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The First Telvar Open Tournament: Haunted Isle

Haunted Isle: August, 1988, Winston-Salem, N.C. (May 18, 2154 B.Y.)
[The invitation from the 5th Open claims about 8 people participated.]

The First Telvar Open Tournament: Haunted Isle
"The ship is sinking!"

Where our heroes attempt to escape an island known by orc, goblin, and man
as a cursed place, all set in a brand-new adventuring world called Telvar.
Captain Trolvar managed to escape the island. Telvar had grown as the next
evolutionary step from an adventuring world with much greater magic and
technology accessible to the characters...

Contributed by Keith Nelson!

Bard's Year: May 18, 2154

Edwin Anderson - DM
Nathan Harwell - Captain Trolvar
Andrew Anderson - Shaman Rolku
Matt Masten - Scrimp
Anna Tyler - Mate Raltid
Keith Nelson - ??
Craig Nelson - Jakau
Rodger Henson - Captain Krult

Characters with unknown players:
Bosun Opcur
Navigator Alvice


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