November 16, 2002

Seapoint Lightning Teaser Summary

... Morty the bard and his party mysteriously vanish from knowledge in

... The Seapoint Lightning form an adventuring party and battle pirates
out of Seapoint...

... and die... over and over and over...

... in 2191 old friends gather with new adventurers to solve a mystery of
disappearances in downtown Seapoint...

... more to come...


October 01, 2002

Morty Summary

Party Roster:

Amortician, 7th level fighter/5th level thief (bard-in-training), played by Jay
Rupert Howitzer, human ranger, played by David B.
Randy Novotny, human Nevronian cleric, played by David
Elliott, dwarven fighter/thief (4th/4th), played by Katherine
Chelios, human woodsman, played by Katherine
Brenda Mor, half-elven thief/mage, played by Jay

Adventures with Morty circa 2161...

The party was attacked in the woods and nearly wiped out in a gallant battle that ended with Morty clubbing the attacker to death...

Jay can fill in details.