witch and the demons were killed systematically. We managed to save Hecht and Darryl. That left a total of six people remaining:

Hecht, thief (Mark)
Darryl, MU/thief (Jack)
Auburn, Cleric/fighter (Kyle)
Arutha, Cleric (Joel)
Fred, fighter (Jack)
Kerr, druid/MU (Mark)

All of Zack's and Sean's and Jeremy's and one of Joel's and my characters
were killed.

The witches necklace and a potion were magical. Some money was recovered, though much actually came from comrades rather than the witch.

Anyway, general chaos for a lawful party!


RIP Concord
Long live Auburn!


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