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Stone Soules Summary XX: Further Explorations of Tan-El

Things that happened in the second game for the weekend:

1. Dari was trained as a thief to prevent her play rating from getting too
bad. We will train her as a thief and Canstin as a fighter after a couple
more excursions into the city.

2. Exploring Tan-El
a. Finally encountered the Giant Ants in the city in the NE.
Xavier talked to them and we retreated.
b. Encountered a Fire Giant exile (from the FG central gvt) who was
a Chelsean cleric (he learned from a Cloud Giant outpost) and believed
strongly in cities and societies of all kinds and races, which led to his
exile for blasphemy from the FGCG. We talked with him and swapped
information and took him to the rebel FG colony near Middle/Tan-El. He had
a fire mastiff giant Bassett Hound for a pet.
He provided a lot of interesting information for us and we for him,
especially about the lies propagated by the FGCG.
His name was Tarrence. Ashen Rock, where Borglin lives (Gram might find
this interesting), was where the "ancients cremated their dead." A people
known as the Grey People (humans with predominantly grey hair probably)
lived and traded with the FG and Stone Giants who once lived in End before
Tan-El's collapse and the destruction of a great human empire, which
produced a wasteland to the east. (there's lots more information).

Terrence has basic info about the FGCG. And some info about ancient history of cities (like a good Chelsean) in the area. He did mention that FG do not keep great records. He's from the Ashen Valley, where there are volcanoes, where most of the FG empire is located; it is located in mountains far to the east from Tan-El. Ashen Rock is a separate place far away. Tan-el was a human civilization; the Ruins of End were a Stone Giant civilization.
Tan-El (Tunnel) was built by humans to trade with the Grey People, Stone Giants (where End is), and Fire Giants to the east. humans once lived north of the FG Empire, but started a war with the FG and SG and were destroyed. Nothing was left of the empire of the humans, only a wasteland where NOTHING lives. It is to the north of Skalrag, a FG village on the edge of the mountains in the Ashen Valley, at the north of the FG empire. Tarrence thought that the giants would have to have been much more powerful than modern giants.
Tan-El was spared but collapsed, since it was a breakaway city. The tunnel in Tan-El, definitely leads to the City to the north (of Gold, the Eagles, etc.). Who the Grey People are is a mystery, though they were as big as humans but had grey hair and Tarrence did not think they were elves.
[The Grey People, also known as the Old Race, were the original human inhabitants of this area of the New World. They include Coastlanders, Karg, etc.]

c. The building next to Tarrence's building in Tan-El (Institute of
Military Studies) contained some ancient Sparring Golems that would produce
the correct weapon and spar with you. The golems seem to lose their magic
when removed from the building, though.

d. We took another route and found a huge wasp's nest near the
Temple district, with at least 24 wasps/hornets. Eli bagged a large number
of them while we retreated. They were going to "go for help go for help go
for help" so we retreated when they did not follow us.

e. The same day as the wasps, we investigated the basement of the
Military Institute, in which were hiding a large number of ghouls (and
ghasts, we later determined). We retreated initially (sun-coin, turning,
and retreating from the large number that included an overpowering ghast
stench that drained strength from our fighters). We then went down with
some spell and other preparation. Xavier, Star, and Aria held off some of
the ghouls (they came at us from behind as well) while Alegra and Eli
destroyed them. Alegra destroyed a bunch with turning and Eli with magic
missiles and lightning bolts. Not much treasure was found however.

That's all folks!



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